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tsaiah.pngtake_leave3_zpsbe4ba4c1.gif Competition.gif ~ IOU's: majors, celis (see profile for details) ~ wishlist in profile; looking for 2nd gen gold-kin of any breed~ I often accept IOU's ~ My Scroll ~ Please support Dangeruse's Robin Hood Dragon!

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    In a field where foxes pounce and play
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    ACCEPTED!: 7G bronze shimmer x deep sea (they finally produced a shimmer egg!) [note: the original gifter of this line requested the first shimmer baby to go back to the Breeding, Gifting thread. As of today, there isn't a SINGLE request for a shimmer on that thread, so offered majors first instead; the second shimmer baby will be gifted on Breeding, Gifting if anyone there is requesting one at the time. If not, it will be gifted through whichever gifting thread has active requests it could fulfill.]

    Still owe 2G purebred silver (no egg produced, waiting on cooldowns again again again)

    5G bronze tinsel x sunstone (so far all sunstone offspring or no interest)


    Collecting 2nd gens of ANY BREED from gold (and silver!) x ANY BREED! All babbies appreciated and huggled thoroughly. ^__^

    I like everything shiny - shimmers, tinsels, and golds always especially welcome. Also like all coppers, black teas, magmas, ice, thunders, nebulae, tan ridgewings, speckles, and most anything green, gold, copper, bronze, or yellow. XD Wouldn't mind pygmy type dragons, since i have almost none yet. And low-time red eggs or red hatchlings are ALWAYS welcome!

    Dorkfaces, Thuweds, Dusks, the various Magnus lineages, and other widely-known lineages always welcome, as are any beautifully bred and/or humorous lineages. I like spirals and stairs just as well as even-gens, and appreciate creative use of 3 or more breeds, as well as the more standard 2 breed or purebred lineages. And rainbow lineages are awesome!