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  1. My silvers are breeding like rabbits, but my golds...*shampoo*
  2. Not sure if I'm on here or not but... Magi <3 One of seven magi Oops >.< M'bad
  3. I can't wait for the year to end...hopefully I'd get the electives I want *crosses fingers* I'm going to be...one of the older people on campus next year =3
  4. YUSS! Got onto the geode list ._.'
  5. A manga series I wouldn't recommend would be the Warriors series in a manga style. It's just really...ew and the art and format isn't all that great I didn't make any sense, did I?
  6. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
  7. Actualllly...school isn't all that great for me ._.' My science teacher is a bit on the crazy side
  8. Definitely neutral. Except for math we do the same things every. single. freaking. day –.–
  9. Forbidden Colors, Furyo, and Shoot for the Stars
  10. I like the AP much better now =3
  11. Got this in a trade. Thank you sooo much >.<
  12. Shimmerfailkins are awesome =3 I guess I'll be better off waiting patiently until the shimmer craze goes a tad bit down and try to trade for one >.<" Edited for fail typing >:3
  13. White tinselkin looking for a new home~ Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please post to say you got the baby
  14. Gift Report: XiaoChibi -> MagnusMango: Silver Metallic: Silver Fastest. Glomp. Ever.
  15. That's so cool! The 'Yi' and 'Er' are the numbers for each generation Back to topic: caught this today =3
  16. Support The only reason my scroll says that I'm accepting aid is in case someone wants to know who took their egg ._.'
  17. Lol, one time my cousin said "It's not my fault..." >.<
  18. I think our family is composed of atheists ._. Not too sure though^^"