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  1. Same here I can't wait though! *rapidly does Cornell Notes*
  2. I agree, it's a bit...annoying to just realize that someone just 'stole' your egg and didn't even leave a proper 'thank you' or 'I got it.' This was well...the entire reason why I made a forum account, to thank someone and say I took their egg. Well...I'm getting quite off the topic sooooo.... Claim my eggs/hatchlings! now...please post back on this thread or PM me to say that you got this egg that splashes back and forth, creating teeny waves. Happy Valentines Day to all and farewell lil splasher~
  3. I would like to be a gifter! Forum Name: XiaoChibi Scroll Name: ChibiGatorsSayRawr Proof: Guava :3
  4. Semi cute lineage and code. Be my Valentine? I hope whoever gets it enjoys it Oops... Now will you be my Valentine? My bad >.< Would like a polite PM or post to let me know who got it. EDIT: gone...now who took it? Nom nom... Happy Valentines Day though
  5. I have a silver trophy...roughly 200 more till gold :/
  6. 1. What are your favorite Holiday dragons: Christmas, Halloween or Valentines day? Valentines day, the sprites are pretty 2. What is your favorite dragon of the Holiday you chose? You can also list your favorite egg of the Holiday you chose. Dragon: rosebud dragon Egg: heartseeker 3. Why is it your favorite? What do you like about it? Well...they are all pink and pretty 4. What holiday do you wish we could add? (optional) I would add the Lunar Festival but...it doesn't really count as a holiday
  7. I got this from my silverxstripe pairing
  8. Um...Help? I've accidentally used up my fem Pink's BSA and I don't have another one to influence this and possibly this >.< So... fem pink hatchies would be appreciated, regardless of lineage etc.
  9. Yay! My second Valentines Day on DC
  10. Gift Report: XiaoChibi ~> Kayrinda: silver~ Metallic: Silver I glomped someone that wasn't on the list for silvers, the people ON the list for the silvers either had an egg or was offered one >.<
  11. Yay. On a first try, my CB winters bred Nom :3
  12. I-I bred my first silver http://dragcave.net/lineage/BiCm0 <.< *sniffle* I'm planning to gift it to the thread called 'The MetalWeavers,' as I got my first silver from it :3
  13. YUSS~!!! I can give back to the thread now Here's the lineage of the silver egg (excuse the rainbowiness of awesomeness of dat lineage >.>) http://dragcave.net/lineage/BiCm0 EDIT: I'll be glomping the eggie ^^"
  14. My first nicely lineaged stripey http://dragcave.net/lineage/JNfST
  15. ERMAGERD!!! The prize dragons are beautiful