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    : : : After the incident, they [the people] told him to forgive and forget. But why? There was nothing Vivien could forgive him [Ren] for. They were friends and Ren ruined it. Didn’t they know that it hurt? [Have you ever felt betrayal filling your lungs up to the brim?] He could recall in his dreams the water. Ren. The project. Him falling down, down, down into the water. Sometimes, he could see Ren’s face as he jumped into the water, falling back first into the water. On a bad day, he dreamt of being buried six feet underground on a rainy day. [And you, Ren?] [i’ll dry my tears alone.] Private school was probably one of the worst [or best?] decisions Vivien’s parents decided for him. The classes were small and compact with teachers that lectured students with the help of powerpoint presentations and group projects [awful]. The thing Vivien liked best about going to private school was that he didn’t have to see his classmates [Ren] in person after the day he lost everything. I don’t miss you. I don’t want to ever see you again. I’ll build a wall for myself. Even so, he couldn’t help it but feel resentment towards his younger self. [You should’ve defended yourself.] [i am not strong.] : : : The bell rang, interrupting Vivien’s thoughts. (Move along.) The shuffling of papers. Backpacks unzipping and zipping. (Go home.) Students filing out of the door. The teacher has their back turned, and was erasing the marker stained white board. Vivien rises from his seat. He places his supplies in his backpack slowly. He blends into the crowd of students. Let’s go home. : : : On Rose, Vivien spots Twin Stars and decided to buy a cup of coffee. (I’m going to need it for tonight.) He steps into line, and waits. There’s a chalkboard on the wall displaying the beverages available. When his turn comes, Vivien asks for a medium sized iced coffee. It’s a little warm today. He hands the cashier a couple dollar bills and some loose change he had in his pocket. She smiles, and hands him a receipt and three quarters. Vivien stuffs the coins back into his jean pocket and moved to an empty table near the door. He noticed that there were some students (cliques?) from school sitting at tables drinking from plastic cups. If it didn’t happen, would I be like them? His fingernails dug into his palm, leaving red crescent marks. If only... I want to be like [ them ]. After five minutes, a barista called his order and Vivien walked to the table to grab his drink. He took a sip from the straw. It’s good. Nodding his thanks, Vivien exited the café and continued walking home. : : : “I’m home,” Vivien called. “How was your day?” his mother replied from the kitchen. “It went well (stop lying).” “That’s good. Do you need anything to eat?” “I’m fine. I stopped by the café and bought some coffee.” Vivien walked up the stairs to his room. He shut the door behind him. Vivien placed his iced coffee on his desk and flopped onto his bed face first after tossing his backpack onto the floor. Today...wasn’t the ideal first day he had expected. Vivien frowned into his pillow. Who decided that it was a good idea to put out of all people, Ren Wei in the same class as him? (There’s no need to forgive you.) Tomorrow, would he run away again? (Then who’s the coward now?) To be honest, I don’t know if I should forgive you or not. (Just don’t.) We can’t hold onto this forever. Vivien rolled onto his side, and looked out of the window. I need a nap. Thinking about what happened makes me exhausted.
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    Esko's Art Cave

    ooh nice details on the scales, esko! i really like the paws too c:
  3. i'm pretty sure coryn was joking...? although esko, i'm sure you can still work with rin even though everyone's gone on their own ways?
  4. omg sweet flutterbutt's in the team n i c e i like it c:
  5. Another investigator arrived at the meeting spot. He was on the tall side, and held two ice cream cones in one hand. The man introduced himself (a foreign name) and tried to offer Lucianne one of the ice cream cones. She accepted the ice cream, replied in English, and handed the cone to her translator. Lucianne then proceeded to explain the mission. Her words sounded odd to Kou’s ears and he couldn’t help but to lose interest in the topic she brought up. What’s even happening? Kou bit his lip and stared at Lucianne. He made out the words “split,” “team,” and “profit,” but what did they have to do with the mission? All of a sudden, Kou regretted not opting for one of the secondary language classes offered at the Academy. To be honest, I never expected that I’d have to work with a foreigner. I wonder if the investigators in Europe are as skilled as our investigators? "We'll be split up into two to three-man teams to maximize profit with each go after a ghoul. The first team will include our lady Lucianne, Rank 3 Watanabe, and myself will be heading after Rank A ghoul, Lion." Indigo translated. Thank goodness. Kou sighed in relief. Thank goodness there’s a translator. Lucianne’s decision of establishing two to three-man teams was a smart move. A large group would have hindered progress, and smaller groups allowed more flexibility. Kou glanced at the man with one arm. Isn’t he an Associate Class investigator? What’s he doing here? If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll be in the same group with him. I’d like to see an Associate Class in battle. He adjusted his coat. Maybe he can recommend me for a promotion too. ((whoops, meant to post this earlier but i got distracted :,D))
  6. ahh yeah he is; kou just arrived late to the meeting spot a couple posts back ;u;
  7. yeah i wouldn't expect him to end up on aotree's doorstep, but perhaps he could be in the ward? edit: oops sent this too early. i mean, he could be scaling buildings in the sixth ward, but does he know that aotree exists? there's probably a lot of ghoul groups there too along with the tree, so it might be easier for him to blend in there?
  8. hmm...i was thinking about having an move to aotree HQ and maybe there can be an interaction if they see each other again?
  9. hey, gildraug, is it alright if kou and chiaki become partners/joins the investigation group w isaac and her? kou was initially partners with miteki, and i'm not sure if suld is active anymore.
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    Before Vivien knew it, the bell signaling that lunch break rang. The students began filing out of the classroom, and there were a few students that remained in their seats. Vivien had left his lunchbox in his locker, so he walked out of the classroom to retrieve his lunch. He found his locker in the 200 hall (locker number 2219), and rotated the dial on the locker. “15...ah there’s the 30.” Vivien lifted the tab, and his locker opened. Inside Vivien’s locker was his lunch box sitting on top of a couple textbooks. He reached inside and grabbed his lunch box and history textbook. Satisfied, Vivien shut his locker with a slam. “Hey! Vivien!” Vivien turned and noticed a blond haired boy waving. The boy was in Vivien’s chemistry and English class. “How are you doing, Jules?” “I’m doing great! Wanna eat with me today?” To be honest, Vivien never expected that he’d be eating with someone on his first day of school (a miracle, perhaps?). Jules led Vivien to the school courtyard after Vivien grabbed his backpack and books from the classroom. The two sat at an empty bench and began eating. “Hey, Jules?” “Hmm?” “You know Ren, the guy in our English class?” A pause. “What about him?” “You see, I used to go to elementary school with him (a truth) and I was friends with him before I moved (lie????). It’s been years since I last seen him and he’s changed a lot. What happened to him?” Jules leaned back on the bench and raised an eyebrow. “Ren? I met him in middle school; he was in my history class. He hasn’t changed that much since then. As far as I know, Ren’s always been at the lower end of the scale. Ever since some incident in elementary school, Ren’s been treated pretty poorly by our classmates.” Crap. Wait, no. This... Now this, was an interesting turn in events. (Ah, the tables have turned, haven’t they?) Was it his fault that Ren was ostracized by the rest of their year? No. It couldn’t be. Ren got what he deserved, right? (He started it. Now, he’s getting what he deserves.) After all, it was his fault. Ren was the catalyst. Ren. He’s been hated for the past five years. Five years. Five long years of hate. It was never my fault. He ruined my life. It’s coming back to bite him now. All of a sudden, Vivien had the urge to laugh. This. The entire situation. Ren. Him. I can’t believe that you managed to sink this low, Ren. “Hey, Vivien, are you alright? You’ve been pretty quiet.” “Eh? I’m perfectly fine. Sorry, I was just thinking about how much Ren changed since I last saw him. Did you know that he used to be the most popular kid in our grade (how could you)? He was basically royalty in my class (look where you are now).” “Really? You wouldn’t by any chance know what caused him to be so jaded? Y’know, since you were in the same class…” “I don’t know a thing (you filthy liar). I moved out of town a little bit before everyone started looking down on him.” “Ah. Well, if I were you, I’d try to avoid him. After that incident in class today, you might want to distance yourself from that guy; he might find out that you were the one that delivered his backpack to the office and ha, he’d probably beat you up for it. Stay safe, Viv, you don’t want to become Ren’s next victim.” Ha. Good one, Jules. It’s a pity that I was one before. Vivien smiled. “I’ll try not to, but I can’t guarantee that for sure.” “You’re pretty funny, did you know that Vivien?” “I guess you can say that I have my own brand of charisma.” “Alright, well the bell’s going to ring in five. I’m going to history, you?” “I’m going to math now.” “See you tomorrow, same place for lunch?” “Sounds great.” As Jules left, Vivien felt a slight twinge of guilt. Did Ren really deserve five years of ridicule? The guy was an *** back in elementary, but that was five years ago. I’m not sure if I can forgive him. Vivien realized that he never he never said anything to Ren the day he left town. I wonder how did he feel when they told the class that I was moving. The bell rang, indicating that lunch was over and the passing period to the next class had begun. Is Ren still at school? Ha. Knowing him, he probably skipped after finding out that Vivien was in his class. What a coward.
  11. ooh nice nice harlequin! i'm learning mandarin too and it's pretty fun c: also, if you don't have a chinese dictionary, MDBG is a pretty useful site! it works as a dictionary and it shows you the radical/tone/stroke order of the character c: if you need someone to practice/get help from, i don't mind helping :,D aha, i'm a day too early, but 中秋節快樂!!!
  12. "Food would be... fantastic," Halla muttered. An let out a sigh of relief. Halla was alright, despite her tired expression. It must’ve been exhausting to have a kagune out all night. “Halla, I’ll go grab something for you to eat,” An replied, rising from her kneeling position. “I’m sure we have something left over from last night.” She closed her eyes and sniffed the air. (There’s something in the bedroom. Someone must’ve threw some meat in there.) An jogged through a hall and into the bedroom. The house had been untouched for years, and the bedroom was no exception. Dust and cobwebs were abundant, and An noticed brown stains and a lump of (???) on the bed. This must be the meat. An swiped the meat off of the bed and walked back to the living room. “Found it,” An called. She tossed the meat to Amaris, and hoped that she’d catch the food. “Amaris, could you please make sure Halla eats something? I’m going to leave after I get my hands washed.” An paused. “You guys should also start leaving soon. Now that the sun’s out, they might become suspicious if there’s too much noise in here. Halla, thanks for leading us here and I hope you can have better control the next time we meet again (will we see each other again?). Everyone, I hope we can meet again under more favorable circumstances.” After washing her hands, An left the house through the front door. There weren’t many pedestrians out, but the ones that did kept their eyes focused on the ground. (You should’ve gone through the back door.) An followed the signs and found herself standing at a bus stop. Five minutes passed, and An paid for the bus fare. She decided to claim a seat in the back of the bus. An received a few dirty looks from the passengers, and she clenched her fists. I didn’t ask to smell like the sewer. (You need a second bath.) “Alright, we’re in the Fifth Ward, Block 7,” the bus driver called out. An rose from her seat and exited out of the bus. (We’re almost home now.) She continued walking down the street until she reached a house with the nameplate [ Suzuki ] next to the door. An reached into her pockets for her keys, but noticed that the door was slightly open. (How odd. I could’ve sworn that you locked the door after you left.) (Unless…) An crossed her fingers, hoping that a Dove didn’t break into her home (would they?), and opened the door. Lounging on the living room couch was a masked figure in a black coat. The figure noticed An when she closed the door and took off their mask, revealing a youthful face. “Yo, Little Lion,” the figure waved. “Ver was wondering what happened to you, especially with the run-in with the Doves.” They chuckled. “Personally, I thought you were on your way to becoming someone’s quinque, but look! You’re here in the flesh!” “[ Good morning, Sparrow. ] Ah, and let’s just cut it to the chase, Sparrow. Why did Ver send you here?” “Well, Little Lion, Swallow told me that they have a message for you back at HQ. Ah, and Swallow also wanted to know what happened to you last night. You were supposed to report back to HQ last night after the recon mission, y’know.” "Let me take a shower and change then. [ Please wait. ]" edit: whoopsie, forgot to add the ver google document for future reference ;u;aa edit 2: [ italics ] is mando dialogue
  13. oh dear... that sounds awful/// does the school that you go to have a councilor? i think you should really talk to a councilor/parent about this, especially with that girl being a bully and from what you said, your science teacher isn't being professional at all. that's inappropriate of the teacher to publicly embarrass you in front of the class. if possible, you might want to talk to admin about your teacher because that just sounds terrible and she shouldn't judge you based upon how your brother did in the class :// oh my gosh the boy in your orchestra class should just bug off, that's just rude :/
  14. same, i try to check in when i can. it's just quieter because of school starting + not many recent rp replies imo.
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    (off topic but iirc, we have similar genetic data, but our ancestry line branched off a while ago from primates; on phone so i can't find a date). i'd like to reiterate that i think that having an abortion should be a choice, and besides, not every single pregnant person is going to abort their child if abortion is kept legal. there are people that would like to be parents too.
  16. aha yeah, i'm drowning in homework and tests now :,D looking forward to your post, gildraug!! @esko: do you still need a debrief?
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    Brave Frontier

    omfg i didn't know that there was a bf thread on the forums! ahh i'm at 193 (almost at 194 :,D ) and my lead right now is (G) yuura. omfg but yuura looks like kuroo tetsurou
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    baby =/= fetus though... also, how would you know who's okay with "baby murder" (abortion, not baby murder)? another thing i'd like to add is that abortion isn't baby murder. infanticide is baby murder, which abortion is not.
  19. When I was in either 5th-6th grade, a girl stole my shoes.
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    : : : On the day he jumped over the bridge, he didn’t feel anything except for the water closing in on him. The fall was quick and he felt the wind fluttering around him. He didn’t hear anything from the others above. A splash. IthurtswhatdidIdowrong? The impact hurts. I need it. I need to find my project. Where is it? He opened his eyes to blurred shapes. Cold. My. . . Where did you go? I need to breathe. Vivien turned his head to the left. Nestled in the rocks and sand was the booklet. It’s wet and I need to--- Breathe! ! AirIneedtobreathe. Theprojectgettheprojectretrieve! ! He opened his mouth to breathe and consequently swallowed a mouthful of water. Where. . . I can’t find the top. Mom. . . Dad. . . . . .someone [help me] I’m scared. On the day he jumped, he never got the project back. On the day he jumped, he didn’t resurface from the water by himself. On the day he jumped, he. . . The ceiling was unfamiliar was the first thought that trickled through his mind. Where am I? Arms wrapped around him, hugging him tightly. “I--we were so worried when the school called. I called your dad the moment I heard--are you feeling okay? The doctor said that you’ve got bruises from the impact and they want to monitor you for the night to check for anything else--” Translation: you nearly drowned and the doctors want to make sure nothing is wrong with you [but there is something wrong with me]. “I’m alright, Mom,” he replied. “Tell them that I can go to school tomorrow. I can’t miss a day, right? Not everyone’s done presenting and I wanna see what they did.” “Vivien Felix.” Oh no. She never used his full name. His mother usually called him Vivi. What happened during the time that he was unconscious? [Mother] took a deep breath. Exhale. “Your dad and I also talked about. . .moving. I--we didn’t know about your circumstances at school and this. . .we can’t have you go to school with that friend of yours anymore.” I wish you knew. I’m afraid to tell you. “We’re worried about you, Vivi.” She hugged him tighter. “You’re going to attend a private school in xxx. It’s a forty minute drive from here and we can always--Vivi are you alright?!” His vision was blurring. The waterworks came. I can’t come back here like this. I’m ruining Mom’s clothes. Stop. Stopstopstop. StopcryingpleaseIcan’tcrynow. A dull ache was beginning to settle in his stomach. Hate. Terrible. It hurts. I hate you. I can’t go home anymore because of you. Hate. He squeezed tighter. If you saw me like this, would you laugh? After that day, he didn’t go back to the elementary school. The cards began to pile on his doorstep. He didn’t read a single one, and placed them in a shoebox under his bed. I hate. . . A classmate that was at the bridge later told him during a visit to his house that they thought he was fine when he jumped in and assumed that he’d be okay – he seemed like a decent swimmer during the phys ed class. How could you say that to me? I was never good at sports. Vivien recalled slamming the door in the poor classmate’s face after hearing them talk. Why didn’t anyone help me? Why? : : : ”Vivi.” Ren choked his name out. It’s been years since someone (Ren) called him Vivi. The name seems almost foreign now. (A piece of what you lost.) (Don’tlistentohimdon’tdon’t…) Vivien couldn’t help but stare. There’s nothing I can say. Silence. The clock ticks. The class is watching. The teacher-- even she was watching. All eyes were on them. There is a lump that’s starting to build in his throat. Nothing. Vivien bites his lip. He stands up from his seat. A look of horror was written onto his face when he stared at Vivien. (Did he feel guilty?) Ren rushed out of the classroom, and almost trips on one of the desks up front (how laughable). In a matter of moments, Ren was out the door. “Mr. Wei, get back in your seat, or so help me, I’ll call your parents!” He’s gone. The sound of running footsteps faded away. Vivien glanced at the now vacant seat. In his haste to get away from the classroom, Ren left his backpack and textbook at his desk. If he could… “Now class, we’re going to begin with the first chapter. Avery could you please--” Vivien raised his hand. “Yes Vivien?” “I think Ren left his stuff here when he ran out of the classroom. I can bring it to the office if you want.” : : : He was a little surprised that he managed to convince his teacher to allow him on a trip to the office. Ren’s backpack was slung over his shoulders and Vivien held the textbook in his hands. It’s not that heavy. Vivien took a left and walked through the hall to the office. “I guess I’m at the admin office--” Ah. This wasn’t it. In bolded letters, the door spelled out “COUNSELING OFFICE” in capital letters. Underneath the sign was a laminated sheet labelled “ADMINISTRATION OFFICE ←”. Wrong office. Vivien followed the sign’s directions to a building on the opposite side labelled “ADMINISTRATION OFFICE.” This is it. : : : The first time he went to the office was for a stomachache. He didn’t really have a stomachache, but he did feel a little queasy after cleaning the words scribbled onto his desk off. “I don’t feel well.” “Make a phone call to your mom and wait at one of the chairs,” the receptionist replied as she typed on her computer. His mom came fifteen minutes later. “Let’s go home, Vi. I’ll make you an early lunch.” Hand in hand with a sense of dread, he walked with his mother to the car. [ I can’t tell her about what happened. ] : : : “I’m here to drop off Ren Wei’s backpack and textbook. He left it in the classroom.” The office person nodded and pointed to the dropoff basket. “Thanks.” Vivien opened the door and exited out of the office. He’s changed.
  21. your story doesn't make you sound like a jerk and you're not selfish at all. If you're uncomfortable with a person, you have the right as the GM to (privately) tell them to leave the RP. I think if you're planning to tell them, let them know that you feel uncomfortable with their views on x. (especially if they hate x minority groups, that's not okay too...) edit: you might also want to read the last paragraph in the first post too. (x) also feel free to pm me if you're planning on talking to them about it, i don't mind helping you with whatever way you're going to deal with it.
  22. I’m late. I’mlateI’mlateI’mlate. Why am I late? It had been around twenty-five minutes since Kou woke up. Seven minutes to change from his pajamas to his investigator clothing. Three to use the bathroom and brush his teeth. Eight minutes spent thinking about his brother and the mission while listening to Mozart's Fantasy in D Minor on his phone. One minute spent realizing that he was going to be late if he sat and thought any longer. Five spent grabbing his briefcase and running out of the door to the meeting place. Kou slowed down when he saw four people gathered at the area. Poco ritardando… When he arrived, Kou noted that Kazuya and Chiaki were standing nearby. It’s the quinx boy and a fellow peer. An elegant lady Kou didn’t recognize radiated impatience and thinly veiled anger. A successful investigator places their job before their feelings. Anger doesn’t suit her elegance too. Next to the lady stood another person with a cup of tea in hand. How hospitable. Kou leaned into a bow. “I’m Nakamura. Nakamura Kou, Rank 1 Investigator. It’s a pleasure to meet everyone and I apologize for being late.” [ ] [ ] [ ] She woke up to sunlight in her eyes and the smell of rust in the bathroom. Why am I here? Ah...I must’ve fallen asleep in here. An closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Rust. The morning breeze. Amaris. Katsuro. Halla. The house was quiet inside (who’s awake right now?) until a voice called from downstairs. ”Is anyone awake?” Halla. Her voice? (Distress.) “I’m awake,” An shouted. “I’ll be down in a second.” She jogged out of the bathroom and flitted down the stairs. “Good morning Halla, Amari-” Halla’s kagune. The color had returned to its usual form, but why was it still out? (Has it been like that all night?) This is a problem. An walked towards Halla and knelt next to her. She needs to calm down. “Halla, take deep breaths and try to retract your kagune. It’ll be alright, you’re in charge of the kagune; the kagune doesn’t control you. Just concentrate.”
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    : : : The project was the last straw. After weeks of missing homework, (“teacher I did it I swear it was in my binder. no, I’m serious I had it in my binder; my homework was with me when I came to class”) the class was assigned a group project. With his luck, Vivien was assigned to a group with Ren, a boy, and a girl. He was glad to be with a friend (was he even a friend at that point?) and two hard workers. He was wrong. From the first day to the very last, he was forced to work hours by himself on the project. He was alone. They were useless. He tried to tell the teacher, but after receiving a disapproving look and “your group members are doing their share too at home,” Vivien was ready to drop the project altogether. But he couldn’t. “My parents would be disappointed in me if I failed this project.” That fateful day came quicker than expected. The presentation went well. Fake smiles and mindless clapping. His “friend” explaining the ideas stolen from him. The other two...how could they? A fast forward to the bridge. Ren dangling the project. Nononononononoyoucan’tdothat. How could you? He saw the project drop. He jumped. Everything was cold. socold. : : : "Hey." Ren. He talked to me. Does he remember me? Vivien swallowed. He could hear the snickers from the students and felt the pit in his stomach grow. All eyes are on me right now. What did he want from me? “Hey’s for horses,” Vivien replied after a moment. “Horses. Hay. They eat hay.” The words felt like lead in his mouth. (Was that all you had to say to him?) What would the others think of him now? A weirdo, that’s for sure. Ren opened his textbook, eyes glued at the inside cover. Is he lost? “Ren,” Vivien whispered. “We’re supposed to write our name, year, and the book’s condition right now. I'm Vivien by the way. They used to call me Vivi back then, but Vivien's fine too.” He (fake) smiled. Perhaps he could scrape by the first day with the image of a clichéd cinnamon roll kid. I can do it. I’ll make it.
  24. “Thanks for listening to me,” An replied. “Are you going to go to sleep now? It’s getting late.” I’m so tired now. “Goodnight Katsuro. I'm going back inside to sleep.” An walked across the roof and slipped through the hole in the screen. She dropped to the floor and stayed there with her cheek pressing onto the tile. The floor isn’t the best place to sleep on, but I really don’t want to move downstairs. Later that night, An dreamed of dancing lions. [ ] [ ] [ ] ”You’re late.” The first sentence Hisoka Washuu said to Kou was laced with distaste. Kou had heard of Hisoka Washuu before and his achievements as an investigator. His forte was gaining the loyalty of his subordinates and using his intuition to execute successful missions. If I could get onto his level, I’d be promoted in no time. "A recent appearance of the CCG's most dangerous ghouls leads us to believe that a new organization may be in creation. The brother of Nakamura Yoshiaki, was it? Your brother was a skilled investigator, and I expect you are carrying on the legacy." Of course he’d mention ‘Aki. The Washuu continued, explaining that he was assigning Kou a mission to track and exterminate the ghouls that the CCG had a run in with. Amazing. My promotion’s closer than I thought. Working with the Quinx Squad would be troublesome, but it might not be that bad if I get promoted. A smile formed on his face as he exited Hisoka’s office. Dolce. Tomorrow was going to be an excellent day. (edit: coding error)
  25. omfg i love the background and the way you painted the leaves on the tree <333 (also what's the gif on your signature from? the art is so pretty ;u; )