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    I love cats, but I'm allergic
  2. O_o 1000000000000000000000000/1?
  3. This ^ I was worried/ being too 'shy' to ask the winners for anything >.<
  4. Ermagerd... Can't wait for this new species ^____^ Personally, if it were an insect, I'd like it to be a butterfly. Not that moths are evil or anything .___. Now that I look closer at the hatchies, their tails make me think of pinecones^^"
  5. Me too I can't wait for them to grow up and see the pretties
  6. Starter Tinsel Request Scroll Name: ChibiGatorsSayRawr Total Number of Dragons: 351 Number of Zombies: 0 Number of Adult Rosebuds: 2, do they have to be CB? my rosebuds have a lineage Time Zone: PST
  7. A rooster would be pretty cool .__. But then, would the chickens become a species that you can breed?
  8. Omg...I did that too! I clicked on a balloon for some reason
  9. Caught another new release egg
  10. How clean is the Vaporeon may I ask?
  11. I'm on my eighth page on my scroll now
  12. Got two yesterday .___. got egglocked with two more
  13. Egglocked with some right now
  14. Short fingernails. Makes life easier when playing the piano.
  15. I hope they don't do it again By the way, I only looked at your scroll once >.< *mindblown*
  16. It's not really hard on the iPad, but I think I'm being biased
  17. *dies* I need it to gender female for possibly him.
  18. Caught a CB silver First one ever too