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  1. re: the magical outfit, does it have to be the same color/palette as the eye color of the character? also for verification, eye color = color of our name on the op, right?
  2. ooh they sounds like cuties omg ahh yeah i feel like my anatomy was off??? like i feel like the head and overall position was off and i just :'Dp i need to look at more pictures of ppl doing the looking over shoulder more ;o;aa alright, sounds good : Dbbbb btw i really like the blue on netaku : D edit: oh also fangtail (is it alright if i call you this?), i just noticed your signature and this site is pretty good for resizing images (although i'm sure there's an easier way, but i don't have an application like photoshop or gimp downloaded on my laptop ;u;aaa
  3. ooh yeah sure!! ahh also do you have anything specific in mind? like what type of dragon (ie. wyvern, eastern, western, etc.) or is it just any dragon?
  4. “[ Are you ready? ]” “[ Yes. ]” An walked out of the house with Sparrow and motioned for Sparrow to follow. “[ You’re going to change, right? ]” “[ Yeah, it’s in my backpack. Don’t worry. ]” An motioned to her backpack. Inside was her uniform and Ver mask. There was no way that she’d leave the house in her Ver uniform. What if someone (a human) noticed? Her student life would’ve been ruined. I’d like to keep holding onto my other life. Sparrow had opted for walking to the 6th Ward; if they took public transportation, it would’ve attracted too much attention. Instead, he had opted for the routes that people didn’t normally go for when they were in the city. I hope no one recognizes me. (Your hair looks unnatural in a wig. Dyed hair doesn't suit you, let alone long hair. Ah, and you’d be better off quitting school and joining Ver full time.) (Isn't it too much for you to live a double life? A lie?) I can’t. I made a promise to Mom that I’d stay. The wig is the best that I can do to hide who I am. To be honest, I also wouldn't mind dying my hair teal. It wasn’t long until the difference between the 5th and 6th Ward became apparent. As An headed deeper into the 6th Ward, she noticed silhouettes of ghouls in the alley. There weren’t many humans in the 6th Ward; the ward was often unstable due to Aogiri being situated in the area. “Wait a moment. I’m going to change into my Ver uniform now.” An wasn’t particularly fond of the standard Ver mask. The half-mask revealed too much of her face (your identity) and she felt vulnerable without her lion mask. She touched the red dots going down the middle. What was she going to tell Swallow? How much does he want to know? Should I even mention them? When An arrived to the Aogiri Headquarters, her stomach felt queasy. She touched her stomach and pursed her lips. What am I going to do? If I expose their identities, what would Swallow want to do?? They took a right into and arrived at a chamber in the eastern wing. Sparrow motioned for An to open the door. “You should wish me luck.” An entered the chamber and shut the door behind her. “[ Sorry for being late, Swallow, I can explain what happened. ]” edit: code fail :'Db
  5. ahh yeah sure sammy i can do it :'Dbbb omg they look so cute, what's their names ? tell me about the troublemakers omfg hhhh thank you / u \ omg that au would be so nice i just 10/10 would yes. alright, here's esko's request of koji :^) closeup: without bandana shaded here
  6. ahhh glad that you like it o/ idk i felt like drawing some eyes today writing (sorry, my handwriting's kinda messy ;u;a): upper left: eye study middle: tiny eyebrow aesthetic bottom: tfw drew too close w/emoticon :'D right: test sheba; eyes too close? + probably disproportionate to head lol older an based off of lu's drawing of her o/ idk but i can see her being a nurse when she's older :'D
  7. windra's request o/ (close up on her face ;u; ) adsfj i think i might ink + color tenshi when i have time; i really want to color the rainbow belt :'D
  8. omf bestie looks really nice!!! i like the way you drew her coat and gloves o/ i wish i had a bestie in brave frontier tbh. her design is so cool w/ her rifle :'D
  9. ahh just call me sen ;u; i don't really like my username anymore lol. smh middle school me
  10. oh it's like this: http://dragcave.net/view/n/DRAGON_NAME_HERE edit: if the dragon has a - in their name, just use the dash instead of the underscore.
  11. whoops, sorry if the it's/its made it hard to read at times ;u;aa i think i remembered them the reverse way until i read this :'D this is dor's request for dark fae c: edit: made the image a bit smaller.
  12. ooh nice! i really like tenshi's outfit omg. the rainbow decorations make her dress look pretty and they'll be fun to draw omfg. omg big hero 6 ruined me tbh. i liked how disney handled the way hiro was affected after the fire ;u;aaa and baymax omg :'DD ooh digimon? i haven't watched the series, but i played one of the digimon ds games when i was younger + watched a digimon movie (uh i think it was about the lil green and white digimon and the pink and brown one and they looked the same + some sad stuff happened), but it's been a while since i've seen anything digimon related :'D oho but they look pretty serious omg + sure i'll draw them : Db i heard that there's a new digimon anime series coming out; are you planning on watching it OO:?
  13. ahh / u \ thank you : Db omg she's from touhou? tbh i've only listened to bad apple bc of vocaloid but the characters look really cool c: yeee ass class! i love korosensei so much omfg. his love of sweets is just gold :'D omg i should start reading the manga too ;u;aa asdjflk; i'm flattered + you can do so omfg ;v; edit: oops pressed send too early.
  14. ahh thank you so much lu :'DD a quick doodle of koro sensei.
  15. I'd like to take a request Username: XiaoChibi No. of Request: 1 Payment: n/a Anything else important: poot poot :'D
  16. whoa this is awesome !!! how long have you been animating for OO: ?
  17. ミ☆ reserved ミ☆ ˏ₍•ɞ•₎ˎˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ
  18. ✧ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ ✧ hey there, i’m sen and this is my art thread! i’ve decided to create an art thread so i can keep track of my art and as a motivating tool for myself ;u;aaa i’ve always liked drawing and i just got back into doing so around april (???) of this year. as of now, i don’t really have a set style so i’ll be experimenting with that too. feel free to post a request or any criticism you have c: re: requests, there is no form, simply just post what you'd like me to draw and i'll try to draw the thing :') i honestly don’t know what else i should say about myself rip ✧ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ✧ examples of my art (ft. my skilled phone camera): my oc trent ;u; assortment of tg ocs from a world of grey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) kenderella hiro based on this kid. asdf sheba is my fave lu’s luci ;u;aaa wielder of lexida/r/bf :,D ahh that’s basically it and i hope you have a nice day c:
  19. i really like p!atd's song "emperor's new clothes" right now :,D
  20. yoooo omfg lu an looks really cute adslfj; ;u;aaa is it alright w/ you if i play around with the design for science OO:?
  21. “Greetings,” Kou replied to Ueno. He gave a short nod to Hayashi. Ah, this was it. He was expecting that he was going to be grouped with Associate Special Class Walken, but this was even better. For the first time, Kou was going to lead a squad in a mission. I can’t mess this up. The Hunter’s only a B rank ghoul. Nothing can go wrong if we hunt them. Kou was ready. The egg is the world. I’ll break through. I can do it. I want the promotion. “We should get going now,” Kou remarked to his teammates. “The Hunter is known to move from ward to ward. Let’s start by tracing any possible routes that the Hunter could’ve gone to after escaping through the sewer and take a look at any areas where the Hunter has been previously sighted.”
  22. (i can delete this later if needed) if it's about the "anything else important?" part, it's in my application.
  23. I want to submit my Pooty! Username: XiaoChibi Name of Pooty: Bo Picture of Pooty: ahhh sorry, not sure how to make the image smaller, but this is Bo. Short Biography: Bo is a ghost. They’re not too sure how they’ve got here. Bo is a prankster and their passion for puns tends to overwhelm others. Anything else important: -Bo likes puns. -They have no preference regarding pronouns, and any pronoun is fine with Bo. -Bo’s hands and horns are black. -Bo uses the thumbs up sign to communicate their feelings. Bo isn't too sure how to convey their feelings in words. -They don’t know why, but they just can’t stop poot poot(ing!) crying.