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  1. >.< I caught my first metallic today Ermagerd I thought I wouldn't get it but...and then the screen loaded after I was looking at Vocaloid stuff so yea...
  2. Haven't seen any CB metals yet unless GW count -.-
  3. Several years ago at a sleepover, my friends recall me saying: Nuuuuu! It's all going to be alright! I have no idea what I was dreaming about O_o
  4. senyi

    The Egg Basket

    Best Way to Contact: PM Your Job? (Keeper or Freelance Volunteer): Keeper Do you promise not to kill, neglect, or freeze your given egg?: Yep.
  5. Gift Report: XiaoChibi -> Wyvern_Oliza: Silver Metallic: Silver Been 'd
  6. senyi

    Glomp Gifting

    XiaoChibi>.> Wyvern_Oliza: Silver egg Pending~ I think this is going to be s/he's first metallic ^__^
  7. Sounds fine to me, especially if you can't abandon, gift, etc. to other users. I think .___.
  8. senyi

    Glomp Gifting

    No problem I don't find that awkward by the way Back to glomping now
  9. Gift Report: XiaoChibi-> shinitenshi: Silver Metallic: Silver
  10. senyi

    Glomp Gifting

    XiaoChibi~>shinitenshi: silver egg Pending~
  11. I think I hold a pencil the same way you do, but I hold the pencil between the middle and index finger, with the thumb used for support Now that I think about it, that's how I earned a new friend during elementary school, they saw me holding the pencil incorrectly and well...a friendship kind of bloomed out of it
  12. Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Would like to watch Hetalia in the near future
  13. *happy dance* another red for me I guess :3
  14. I can't wait til they grow up
  15. One bite today and it stayed ^.^
  16. senyi

    Fave Anime OST

    The track 'Call' from Hetaoni =3
  17. I like the series, cept I'm not too fond of the spinoff.
  18. senyi

    Warrior Cats Books!

    Read it in the 5th grade. Stopped in middle school. The manga was well...disappointing and not the greatest umm...drawings. Hated Millie with a burning passion and was ticked by the fact that Lionblaze didn't become the leader thingy of ThunderClan. The series was great but...it's getting kinda redundant now. My sentences are short