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  1. "Why does it matter to you?" Why does it matter? It matters because I lost them. My family's gone. I don't even remember my father and Lan's fading away too. They're not here and I miss them. Ever since I was recruited by Vermilion and became a member of the tree, I feel like I can still cling onto my memories of them. "It matters to me because I was alone too," An replied. "Living alone and attending school everyday was hard after they died. Without them, no one would remember me if I disappeared. We're ghouls. We should stick together." (Did you forget me?) The statement was naive, not all ghouls had the same mindset and like humans, their views often clashed with one another. Her mother used to mention the saying about chopsticks. . . . "You can break a single chopstick but it becomes harder to break more than one of them." "But what if they're metal? We're aren't human, so breaking chopsticks wouldn't be an issue for us. If chopsticks were humans, then ghouls could snap them whenever we want to." . . . Katsuro's probably a lone ghoul too. Wouldn't he feel more at ease in a group than by himself? A group provided stability and protection. I joined Vermilion for that." (Do you think he'd want that?) "In the end, I'm not alone," An added. "It's harder to be lonely when you have others to back you up. Can't you see that Halla trusts us? She led us to this house. And in the alley with the Doves, we all united for a common cause: escaping and defeating those Doves." So join me. I'll try to trust you, so can you trust me? (How impulsive. Halla's starting to rub off on you now.)
  2. His name was Katsuro. Underneath the mask, that ghoul had a name. A victorious son. Whoever his parents were, they must've had high expectations for him. She smiled. Her parents chose her name because they wanted her to be happy (can we even be happy the way we are?) and live a peaceful life (we're ghouls, the chances for us to live among humans successfully is pretty slim). Perhaps they had different intentions after naming Lan after the orchids that grew in their garden back in Vietnam. Around the time that she was born, her parents were thinking about moving to China and their decision must’ve also influenced their choice in name. But what about his family name? Katsuro didn't mention his surname, perhaps he didn't have one? Hers was Hoang, the Vietnamese version of the surname Huang. After leaving China due to multiple droughts and anti-ghoul sentiment, her ancestors opened a café in Vietnam. Without the mention of his last name, was it possible that Katsuro didn’t have any parents? It wasn’t rare for ghouls to be orphaned (or eventually become one). If Katsuro was alone, what was the possibility that he was more vulnerable. But how has he survived up until now? He must have a quality that others don’t have. Katsuro was an orphan. He had to have some sort of trump card that ensured his survival as a ghoul. The ghoul had also mentioned that he had lots of climbing practice too. (The holes.) An ace that no one would ever see coming. “Katsuro,” An spoke. “I came up here to make sure that you’re alright. (Are you a hybrid?)” If I asked him that, he’d probably run away.
  3. How...interesting. Everything had unfolded in a way that An couldn’t even imagine happening. The simmering fight between Amaris and the Hunter. Halla stopping Amaris and the other ghoul from continuing. Him leaving the house after insulting Amaris. (Where did he go?) She bit her tongue. An was expecting at least some damage in the room, but it wasn’t shocking that Halla intervened before any blood had to be shed. After all, the ghoul’s morals were rooted in concepts such as peace. Her intervention also robbed An the opportunity to study Amaris’s fighting style. ”It's probably best we didn't fight; I wouldn't want to make a mess in here." An pursed her lips. A prideful individual like Amaris would’ve been stung by his remark. And how would Amaris react to the outcome of the battle? With Halla’s intervention, their conflict had slowed to a stalemate. How’s Halla doing right now? She glanced at Halla; the girl looked paler than before and her kagune’s red had dulled into a sickly brown. An stepped closer to Halla and knelt down to feel her forehead. Judging by the way that Halla held her head in her hands, she must’ve been experiencing a headache of some sort. I thought we don’t get sick? Did she overexert herself or maybe she’s just tired. Poor Halla, if she’s this tired already, how often did she activate her kagune? “Amaris, you should get Halla to rest; today must’ve been a long day for her,” An suggested, making eye contact with Amaris. “As for me, I’ll go check on the Hunter. Hopefully he didn’t go too far.” A thump on the roof answered An’s words and she removed her hand from Halla’s forehead. “Ah, nevermind. I should be able to confront him on the roof.” She paused. “I’ll try not to fall.” (You better not fall.) An followed the route he took out of the house. From the back of the house, An could see the faint outline of a ghoul sitting on top of the roof. She winced. The house was littered with holes leading up to the roof. Can his kagune do that? It can’t be though and even if he climbed up to the top, his kagune couldn’t have made that many holes on the wall. And stability, he must’ve used his bikaku to balance himself. Does he have multiple kakuhou? Unless… Could it be? An shook her head. Perhaps the boy really did have multiple kakuhou. There isn't any way that I can scale the wall to the roof like that. If I started from the bathroom window, however, I'll have a fighting chance. She turned and ran back into the house. An opened the bathroom door, and unlocked the window. She pulled the window open with a creak and activated her kagune to pierce through the screen door. After deactivating her kagune and pushing her body through the window, An maneuvered herself into a standing position on the window sill and held onto the roof tiles. When she stood on the roof, An placed her mask on her face (he always wore his, so why won't she?) and moved to the area where the other ghoul was sitting. What a relief, I made it up. He was watching the city. Bright lights glittered and the moon hung in the sky, radiating some natural light. It was perhaps, in it's own way mesmerizing. The way humans lived their lives and managed to build this city. The ghouls that lingered in the city, only to be consumed by the "light" of the CCG. An sat next to the boy and gazed at the lights. "I'm impressed that you managed to climb up here. That's quite a climb, I don't think I'm as much as a climber that you are. Ah, and the holes, how did you manage that?" (He probably doesn't even know your name.) "By the way, I'm An," she added. "Humans call me by the name Kazuko and the CCG made my alias Lion. And you? what's your name?" ((Typing on a phone is hard e.e))
  4. I wish I did more during the skirmish. Ah, if I arrived earlier with the first group, I’m sure I would’ve been able to take down the Arctic Fox. Perhaps I could get an award and maybe even a quinque if that happened. That would’ve been rather nice. Kou pulled his blanket closer to his body and buried his face in his pillow. If only ‘Aki was here, I’m sure that he would’ve defeated them at a vivace pace. He exhaled. The thought of his older brother brought memories that Kou would rather keep away. : : : “I was called out of class. Did something happen?” A tall man in a suit stood near the principal’s desk. Kou was called out of his Ghoul Education class. He tapped his foot. What were these people doing? He was missing his time to learn! “You’re Nakamura Kou, right?” the man asked. He held a slim black briefcase with a silver design on the side. The briefcase looked familiar, although Kou couldn’t place his mind to where he saw that briefcase. “Yes, that’s me.” The man inhaled. “I’m Sato. Hideki Sato, an Associate Special Class investigator and the leader of Squad 8. Today, Squad 8 was on a mission to investigate suspicious happenings in the 4th Ward. Later in the day, we were ambushed by the Aogiri Tree. They were led by the S+ ranked ghoul Crow. Our investigators fought against Crow, but unfortunately, Nakamura Yoshiaki was fatally wounded by the ghoul after dealing the final blow on Crow –” “Is he okay? How’s ‘Aki doing?” A pause. “Nakamura died of his wounds. I – I’m sorry.” Kou’s eyes zeroed in on the briefcase. He inhaled, exhaled, inhaled, exhaled. Repeat. His brother, one of the last members of his family was gone. Kou understood why Sato brought the briefcase. Edelweiss. : : : The sound of Lizst’s “Consolation” broke Kou’s train of thought. His’s phone rang one, two, three times before he reached for his nightstand. The name “Yamada Hikari” shone on the screen. “Hello? This is Kou Nakamura speaking.” “Good evening, this is Hikari Yamada from CCG HQ. You’ve been requested to report to the office of Hisoka Washuu tonight. They’ll be expecting you soon, so please hurry. At the meeting, you will be debriefed on your next mission. Don’t be late.” “I won’t.” Beep. Kou grinned. This was an opportunity for a promotion. Whatever the mission was, all Kou needed to do was show his skill in battle and perhaps he could get the Osmanthus Award too. Fantastic. How treble-some though. I’d have to change out of my pajamas first. [ I'm sorry for using a terrible pun at the end. Not entirely sure who would be debriefing them, but I'm pretty sure that it would be some other higher up. ]
  5. An caught the towel that Amaris tossed. The towel was damp, but it was better than nothing (was that even there when I left?). Ah, at least she could dry herself better. (If Mom was here, she’d scold you for not using a towel.) She hasn’t been here for a long time. ”How about we discuss how this going to work? If any two of us get into a fight, they'll condemn the rest of us." For starters, we should go to sleep in separate rooms. I could probably leave by then to report to a fellow general manager of the situation in the ward. They need to know about Amaris and maybe the small ghoul – he could be a person (or perhaps ghoul) of interest. "You act like we're all going to work together. Why should I help you with anything?" Oh. This day couldn’t get any worse. What was that ghoul trying to do? Did he even see Amaris fight? An frowned. Even with the kagune type difference, An would still have a hard time landing attacks on Amaris (we even have the same rank.). Unless he had a trick up his sleeve. Perhaps he’s a bikaku user? Regardless, Amaris still would’ve had the upper hand in a hypothetical fight (when was the last time he ate a meal?) "We--or, rather, I'll kill you." Silence. , why now? All I want right now is sleep and there’s tension now? Joy. Amaris’s kakugan activate, her blue eyes (how pretty) turn red with the usual white sclera darkening black. “If you’re going to pick a fight now, do it tomorrow. We should be getting some sleep now,” An said. Should we even be arguing now? (will edit kou in tomorrow)
  6. ohoho I like pink c: Nice! Can't wait to see the skirmish!
  7. In the later chapters the spelling is changed to quinx. Quinckes and quinx are still the same thing though.
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    After the bell rang, the teacher stood in front of the class and introduced themselves. She wrote her name on the whiteboard in neat, bubbly handwriting. “Welcome to class,” she announced with a smile (was it fake?). “I’ll start first by taking roll. When I call your name, please raise your hand and say here.” The teacher read through the student roster. A handful of the names sounded familiar – they were some of his former classmates in elementary school. “Vivien Hong.” He raised his hand and smiled. “Present.” A couple heads turned and made eye contact with him. Ah, what now? Were they sizing up potential competition or were they busy categorizing him now? Did anyone even recognize him? ”Ren Wei.” Silence. There were some muffled snickers and the teacher scolded the class. Ren. The name sounded familiar, were they someone from his elementary school class? Vivien closed his eyes and pictured a laughing boy with dark hair and eyes. If he remembered correctly, Vivien was friends with someone whose name started with an ‘R;’ the names of his former peers had gradually slipped from Vivien’s mind as the years went by. After all, the only memento Vivien had from his year spent at that school was the burden he received from constant bullying. Names had faded into the deeds that made his life a living hell. I only remember them as bullies. Their names don’t mean anything to me. “Now I’ll start handing out your textbooks in a moment. When I hand them to you, please write your name, class year, and the condition of your book.” Vivien sighed and began to survey the classroom. Their teacher was in the front distributing textbooks. Almost all of the seats were filled, except for one on his left side; who would be interested in sitting next to the new kid when they have other friends? Ren would probably be sitting here. There aren’t any other seats left. Sucks for him I guess. His eyes wandered to the person sitting in front of him. Were they as bored as he was in this situation? The first week of school was always boring because it was the period of time that students began to transition from summer break to becoming a student once again. As a seemingly endless cycle, Vivien hoped that the year would end quickly. If his sophomore year ended up being in his favor, Vivien would’ve been content with a normal (bully free) year. By the time the teacher was hovering in the middle row, the door clicked open and someone (a student?) walked into the classroom. Tall. Dark hair and eyes. A look of displeasure? All eyes are focused on the newcomer. The teacher smiles (another fake one?) and nods at the student. “Please take a seat. I am handing out textbooks right now. Make sure you write your name, year, and condition in the inside cover.” How robotic. Others around Vivien begin to smirk – who was this person? Vivien frowned. How did a single person manage to get the entire class to hate him? How cruel humans are against one another. The boy (Ren.) paraded his way to the back of the room (how shameless) and plops himself and his bag on the empty desk. Like a bull in a china shop. Ren glances around the room. His eyes flicker from student to student (an assessment?) until Ren’s eyes meet his own. They stare at each other – light brown meeting dark, almost black eyes. Realization strikes Vivien and his eyes widen. He’s seen this person before. A spark of recognition ah, it isn’t reciprocated. Regardless, Vivien’s breath hitches. He knows Ren Wei. Yes, he recognizes the shape of Ren’s face, his eyes, the build, but not the expression. Vivien remembered a face with a permanent smirk plastered on his face. A boy surrounded by people he called friends, not enemies. A prankster. The ringleader. : : : The boy was one of the first friends Vivien had befriended at school. It was during the first five minutes of snack recess. Vivien was snacking on crackers on the bench chatting with other students until a boy with dark hair approached Vivien. He held his hand out to Vivien and introduced himself. Vivien smiled and shook the hand. A new friend. The pranks started out small. It had began with a simple “kick me” sign taped on Vivien’s back. Of course, Vivien laughed it off, it was only a joke and Ren was only kidding, right? Vivien had never anticipated the pranks to grow in scale – and number. Others had began participating in the pranks that Ren led. Itwasn’tfunwhyweretheydoingit. Someone please make it stop. It wasn’t funny anymore. : : : Vivien broke eye contact with Ren. He clenched his fist, nails digging into his palm. Why didn’t he recognize Ren’s name from the beginning? He knew Ren too well. Vivien swallowed. The prime cause of Vivien’s downfall was too close for comfort.
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    ”Are you going to be okay going to school?” ”Yeah, of course Mom, I’ll be fine.” He didn’t want to go. No, the very moment he left the house Vivien felt a sense of dread pool in his stomach. How would they react to him coming back to town, especially after almost seven years? Would they even accept the new him? Vivien shivered. He could still visualize the awful things others wrote on his desk and the water closing in on him after the fall. “I’ll be okay,” Vivien muttered, clenching his fist. “I’m stronger now and maybe this time would be better.” As he continued walking, Vivien noticed that little had changed in the town within the seven years that he had been away. The café, Twin Stars, still remained on Rose Street and Vivien still saw familiar faces on the street. Of course, people had aged, but the atmosphere of the town remained the same – quiet. Although Vivien had visited during the holidays, he spent most of his time at his grandmother’s house (what if someone from his class saw him?) and preferred helping his grandparents with tasks inside the house rather than taking walks around town. Five minutes or so passed when Vivien walked into the school grounds (blend in, blend in and you’ll be okay). Vivien noticed the freshmen scrambling around campus trying to find their homeroom and the upperclassmen making small talk with others. The atmosphere of the school felt crowded – after spending his time in smaller classes, Vivien felt overwhelmed by the sea of students at the high school. Vivien pulled a map of the school that was folded in his cardigan pocket. A red circle marked his homeroom classroom, Room 151. As of now, Vivien was in the courtyard and the 150 hall was in the eastern area of the school. If he passed by the art center and the 250 hall, he’d be able to find the classroom. By the time Vivien walked into the classroom, it was already half full with students chatting with each other. Vivien decided on a seat in the back of the class and seated himself there. It’ll be alright in the back of the room, right? There would be less attention drawn to him if he sat where no one could notice him and hopefully, the teacher wouldn't choose him to participate in class that often. As he waited for the bell to ring, Vivien tried to smooth out the nonexistent wrinkles in his grey cardigan. There's two minutes left until the bell rings.
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    [ screams ] this took longer than expected; i spent way too much time looking for possible hairstyles ; v; (edited to add extra stuff) Name: Vivien Hong, goes by the name Vivi or Vi as a nickname. Age: 15 3/4 Gender: Male Appearance: Vivien stands at 5’7” (170 cm), the average male height and has an androgynous appearance. His hair is cut into a pixie cut with undercut sides and side bangs that reach his right cheek bone. Vivien’s likes to dye his hair occasionally; his natural hair color is black, but as of now, his hair is light brown. Vivien often wears cardigans and jeans, but wouldn’t hesitate to change his clothing style if someone comments about it. He also wears mint green sneakers. On both ears are a safety pin earring. Personality: As a child, Vivien was charismatic and had little trouble making friends with others. He welcomed people with open arms and tried his best to become everyone’s best friend. After a string of incidents when he was younger, Vivien learned the hard way to be more cautious with others when he gradually became the butt of jokes and pranks. As a result, Vivien’s personality shifted to a more withdrawn and tended to run away from situations when he felt threatened. His younger self initially hated those that cried easily, but Vivien has now become more accepting of people that cried often; Vivien has found himself cry into his pillow one too many times at night or wakes up suddenly in tears due to nightmares. After transferring schools, Vivien has had a negative perspective on life, but he’s been working on becoming more positive and open to others. Even so, Vivien has a habit of holding grudges against others after the incident in elementary school. History: Vivien’s life changed when he moved to a new town, which also meant meeting new people and a new learning environment. Initially, Vivien was excited to make new friends, as he was one of the more popular kids at his old school. Vivien had little issue at his new school; he rose quickly in the social hierarchy at school. He did well at school, had playdates with friends, and often brought home stories of what he did at school. However, everything began to change when one of his closer friends began to play pranks, which quickly delved into the bullying spectrum. After a particular prank that went too far, Vivien’s parents decided to move to a smaller town and enroll Vivien into private school. At private school, Vivien began to develop feelings of self hatred to himself – why couldn’t he defend himself when he was clearly being bullied? Why didn’t anyone defend him, a clear target? Towards the end of his middle school years, Vivien began to slowly revert back to his charismatic ways, although the memory of his days of being a bullying target was still fresh in his mind. At the end of Vivien's freshman year, Vivien’s parents decided that they were going to move back to the same town because Vivien’s grandmother’s health was deteriorating and his family decided that they’d take care of her. As of now, Vivien dreads the thought of going to the local high school, but has a shred of hope for a slightly better future. Other: Vivien has poor athletic skills and likes bread and coffee. In his free time, he tries to count stars and can often be seen standing in the rain without an umbrella (to his mother’s dismay).
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    ohoho i can't wait :,D hmm let's go with a general character sheet.
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    reserved in case of an emergency. ( •⌄• ू )✧
  13. will add more stuff tomorrow afternoon-ish. fight me (๑و•̀ω•́)و basic plot: a new kid moves into a large town and quickly becomes well liked in their class. the current popular kid becomes jealous and began to spread rumors due to being one of the new kid's close friends. the bullying eventually got out of hand and resulted in the new kid moving away. x years later, the two meet again in high school. sad happens here. x based off of koe no katachi x typing on phone rn, grammar and plot will be revised tomorrow/soon™ idek tbh. the cast: ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑) (*゚ー゚)ゞ
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    oh dear, found out about the new release at around 1:30 pm PST and just finished catching all six ;u;
  15. "Ah, so we can't drink the water," An remarked. "At least it's somewhat useable then." (What's water if you can't drink it?) The realization that the house had running water made An realize how filthy she was. Blood was caked between her fingernails from tearing meat and she had dust from the encounter with the Doves in her hair. She frowned; her clothes had drying blood stains and the smell of the sewer lingered on her clothing (how disgusting, can you even wash this?). (Imagine what Mother would have to say about this. She'd be disappointed in you–how did you even get into this situation anyways? All you had to do today was a simple recon assignment, and you failed. How–) 'Just stop. She's gone and she'll never come back.' An glanced at Amaris. She was the one that expressed a desire to take a shower first. Would she mind if An went first instead? The urge to clean herself was unbearable now. Halla had also announced that the shower was open, so why not? (I'd imagine that she'd kill you in your sleep for requesting that.) "Amaris, I'm sorry for being rude, but I'd like to wash myself first," An said "The smell of the sewer is really starting to get to me," and jogged up the stairs to the restroom (I'm so sorry Amaris). Like the rest of the house, the restroom was in a similar condition, with moldy corners and cracked walls (so how old is this house?). An switched the handle on, and orange-brown water sputtered from the shower head (rust?). She hastily stripped her clothes and stepped into the shower. (Coldcoldcoldcoldwhy how is this even sanitary? Calm down and cleancleanclean I need to be clean.) After showering, An noted the lack of a towel in the room (the curtain perhaps?), and changed back into her clothes (there's little that I can do about them, and using rusty water to wash them sounds disgusting.). "The shower's available now," An called from the bathroom. (Let's rest now.)
  16. (We're here.) Halla had managed to lead the ghouls out of the sewers and into an abandoned house. An assumed that the group was still in Tokyo–– they didn't venture in the sewers for that long, did they? The house smelled old with the scent of wood, blood, sewer, and dust mixing into the familiar smell that reminded An of her distant home. In China, An's family lived in a complex that housed some of the Che She Lian members and humans living together (was it even in harmony?). 'Mother said that they never realized that they were living with ghouls,' An thought, touching her cheek. 'Well, that was until the organization started to gather more members and their name had become something that humans were familiar with.' "Ah, thank you for leading us here, Halla," An said, digging into her pockets (where did her phone go?). "But I should leave now; I have something to study for." An continued rummaging through her pockets, searching for her phone in order to direct herself home. (You left it at home, didn't you?) An cursed under her breath. Before she left her house, An left her phone in her room to charge (how could you do this to yourself?). "Well never mind that," An added. "I left my phone at home, so I guess I'll be staying with everyone until the morning."
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_23 I didn't know that Ireland legalized same-sex marriage on my birthday (knew that they did recently, but didn't know the date :,D).
  18. Suld (is this okay to call you?), how should we have Kou and Miteki interact? I have some ideas, but I want to see what you have in mind first.
  19. Fixed some stuff and added some more to the draft. It's finished now c: Username: XiaoChibi Name: Trent Kim (金傑偉) Age: 18 Gender: Agender - he/him, they/them Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic bisexual Appearance: Trent has a triangular face shape and messy black hair with his fringe dropping down to his eyebrows. He is 5’6” and has dark eyes with occasional bags under his eyes when he decides to stay up late playing video games. Due to years of indulgence in the latter and farsightedness, Trent wears black rimmed glasses while reading and gaming (although he refuses to wear them during class). Trent tends to walk quietly in small steps and has a habit of frightening people when approaching from behind. When Trent was 16, he decided to get his ears pierced; Trent wears diamond stud earrings and when he feels like it, small sterling silver hoops. He has a toned body from swimming and running throughout the years and has a long torso. Trent favors wearing dress shirts under sweaters and hates wearing hats (the only hat he owns is a baseball cap from his favorite team). Trent likes to consider his legs as the most muscular part of his body––he swims, after all and is tanned from years spent exercising in the sun. His Branch is located on his tie. On his left hand, Trent wears a silver bracelet. Trent is ambidextrous, but he tends to favor his right hand more. His uniform is also neat and clean. Personality: Like his grandmother, Trent is an introverted individual and his actions weigh more than his words. As a result, Trent unintentionally leaves the impression that he’s snobbish when he simply has nothing to say. He rarely smiles, but tends to laugh easily. Like his element, Trent has no issue when it comes to adapting to situations and can hide his personality in order to appease others. Trent enjoys spending his free time with his phone (he downloaded an emulator in order to store his favorite games in) or to call his sister. He doesn’t mind lending a helping hand to others and is happy at the thought of assisting others in their daily lives. When in the presence of his loved ones, Trent softens up and dotes on them. He has an interest in flowers and tries to decorate places with flower chains and the like. After his grandmother’s death, Trent began to develop the fear of disappointing his family, and his parents in particular. As a result, Trent decided that he’d be better off improving himself for the sake of receiving his parent’s praise. He has a tendency to doubt his decisions and worries if his parents would approve. Despite his insecurities, Trent has a competitive spirit after years of participation in sports. He enjoys setting goals and writing lists. Trent is also a good listener and doesn’t mind hearing about his peer’s problems and tries to solve their issues. He doesn’t mind critique and when the opportunity arises, Trent asks for ways that he could better himself. When working in groups, Trent is often uptight because of the fear of letting his group down. With his acceptance into Heaven’s Gate, Trent would like to fight for the sake of his siblings. History: Born to a doctor and a nurse, Trent had a somewhat normal childhood. Since his parents worked late, he was raised by his grandparents. As a child, he spent his time playing with his dog, Logan, and his older brother, Henry. When Trent was six, his sister, Claire, was born. During his years at school, Trent excelled in science and wanted to become a doctor like his mother. In middle school, Trent received his first video game controller. As an eleven year old, Trent was fascinated with the art and plot in the game, which jumpstarted his growing interest in video games. Trent was often seen reading books or fiddling with his phone during his teenage years. With parents in the medical field, Trent has an extensive knowledge of epidemiology and anatomy, along with how to care for people. In 5th grade, Trent began to run for the track and cross country team at his elementary school. He continued running throughout middle and high school and also won some awards for his abilities. When he was six, Trent began swim lessons and later continued swimming for his high school’s swim team. He also began to take piano lessons at the same age and completed his testing for the highest level in his junior year of high school. Initially, Trent decided to participate in his extracurricular activities because his parents suggested them. The only activity Trent willingly decided to participate in was swimming because he liked the soothing feeling of water on his skin. It was only after Trent realized that he had some merit in his athletic and musical abilities was when he started to channel more effort into the activities. Trent’s interest in video games began to take a toll on his grades and sleep during his freshman and sophomore years of high school. While his parents began to praise his older brother for being accepted into prestigious colleges, Trent began to grow jealous of his brother’s success and the amount of attention he received from their parents. Trent began to lose focus on school and resorted to video games in order to forget about his problems, resulting in his suspension from the swim and track teams. At the end of the first semester of his sophomore year, Trent had spiraled down from an honors student to barely passing his classes with straight C’s. As a result, Trent’s parents began to apply pressure on their son to succeed and raise his grades. In response, Trent argued that he was “perfectly happy” with the way he was and refused to listen, despite the additional pleas from his grandparents. However, tragedy struck the Kim family when their grandmother died due to a stroke. During Trent's childhood, he was close with his maternal grandmother and learned how to make jewelry and the key concepts of flower symbolism from her. Since the day she died, Trent began to wear a silver bracelet in honor of her memory. After her death, Trent began to reform his past behaviors due to the guilt he felt. Trent is fond of his younger sister, Claire, and is rather overprotective when it comes to her business. He has a rivalry with Henry due to his parents favoring their eldest son over him. When it comes to his parents, Trent harbors a slight resentment towards them due to their large absence in his life because of their careers. At times, Trent sometimes felt that his grandparents were his ‘true’ parents. He decided to take the exam in order to prove his self worth to his parents. Trent had the desire to do something that his brother wouldn’t think of doing. If he passed, Trent believed that he would’ve gained his parents’ respect. Element: Water Branch Color: Blue bird (#4973AB) Weapon: Camellia–– A silver lance with gold accents. Near the base of the handle, there are twin bells attached to red string. The blade of the lance is ornate and is suitable for long distance attacks with a spiked pommel. Armor: Ambrosia–– Trent’s armor is black with gold and blue accents. The armor is heavy, but years of sports has aided Trent in maneuvering with his armor;however, he occasionally has difficulty evading attacks. Other: Trent has an interest in a certain farm simulation RPG on his phone’s emulator and has a habit of cracking his knuckles. He is also half Korean and Chinese, although he tends to identify with his Chinese side more. Since he was raised by his maternal grandparents, Trent understands Cantonese and has basic knowledge of Mandarin.
  20. Yeah, I have a Skype too c: (wow, the app is a blessing ngl) I think I prefer Skype over Chatzy because mobile apps make my life a lot easier and it's more convenient b/c I usually have my ish-phone with me at school. I'll be less busy (hopefully) when school lets out (iirc, June 12th...?) and I have finals June 9-12, so I'll also be studying dying[/i] during that time period. However, I think I might be able to post on weekends/after practice, so I'll post/write replies during my downtime.
  21. An listened to the conversation while she ate, and gave a slight nod. "Do any of us truly trust each other here?" Halla asked. The question hung in the air. (Do you trust them?) Halla, the ghoul that had little desire to fight, the one that brought food for the others to eat (how generous). From a first impression, An felt like she could trust the ghoul (isn't it easier to trust those who are kind?). It was a delight to see ghouls that wanted peace in this cruel world. "I can trust you," An said, removing her mask (was this a half-lie?). "That is, if we make it out of here without any additional dove encounters." 'I suppose I'll keep following them,' An thought as she moved to catch up with Halla and the smaller ghoul.
  22. Nice! Out of curiosity, are you also learning how to write in traditional or simplified? I'm learning Mandarin right now \o I used to go to a Cantonese school, but I understand more Cantonese than what I can speak (if that makes sense ;u;).
  23. I have a question re: the situation with the investigators, would they fall back after the ghouls escaped, or would they attempt to pursue them...?
  24. "No one can hurt (my name). They're too nice." Thank you ;u;a