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  1. Character Sheet Name: Eden Lee (real name: Kolya Blanc) District: Current, Shiganshima; former, Stohess Age: 16 Appearance: Eden has black hair styled as an undercut (he claims that it wouldn't get in his eyes when he kills titans), and dark eyes. He is of below average height and when Eden isn't in uniform, he wears rather plain clothing. The only thing peculiar about him is that he wears a white scarf that a member of the Scouting Legion gave him everyday. Personality: A tad bit aloof, but rather charismatic (although Eden would make a terrible leader). He's caring towards his teammates, and would do everything in his power to protect them. Eden is also very driven by his goals and is passionate about them. Highest Skill: 3DMG Lowest Skill: Leadership Rank in Class: 2 Short History: Kolya was born in the Stohess district in Wall Sina to a Military Police mother, and his father was a high ranking government official . Until the age of eight, he lived a rather soft and privileged life, that is, before his father was charged of conspiring to overthrow the government with other individuals. As punishment, Kolya's father was stripped of his job, and his mother transferred into the Garrison. Along with this, the Blanc family moved to Shiganshima, and their names were changed in order to avoid any possible dissent. Kolya's name was changed to Eden Lee, Eden after a place in a book that Kolya read, and Lee after the surname of a trainee that helped his mother during her days in training. Due to this, Eden harbors a hatred of the government. However, a year into living in Shiganshima, Eden's father left his mother for another woman, which heightened Eden's dissent, and fueled a disdain of "pigs like his father." Why did you want to join the Scouting Legion: To kill titans, and find "the place where the sun sets." And if I'm lucky, meet the person that gave me my scarf.
  2. Yay! A topic about swimming! I love swimming (although it might not seem like that), and I've been swimming for about 7-8 years at one of the swim teams where I live. However, I'm not all that great at it (my times are...icky, IMO). Re: your question about breath control, what helped me swim farther without taking too many breaths was to pace myself during practice (like in the breath control sets). Try "splitting up" the 25 yd/m into sections and take a breath at x spot. Basically, try practicing with breath control sets (start with a certain number of breaths, and gradually go down to zero). I've also noticed that if you kick faster, and pull more water in your stroke, it doesn't make one feel as if they're going to die.
  3. I think plants don't feel pain. However, I imagine plants screaming whenever I step on them, so in my imagination, yes? Edited for a poor choice of words~
  4. Countries? None. I've been stuck in the US for as long as I've remembered. States? Arizona Nevada Idaho Montana Wyoming
  5. Red and Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift
  6. Yeah, it's out~ I think I need to reread it, though, for the sake of understanding it completely.
  7. Ugh, the last page of chapter 51 D:
  8. I just got back into the series, and I agree about the love triangle. It needs to go away. Like now.
  9. I have a question about the manga, would chapter 51 be released this month, or next month?
  10. History <3 I also forgot to add that my second favorite would probably be language.
  11. Me too. It's like one of those Jedi mind tricks.
  12. The treat that looks like Pocky just made my day
  13. 'This bus...is really dirty,' Eden thought, as he opened the book that he was reading, Daniel Keyes's Flowers for Algernon. 'Lots of damn dust everywhere.' He wasn't very far into the novel, but for a classic, it was one of Eden's favorites. As a child he had originally read the shorter version of the book from cover to cover until he discovered the longer version. Eden had always pitied Charlie, the protagonist because of his inability to be happy for a long time, but he'd always connected with him. Throughout the bus ride, Eden had done little; all he did was sleep and draw sketches of the changing landscape. Since he sat alone towards the back of the bus (to be specific, the second to last row), Eden had little company, but it was probably better that way. After all, he'd probably be the person that would ruin the said tourist's vacation with his snarky comments. Yes, he'd be the rain on the unfortunate individual's parade. Bored, Eden placed his book back in his backpack. Instead, he found his pencil and sketchbook, and began to draw his surroundings. 'I'll start with the blue haired lady behind me,' Eden mused as he turned around in his seat in order to get a better view. (Mediocre post, but I'll try harder in the future.)
  14. Oh my gosh, his face always makes me laugh whenever he makes an appearance A new favorite character of mine would probably be Furude Rika from Higurashi.
  15. Yeah, but not on the forums, I think. It was about a crappy friendship. TPBM likes order.
  16. As a joke, yes. TPBM hates the word 'yolo.'
  17. senyi

    Quotes game...

    "They're all witches. I win," -guy from class that portrayed Judge Hathorne from the Crucible
  18. Does one have to watch the episodes with the first Doctor in order to understand the rest of the series? Or can I just start watching from the 11th Doctor and onwards?
  19. Aha, not anymore. It's grown on me.