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  1. By the time Lawrence finished his bean paste and rice, the alarm went off, causing tingles to run down his back. What happened? Oh, for the love of ravioli, Lawrence crossed his fingers to assure himself that the freaking engine wasn't going wacko or anything. Heck, he was just making adjustments to it earlier in the day! "Oh dear, not the engine, not the engine," Lawrence chanted as he walked over to a trash can to dispose of his "meal." That is, until the intercom turned on, and relayed a message: "This is First Mate Malcom Bution. False Alarm everyone, I repeat, False Alarm. You may now go back to sleep or your book or whatever you are doing." "Thanks for letting us know!" he yelled sarcastically at the intercom in the mess hall. 'Back to the engine room, I guess,' Lawrence thought. Once Lawrence pulled his scarf to cover the lower portion of his face, he made a sharp right turn, and began his journey back to the room.
  2. Halloween is the best. 'Nuff said, really. Candy. owo
  3. Yes, definitely. BDSM fanatic...seriously? I hope that they don't replace the part when SPOILER: Hanji is on top of the wall, and learns about the Titans in the wall and almost drops the Wall dude off of Wall Sina. with Levi. Agreed. It seems pretty one sided to me, although the part when SPOILER: Eren gives the red scarf to Mikasa. That was kinda cute, although I find it annoying that ErenxMikasa shippers are all like OMG! Eren gives a RED scarf to Mikasa? Symbolism! Red scarf equals red thread!!!!! at times. Yes, please. Spoiler for those who aren't up to date with the manga/watch the anime: I wonder what would Levi's reaction be to Erwin and his one armness?
  4. I...I don't know what to think now. Damn you, hormones.
  5. Lawrence covered his face with the blue tartan scarf in order to stifle the laughter that bubbled up his throat. A man, who he suspected to be the weapons specialist, had turned to face him, and ended up cracking a joke. It wasn't a particularly funny joke, but it was amusing to imagine the mess hall cramped with people, especially if the living space was rather small. "Aha, no," he replied, uncovering the scarf from his face. "You're Ronon, correct? What do you think of the food?"
  6. I'm doing Grade 7 for Certificate of Merit on the piano.
  7. I'd like to be either a trainer or a gym leader.
  8. By the time Lawrence reached the mess hall, he was relieved that there was still food left for him. He noticed that the Captain was engaging into a conversation with her First Mate, and casually waved to her. 'Ugh, beans over rice,' Lawrence thought as he scooped a small portion for himself. 'Just what I needed. Isn't there any fruit on board? We'd all get sick if the food isn't nutritious.' He then made his way to the table, and sat down in silence. The captain was gone now; she went jogging off to who knows where. Mr. First Mate was still there, so Lawrence decided to sit across from him. Then, it wouldn't be too awkward in the mess hall. 'Aren't there other people?' he wondered, scratching his neck. 'It's so...empty in here.'
  9. Agreed. I'm glad that they SPOILER: added the part about Titans in Wall Sina. I almost thought that it wasn't going to be incorporated into the final episode. And to think that I started watching this after accidentally clicking on a clip of SPOILER: Levi being "mean" to Eren. O_o
  10. Dora...was my cousin's childhood. It's not *that* bad, I suppose. The "Ni Hao, Kai Lan!" show seems awful similar to Dora, though.
  11. Lawrence's ears pricked from the prospect of food. What was today's meal? Was it beans and rice? Or was it rice and beans? "I hope we've got pasta on the ship," he muttered to the engine. "I don't think I can stand eating the same meal everyday. That'll suck." Lawrence gazed at the engine, which he'd fondly named "Penne," after the type of pasta he had in a restaurant in Beaumonde. Boy, what he'd give to have a dish of pasta with marinara sauce. All of a sudden, Opportunity gave a sudden jerk, sending Lawrence onto the ground. He brushed imaginary dust off of his mechanics' uniform, and stood up. "For the love of machines, couldn't Captain find a proper pilot? I mean seriously, it's not going to kill her or anything." As he gave a nod to "Penne," Lawrence exited the engine room once he determined the ship to be stable. 'Food...'
  12. Yeah, I agree. At first, I thought she was turning into some monstrous creature or something, but nope. She was going for the bread. And the potato part towards the start. It sort of reminded me of this one asdf episode about potatoes.
  13. ^ Aha, I like Sasha. For some strange reason, she always makes me think of Korra from The Legend of Korra.
  14. Well, they're completely different re: genre, and the writing style, but I like the Hunger Games much better. I hate the "voice" of Max. It's so...artificial and just eew.
  15. I've read it. Personally, I don't see much of a OMG! So similar to the Hunger Games! vibe. There's not a whole lot of Roman and/or Greek influence, from what I've read. I'll start Insurgent eventually.
  16. senyi


    Dark brown with "double eyelids."
  17. That...just looks disgusting. Is it burnt? This all the way. It seems as if people start to stop using the "please" and "thank you" when they hit middle school (from what my mom says).
  18. IMO, I think at times, a spanking is somewhat necessary in some situations. When my siblings and I are in serious trouble (ie. lying, sending inappropriate texts, disrespect to our elders, etc.), then the spanking card is pulled. Yeah, I know, it hurts, but after having a timeout and reflecting on the situation, that's probably when I realize that I've really screwed up. Anyways, my parents are good at parenting, IMO. I'm very thankful that I wasn't raised by playing on the games that phones have today. It kind of annoys me that parents let their children play on their phones ._.'
  19. I've seen the tree float around the Internet. IIRC, the creators of TLA and TLOK drew the family tree.
  20. ^ Definitely. I liked the ending. Re: a second season, I wonder what it'll be about (giving that there is another one). I think it'll be pretty interesting if it was about fall swimming to improve their technique or something. Haha, I'm doing fall swimming atm.
  21. Someone getting friendzoned. /kidding
  22. Username: XiaoChibi Character Name: Lawrence E. Ackerman, but sometimes goes by the nickname "Ravioli." Gender: Male Age: 21 Position: Mechanic Birth Planet: Beaumonde Appearance: Lawrence. He often wears a mechanic uniform with embroidered wings that intersect on the back. Underneath, he wears a black tanktop. He wears tartan scarves, and usually changes the color daily. Regarding casual wear, Lawrence wears a plain grey shirt and black cargo pants. Personality: Lawrence is an introverted individual, but when he speaks, he's rather sharp tongued and sassy. He's not afraid to speak his mind, and has some rebellious moments. He has a strong sense of morality and believes that everyone deserves freedom. History: Lawrence prefers not to speak of his past, but it's known that he became interested in fixing things, particularly ships, at a young age when he moved to a city in Beaumonde. He was originally from the countryside, and his father was a handyman. Weapons: Pocket knife- Usually kept in his pocket. Carries at all times. Pistol- Only used during emergencies. He keeps this in his box. Scimitar Since Lawrence mostly lurks around in the engine room, he rarely uses his scimitar as a weapon, but he practices during his free time. Strengths: -Ability to fix most machines, items, etc. -Strength -Swordsmanship -Intelligence Weaknesses: -Pride -Acrophobia (being on a space ship doesn't bother him) -Pacifist -Aim with a gun -Tends to fall asleep easily Likes: Pasta (particularly ravioli), peace, fixing things, sleeping, whistling while working, and scarves. Dislikes: Bitter foods, carelessness, dust, rust, arrogance, and being corrected. Motto: "Freedom is a privilege that we must work for. And while you are at it, whistle." Theme Song: by Imagine Dragons Other: He'd do almost anything for pasta and owns a collection of tartan scarves. ~ Username: XiaoChibi Horseman: Famine Appearance: Famine. He usually has dark rims under his eyes and is rather short. Gender: Male Horse appearance: Famine's horse is a black Fresian horse that has obviously seen better days, judging by its rather haggard appearance. Personality: To be RP'd Other: Famine has a penchant for wearing cravats, especially when we're back. ~ Eden |: On the quest for paradise and is that you, Heichou?!:| |: Male :: 25 :| Roleplayed by XiaoChibi Appearance Eden has black hair that's styled as an undercut and grey eyes with dark bags underneath. He usually wears clothing that range from black, grey, and white, but is open to other colors. He dislikes neon, though. A quirk of his is to wear a monochrome checkered scarf that he received on his 12th birthday, so the scarf has the "well loved" charm to it. To his dismay (and slight embarrassment), his height is below average, and is around 5'5 1/2". In order to "fix" his height issues, Eden often wears boots, but he prefers sneakers over them. Due to Ceron's moderate weather, Eden often wears plain T-shirts, a hoodie, his scarf, and a pair of jeans throughout the day. At night, he wears an outfit that consists of a black pea jacket, his scarf, jeans, and whatever shirt he wore during the day. Eden looks somewhat like this. Personality Like some, Eden is an introvert and prefers to keep to himself, but he has no problem when it comes to speaking his mind. He's sassy, snarky, and a bit of a jerk if you catch him on a bad day (which is pretty much all the time). Since he lacks sleep, Eden is usually cranky. Despite this, Eden is a kind person, and one can often see him giving his spare change to the needy. Eden has a strong sense of what's right and wrong, but he sometimes bends his morality in order to help himself. History Eden was born in a suburban neighborhood, and lived a perfectly average life. He went to school, got good grades, had friends, and well...had a normal childhood. When he learned the origin of his name, Eden began to question the meaning of his name. "What was it?" and "can I go to the garden?" were common questions Eden had pestered his parents. By the time he was seven, Eden had decided that he wanted to find "the garden" and "see paradise." As a child, he started to play the piano during his last year of elementary school when he was ten. His skills were rather good, and Eden tended to gain attention because of his musical talent. During his years as a teenager, Eden's interests began to take an artistic turn, and Eden had discovered art and writing. By the time he was a senior, he had decided to major in art and hopefully become a well known artist in the area. Eden was accepted in a well known art school near his hometown, and Eden thrived there. By the time Eden graduated, he had realized how pointless his major was. There wasn't much "use" to it, and the only way that he'd actually became well known was if he died and left some material behind were some of the epiphanies that Eden had realized. Eventually, Eden began to grow jaded, and began to dive deeper into the paintings he drew and the music that he had been slaving over for years. He had also began to write a novel about giants terrorizing humans, and the people trying to defend themselves, but he has ran into a bad case of writer's block. While looking up landscape photos, Eden had came across a picture of Ceron. Intrigued, Eden decided to board a tour bus to the town. Other Nothing that I can think of at the moment. The Good Skills [ musical ability - cleaning - writing ] Personality [ loyalty - kindness - honesty ] Likes [ lemons - competition - perfection ] Other [ none ] The Bad Skills [ public speaking - expressing self - vision ] Personality [ snark - pride - judging ] Dislikes [ criticism - disrespect - disorganization ] Fears [ love - loss ] Other [ Eden has insomnia, which explains the bags under his eyes and his cranky disposition. ] Permissions and Limits Permissions [ I'm fine with most changes to Eden, but I'd prefer not to be notified. Surprises are pretty cool, and I'm easygoing with them. ] Limits [ I'd prefer little to no changes to Eden's overall appearance. ] Events [ I find them realllllly intriguing, and I'd like to be PM'd if there is one that someone has in mind. ] ღ profile✘✘✘ Eden ✘✘✘ beginning ❣ ✘✘✘ 『♂♂ 』✘✘✘ 『 Quiet 』✘✘✘ 『 Jaded 』✘✘✘ 『 Cranky 』❝Paradise. That's something that I've yet to feast my eyes upon in this world.❞✘✘✘A young man that has yet to see the true meaning of life. He's in his mid twenties' and is a writer with a bad case of writer's block, and is also a pianist and artist. Ever since he found out the meaning of his name at a young age, Eden has been on a quest to find paradise, a place where he can be free. Eden has decided to go to Ceron so he could sketch and paint the landscape, and maybe his muse would be revived while he's at it.⤷ XiaoChibi
  23. I really like 'Bleeding Out' and 'Ready Aim Fire.'