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rafflewinnerno2.pngXmas2012_12_zpsbc4eacf5.png288vbbn.gifCoolCodes.pngI accept IOUS. Looking for offspring from 2013 prize dragons (shimmers). Offering CB metalics or other shimmers.My tinsels and shimmers list.Konsul's C00l C0D3S <3

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    Hello there!

    My name is Olga, i am from Bulgaria. I know bulgarian, russian and english.
    You may free pm me, i will not bite :]

    You can ask me for FREE offspring from some cb metals and tinsels from my list (those, which you can get for free, marked with light purple background and have note "can give out the child for free").
    This list is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiUt0kcKhINsdENBc1ZjNjNHVTRqbXNPT1p6dXZlQnc#gid=0
    Here is also all tinsels, shimmers and specials, that i have
    I am always interesting in trades (offspring from my dragons to offspring from yours - same gen and rarity only!)

    I am NOT interested in cb metals and eggs!

    I am only looking for shimmers and 2-3 gen tinsels (rare lines, that i dont have) now!
    I am also very interested in cb dragons with cool codes, easy understandably.

    I am always giving a good price for shimmers!