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  1. As the dust from Lion's diversion cleared, Kou realized the ugly truth: the ghouls had escaped. But to where? Where did they retreat to? Kou supposed that the ghouls that were fighting weren't allies of any sort; there wasn't anything significant about their disposition. Perhaps it was only by chance that the investigators found those ghouls in the alley? He shook his head. No, there had to be a connection, a reason why the ghouls had gathered. "I suppose we're falling back now," Kou muttered. "It felt as if I were to play a chromatic scale with a ritardando within the final notes; tonight was a disappointment."
  2. omfg the parallels between shironeki and urie are starting to make me concerned ahhhh /screams the scene with urie stabbing mutsuki and mutsuki's kagune coming out omfg that was literally shironeki and banjou right there . SAME I WANTED HINAMI AND SASAKI TO REUNITE BUT NOT LIKE THAT WHAT THE HELL The internal hype for the next chapter is unbelievable for me wow. I need to read 30 asap. And from what I've seen, I'm glad that there's not too much hate in the urie/urie kuki tag on tumblr
  3. I think fata's referring to your post "working out." Hmm, if applicable when do you guys have finals? I have them in two weeks and after that I'm pretty sure that I'll be free to rp throughout the summer ;u;a I'll edit in a reply for Kou tonight, if not after school tomorrow ugh joy CAASPP in the morning :/
  4. (Everyone's in the sewers now.) An smiled; she succeeded in her diversion. Everyone would be okay, right? "I'll do my best," An murmured, touching her mask. An had arrived in this ward for a recon assignment from the executives of the Vermillion, but soon became a team with some rag tag ghouls from the area. It was strange how fate threaded its way through the hearts of ghouls and humans. She glanced back at the fading outline of the quinx with pink hair. (He's running away.) An winced. Were the CCG that desperate for quinx recruits? According to an informant, there was a test and surgery involved, but how could an investigator like him have enough compatibility to become closer to her? How unfortunate. 'Why? Why did he even want to become an investigator? It's such a...dirty job. I should go now. If I leave, then the doves would probably leave, right?' (Jump.) An grabbed the drain cover and jumped into the hole. With a twist, she sealed the hole. An landed onto the concrete and winced at the smell. 'I never knew that waste and blood would smell so foul,' An thought, pressing her mask closer to her face. (Disgusting.) Ah, and it seemed like their merry band of four had increased. In front of her, there was a bedraggled ghoul dining on a corpse. An wrinkled her nose. (Poor kid.) Judging by the ghoul's size, he was around the same age as An. His mask was crudely made and An wondered who the hell crafted that mask. 'It's original, I suppose.' The scent of a fresh kill reawakened An's senses. While An was working on creating a diversion, one of the ghouls dragged four investigators into the sewer. An licked her lips. She had eaten part of a dove's arm before she escaped, but an entire corpse looked like heaven. An lifted her mask up and smiled. "Thank you." An's kakugan reactivated, and she ripped an arm off of a corpse. (Delicious.)
  5. This was an opportunity. Promotion. Success. Power. Kou smirked. According to the reports, four ghouls had appeared in an alley in one of the wards. He gripped Edelweiss in his hands and recalled the ghoul with white hair that slaughtered fellow investigators. 'They were weak anyways.' Kou noticed that Kazuya, a Rank 2 quinx, retreat from engaging with the A-Rank ghoul Lion. Kazuya was...looking quite green at the moment, despite the orders from the higher ranked investigators. 'He's a quinx, why would he be scared? Doesn't he have the powers of a ghoul and an investigator in his hands?' Kou approached Kazuya and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, are you alright? You look a little sick." 'If you're scared, why are you even an investigator?' ~ An tilted her head to the right, feeling a satisfying crack and reactivated her kakugan. She felt her kagune emerge from her back, forming four appendages. "Everyone, get ready to leave," An declared. "I'm going to start." After her declaration, several of the doves began to charge. An materialized her lance on her right hand and slashed at the doves. Their anguished cries faded as she repeated the action. Then, An targeted her remaining appendages at the alley walls. The bricks began to fall, engulfing the doves and dust began to settle around the area. One of the braver doves ran with their quinque in hand. "You'll die tonight, Lion," she hissed. "Didn't I tell you guys before?" An replied, smirking. "I could've sworn that I said that I'll settle your lives." Without another word, An slashed the dove's arm off and moved to impale the dove. "Thanks for the meal," An muttered as she moved towards the drain cover.
  6. Whoops, my bad; I'll fix that when I get come back from school. (whoa, five essays that's nuts o.o;;;
  7. "Je m'appelle Amaris," the female ghoul replied. "My name is Amaris. Pleasure." Interesting. Amaris was clearly of Spanish descent...or was it French? An wasn't too keen on languages from Europe, and she had only focused on learning Japanese at school (she still had the slight hesitance in her voice--was it noticeable to them?). A flock of doves had surrounded them, and hell, there was even a helicopter circling the area (are they that desperate?. It was the four of them against a never-ending amount of doves. There were too many of them, and too few ghouls to fight. "We need to create a distraction. Smash the walls or something. Then run for the drain cover as fast as you can and the last one closes it behind. The dust should be able to cover us until then," Halla muttered. (V14?) Amaris and Hayato were injured, so either of them creating a distraction was out of the question. Besides, An couldn't risk the possibility of Hayato succumbing to his injuries and dying (but isn't he a SS rated ghoul now?). Regardless, Hayato was an ally--a valuable one nonetheless for Vermillion. And Halla, her desire to keep peace wasn't ideal for the situation (didn't she get bumped up to a B rated ghoul just now?). Amaris...she couldn't bring herself to trust her yet. From their first encounter, An began to question if the ghoul would even want to help, even if she was injured. 'Can I do it?' She hadn't fought any doves in the alley (did the pink dove even count?) and An was one of the ghouls that was least injured. Her kagune was also sturdy enough to protect her from the investigators while she fought. "I'll do it. I'll be the last to go down."
  8. omg yes ;u; tg:re spoilers: BBY NUTCRACKER FML
  9. A couple years after An and her mother moved to Tokyo, she recalled how her mother slowly unraveled the reason why they left Nanning. The reason why she didn't have a father. The reason Lan wasn't here. She recalled being curled up on the couch, while her mother stroked her hair and fought to hide the grief in her voice. An listened, and absorbed what her mother had to say about Chi She Lian and the infamous raid. Lan was hiding in their compound, while her father fought to protect them. An and her mother were out on a day trip and were greeted with the mass of white coats stained red. It wasn't fair. "Once or twice," the dove replied. Interesting. The dove knew little about their counterparts working in China. The beat of his heart seemed to accelerate and he tightened his grip on the quinque he was holding. (He's afraid of you.) An stiffened. By the look of his quinque and his stance, the dove's rank was on the low side. An accelerated heartbeat. The fear in his voice. His sudden gasps of breath. (I was like that too. Can you imagine me? The way I hid shaking, only for my breath to be stopped by the blade. Can you do that too? Show me.) "Are you going to kill me?" His voice pushed through An's thoughts. Her eyes widened, and her kagune began to slightly recede. Why was she able to kill that investigator (the filthy murderer) without hesitation three years ago, but her older counterpart had to decide if she wanted to let this quinx die? "Run hatchling, run," An replied. "Live for another day, week, year. Strengthen your aim, win, lose, die. I could care less, but you're vulnerable in this twisted world. Train yourself, and then we can see how far you've come, 好嗎?" 'Am I a coward now?' An slowly backed away from the dove and moved closer to the section of the alley the other ghouls were fighting (friend or foe?). Hayato, her ally (we're in the same organization after all), asked for the fox's name. 'Did she say Halla?' "May I inquire your names?" the fox murmured. How polite of her. "I am the Lion to them. For most, I am Kazuko," An replied, glancing at the investigators. In a lower voice, she continued, "My mother called me An."
  10. "I don't think so," the pink haired dove replied. "I have a cat at home that still needs petting." She frowned. Why would humans hold a dirty animal on a higher pedestal than her? In a sense, weren't ghouls closer to humans (save the human-only diet) to cats? 'Am I...lower than a cat?' And now, the...ah yes, quinx (that was what they were called) had the gall to wield their quinque against her. She doubted that she was in any danger; an investigator using quinques in the form of a knife tended to run out of ammo quickly. After all, her kagune would protect her from the knives (but why couldn't it protect Lan?). Without hesitation, An dodged the quinque. One of the knives grazed her side, and she uttered a curse under her breath. The wound was shallow; An's ghoul abilities would heal the wound without any issues. An swerved around, freeing her left arm of her kagune and picked up the knives from the ground. As she glanced at the pink dove, she noticed that Hayato was moving to attack. An ran (why is it so heavy?!), and nudged Hayato with her kagune. "Hayato," An muttered. "Standby. This is my fight and I intend to win. Go fight that quinx...Esko wasn't it?" After a pause, she added, "This is an order from the general manager of the Vermillion— " An continued running until she came into a closer range with the dove. She leaned closer to his ear and whispered, "I believe you dropped these. And tell me, have you heard of the Chi She Lian raid?" ((Organization name is open for change btw.))
  11. owari no seraph spoilers below! guren and yuu i was literally screaming throughout the entire chapter omg guren why ;u; it was about yuu after he escaped the vampire hideout and guren was comforting him. yeah we learn about shinoa's sister in the manga. mahiru is actually the demon in guren's weapon bc she turned into a demon and guren had to kill her because of the research they did together. apparently the LN have more info iirc but shinya was also supposed to be mahiru's fiancé, but mahiru loved guren instead ;n;a
  12. ahh thanks c: omg so there's a flashback and it's a slap in the face and THEY DON'T END UP SAVING GUREN AND YUU IS SO BROKEN AND SAD IT'S NOT FUN AT ALL. FAMILY. SQUAD MEANT FAMILY. SQUAD. ;n;aa
  13. Crap, completely overlooked this; I'm all for them being partners :^) Edit: does anyone read owari no seraph because the latest chapter is a killer tfw it's so sad the feels were too real ;u; Also, when I was reading Kou's character sheet, I just noticed that I made the error of labeling him as a Rank 2 Investigator instead of a Rank 1 Investigator. Could this be changed, please? I probably forgot to change his rank after I finished his sheet because I was thinking about having a different foundation for Kou lllorz
  14. ', I have the worst luck. A battle here?' She dodged the falling debris from the alley (whose side is she even on?!). As An moved, she withdrew her mask, sliding the lion face on. She felt the prickling sensation of her kagune generate and her koukaku moved to shield her neck. When the bricks stopped falling, her kagune shifted to cover her arms and created two lances. The scent of the doves were off...were they even human? (Ah, more to report on, I suppose.) An shifted into an offensive stance and beckoned. "Your lives will be settled soon. Come." ((Edited her kagune form because it's initial form sounded too similar to another character's kagune.))
  15. the manga is so damn good omg gogogo gildraug go Due to my teachers deciding to pile a ****ton amount of homework and a comic book project whose rough draft was due today and the final due on wednesday (whywhywhy it was assigned on wednesday why ;~; give an extension pls for the love of life), I'm probably going to end up replying on Wednesday-Thursday hopefully i swear so uh see you guys then and apologies for the abundance of irl issues. edit: @gildraug: no errors that i've seen in your post! c: edit2: uh oops i guess the didn't go through?
  16. Maybe this and this would help? idk but finding names is my favorite part lol edit: hmm... Kazuhiko Minami Kohaku Hayashi Akihiko Honda Hajime Yukimura Izanagi Wakahisa idek????
  17. /whispers it's canon, cannons sink ships omg but in tg there are some inter ghoul/human relationships, so it's possible, but humans would get a severe punishment if it's discovered. tfw kimi wru ;;;;
  18. yeah np!! i tried to make the organization that an was in as vague as possible tbh just in case anyone else wanted to join c:
  19. An smirked. This ghoul was most likely in the middle of a hunt in the ward. She had the guts--no pun intended, to stand face to face in front of An and even activate her kakugan in public. An tilted her neck, emitting a satisfying crack and stretched her arms. "You know, it's been a while since I've seen an unfamiliar face in this ward. Are you visiting?" In the distance, An could've sworn she smelled the scent of a human wandering in the alley. Perhaps she could take the opportunity to evaluate the ghoul's skills. "By the way, there's someone not too far from here."
  20. [I]username:[/I] XiaoChibi [I]character name:[/I] Kou Nakamura (中村 光) [I]gender:[/I] Male [I]age:[/I] 19 [I]appearance:[/I] Kou has messy grey hair that he gels back during missions. He has amber eyes and is usually seen wearing headphones or tapping his fingers to a beat. Kou’s CCG uniform consists of a white dress shirt, striped tie, white pants, and a slate grey trench coat. [I]personality:[/I] As a child, Kou had a bubbly personality and was eager to please his parents and sibling. However, after his parents’ death, Kou became quieter and refused to speak at times. When his brother died, Kou decided to undergo a quest for more power and became more apathetic to his surroundings. As an investigator, he is hungry for power to fuel his goals and has a slight god complex. [I]history: [/I] Kou was born to a family of musicians. His father was a cellist, his mother a pianist, and Kou’s older brother played the violin. As a child, Kou’s mother taught him how to play the piano. By the time he was 8, Kou preformed in competitions and played duets with his brother. When Kou was 10, his parents were kidnapped by ghouls from the local concert hall and were trafficked as meals. After the loss of his parents, Kou and Yoshiaki were placed under the care of the CCG. Yoshiaki was placed in the CCG academy, and Kou later in the Junior Academy. Yoshiaki later rose through the Investigator ranks, but died in the line of duty when he was 21, and Kou was a teen in the CCG academy. When Kou graduated, he received his brother’s quinque, Edelweiss. [I]other:[/I] Kou hasn’t played the piano since his brother’s death. He also has frequent nightmares and tends to pepper his sentences with musical terms. [I]occupation:[/I] CCG Investigator { for CCG only } [I]rank:[/I] Rank 2 [I]partner:[/I] hmu peeps :v { for ghoul investigators only } [I]quinque name:[/I] Edelweiss [I]quinque type:[/I] Rinkaku [I]quinque appearance:[/I] Edelweiss is a silver guandao with gold accents. Depending on the situation, Kou can extend or detract the blade and staff. [I]other: [/I] Kou likes to tie a red tassel and bell to the blade of his quinque. Edelweiss’s previous owner was Yoshiaki Nakamura. ~ huehuehue reply coming soon
  21. haha omg no it's okay omg urie ;u; what the heck happened whose knives were those???
  22. I can make a co-leader for the quinx squad *^* They'll probably have to make their debut over the weekend because I have an English project to work on llllorz ~ By the way, has anyone read the latest :re chapter? It was a wild ride from the start to the end and the parallels omg the parallels i swear.
  23. /screams lmao wow my email has been pretty sporadic recently so I haven't been getting any topic notifications ;u;a Esko, if you need any explanation re: Tokyo Ghoul, I'd be happy to help c:
  24. An locked eyes with the female ghoul. She looked and smelled unfamiliar, had the ghoul recently moved into this ward? Judging by the ghoul's appearance, she looked mixed, but An wasn't entirely sure. "Are you looking for someone?"
  25. hmm, i can make another investigator (they could be miteki's partner maybe?) if that helps. Also, I might be posting sporadically due to swimming starting again/expect late replies >~<