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  1. Hey can you share friend codes on here? Or is there a seperate post for that?
  2. Scroll Name: Dark-Wyvern Forum Name: dorsaldragon10 What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sat: all. How Long will you be gone: 17/8/13-25/8/13 What Sitter's list do you want to be on: any
  3. How do you collect badges?
  4. Rather like the Sulfurs on Tale of Dragons.
  5. Kirin, Sauron's eye and White Kyurem have to be my favs (except I haven't got Kyurem yet)
  6. LOL just named some hatchies after April Fool's eggs descriptions. Wrex.
  7. I've just got an egg that hatches like a magma
  8. I had my fingers crossed about a Festival of Eggs! First one for me
  9. Can't connect to MySQL server on 'orangedb' (111) There was a problem connecting with the database. This is most likely unrelated to you, and it has been logged, so you do not need to report it - simply reload the page.
  10. Oh well, I'll be on Magistream... (I really wanted to have a battle against Professor Cypress...)
  11. The site has crashed, as well as the forums. I can't access either website. Apparently the whole site is down. I thought the migration was Tuesday.
  12. Just caught Dialga egg in lab
  13. This green is probably the best I've caught so far.
  14. Favourite types: Steel, Grass and Water Favourite Pokemon: Serperior, Samurott, Skarmory, Steelix, Ariados, Swoobat (love its cry) and Zebstrika. Favourite Shiny: Beedrill, Persian, Emboar.
  15. I am: Jan 28: The Day of Feraligatr in the Reign of Kyogre, Season of Water.
  16. There are many forms of Pokemon Zodiac around the internet, but this one goes by the day you were born, not the month/sign. So, which of the 365 Pokemon are you? Discuss the result here.
  17. An inbred Purple Dorsal, an ember, a green and a deep sea.
  18. ~Removed. This is not a gifting topic.~
  19. Will there be a chance for Sweetling eggs to hatch into Alts?