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  1. Those two boys...An remembered that one of them, the ghoul Takaki (C Rank), attended the same school as An. His friend, the human, seemed...okay? He was an upperclassmen, so An didn't see him that often. 'I wonder how did they become friends?' The human greeted An. (how could he be so naive?) "Hey," An replied. "I'm Suzuki. Kazuko Suzuki. I don't think I've met you before, so it's nice to meet you. (why talk to me? don't you know I'm a ghoul?)" The two better make it snappy; An had a scent to track. ((Edit: ahhh just in case, but (italicized text) is An/Kazuko's thoughts, like Urie's dialogue in :re at certain times.))
  2. Oh, alright c: Just replied to the RP thread. ;u;
  3. (But wait, there's more than one...and a human?) An furrowed her brows. The scent of a ghoul and human were fading away...did someone find a meal for themselves? There were two ghouls, so was there a territorial dispute? She inhaled. No, the scent of ghoul or human blood didn't linger in the air. Then what? Her thoughts were interrupted with whimsical laughter. To An's left, a young couple walked by hand in hand. "Let's go eat. What about some karaoke? I know a good place." "Sounds good." An bit her lip; a weight felt like it had settled in her stomach. Her sister...if she were alive, she would've been attending college. An didn't remember much of her sister; she only had vague memories of her reading books to An at night. An clenched her fists. The Doves took her family away from her, and one day...one day An would find the Dove that murdered her father and sister. No matter what, An would fulfill her goal. She cracked her neck. The ghoul was approaching. An was hungry, but she doubted that she was desperate enough to cannibalize a ghoul. With a shrug, An walked slower, trying to sense the opposing ghoul's movements.
  4. Should we wait for TotallyDrow to reply for now?
  5. (It's cold.) An shivered, hands clutching the sleeves of her grey hoodie. She felt a dull rumble in her stomach, but continued walking through the ward. At night, there used to be crowds of people wandering around; it was crowded enough for An to blend in with the humans and find an unsuspecting human. With the increased attacks in the wards, there were less people wandering outside. An tried to avoid this ward the most; the ward was where her school was located and An had no desire to be caught by Doves when she was only a first year in high school (I wish to live). Even so, An was here solely for an assignment from the higher ups. She tilted her nose and inhaled. There was a sweet smell in the air, one that stood out from the smell of cooking human food inside and the occasional pedestrian passing by. It was unfamiliar and from what her senses could predict, the person was somewhere nearby. (A ghoul?)
  6. haha, the i used a gif signature maker so there's going to be different gifs rotating around lol. iirc, there's some free!, paper planes, vocaloid, snk, and some oher stuff i think.
  7. Woohoo! Just saw that the RP got moved into the Other section. Ahhhh also just posting to let you guys know that I'll probably post after school at probably around 4:xx PST c:
  8. ahh sweet! Just saw Narvix post, so I'll just write my part in a Word doc for now :v
  9. Yeah, there is: (oops, I don't remember how to code properly llllllorz, but this is from the second post of the RP rules thread)
  10. Hmm...I'm using Dino Cave right now and I like it.
  11. lol i just accidentally found this hmm idk it seems like you can pm the approvers if you want, but no worries c: ahh well I think I'll go make an account for Chatzy rn.
  12. tfw can you please respond to my email? this is the second time and asdf please respond it's v important ;;;;
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    Tokyo Ghoul

    When the manga ended I was horrified because how could it end like that????. I'm glad that there's a sequel and it's nice seeing the older characters from the first series coming back. tg/tg:re spoiler: I can't wait for Amon to come back; he's one of my favorite characters ;u;a
  14. can you actually teach our class something other than some obscure european country? please? last time i checked, world history doesn't equal european/white history.
  15. Yeah, I think I'll talk to my counselor tomorrow and see what happens from there :v
  16. ah, so first quarter in high school is ending and I have a b+ (.19 away from an a- D:) in an elective class that I'm not planning to major in. Will this affect me in the future re: college? edit: I'm probably overreacting right now, so the best thing to do is just improve, I suppose.
  17. a;lfkcj i hate history outlines.
  18. Watching Donten ni Warau right now, and I really like it c:
  19. That key, though... Has anyone read chapter 57 yet? The feels...Especially the last bit of the chapter.
  20. I agree. Thanks for the notice, TJ.
  21. Oh man, there's an anime based off of the Kagerou Project? I think I'm going to start watching that. Just finished Hamatora.
  22. Looking back on the thread, I think I'm either more asexual that's demiromantic (?) or demisexual than heterosexual. Pretty sure I'm demisexual, though.
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    I think deserves a place in this thread.
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    I ship. \m/ However, most of the ships I sail have a rather low chance of becoming canon.