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  1. I think both are green. ~ I think they are, giving that I didn't misread this.
  2. ...For the longest time, I've always thought that the term 'brony' was a general thing to call everyone who was a major fangirl/boy of MLP. I guess not. I've never encountered a brony in RL, but I think it's fine for guys to like MLP as long as they (or other people) don't try to push their love of MLP in my face.
  3. INTJ ~ Based on your cognitive functions, your type is most likely: Most Likely: ISTJ or Second Possibility: INFP or Third Possibility: INTJ
  4. Thank you for saying that you won't hurt us, Eden remarked. You better not, though. He slid off of the rock, and swam closer to Natalia. "So...age?" he questioned.
  5. "...kind of," Eden replied, shaking his head. "Name?" All of a sudden, a strange sound began to bother Eden's ears. He ignored the fear that was creeping up his back. "What are you?" he whimpered, covering his face.
  6. Character tracker . . . Eden |: On the quest for paradise and is that you, Heichou?!:| |: Male :: 25 :| Roleplayed by XiaoChibi Appearance Eden has black hair that's styled as an undercut and grey eyes with dark bags underneath. He usually wears clothing that range from black, grey, and white, but is open to other colors. He dislikes neon, though. A quirk of his is to wear a monochrome checkered scarf that he received on his 12th birthday, so the scarf has the "well loved" charm to it. To his dismay (and slight embarrassment), his height is below average, and is around 5'5 1/2". In order to "fix" his height issues, Eden often wears boots, but he prefers sneakers over them. Due to Ceron's moderate weather, Eden often wears plain T-shirts, a hoodie, his scarf, and a pair of jeans throughout the day. At night, he wears an outfit that consists of a black pea jacket, his scarf, jeans, and whatever shirt he wore during the day. Eden looks somewhat like this. Personality Like some, Eden is an introvert and prefers to keep to himself, but he has no problem when it comes to speaking his mind. He's sassy, snarky, and a bit of a jerk if you catch him on a bad day (which is pretty much all the time). Since he lacks sleep, Eden is usually cranky. Despite this, Eden is a kind person, and one can often see him giving his spare change to the needy. Eden has a strong sense of what's right and wrong, but he sometimes bends his morality in order to help himself. History Eden was born in a suburban neighborhood, and lived a perfectly average life. He went to school, got good grades, had friends, and well...had a normal childhood. When he learned the origin of his name, Eden began to question the meaning of his name. "What was it?" and "can I go to the garden?" were common questions Eden had pestered his parents. By the time he was seven, Eden had decided that he wanted to find "the garden" and "see paradise." As a child, he started to play the piano during his last year of elementary school when he was ten. His skills were rather good, and Eden tended to gain attention because of his musical talent. During his years as a teenager, Eden's interests began to take an artistic turn, and Eden had discovered art and writing. By the time he was a senior, he had decided to major in art and hopefully become a well known artist in the area. Eden was accepted in a well known art school near his hometown, and Eden thrived there. By the time Eden graduated, he had realized how pointless his major was. There wasn't much "use" to it, and the only way that he'd actually became well known was if he died and left some material behind were some of the epiphanies that Eden had realized. Eventually, Eden began to grow jaded, and began to dive deeper into the paintings he drew and the music that he had been slaving over for years. He had also began to write a novel about giants terrorizing humans, and the people trying to defend themselves, but he has ran into a bad case of writer's block. While looking up landscape photos, Eden had came across a picture of Ceron. Intrigued, Eden decided to board a tour bus to the town. Other Nothing that I can think of at the moment. The Good Skills [ musical ability - cleaning - writing ] Personality [ loyalty - kindness - honesty ] Likes [ lemons - competition - perfection ] Other [ none ] The Bad Skills [ public speaking - expressing self - vision ] Personality [ snark - pride - judging ] Dislikes [ criticism - disrespect - disorganization ] Fears [ love - loss ] Other [ Eden has insomnia, which explains the bags under his eyes and his cranky disposition. ] Permissions and Limits Permissions [ I'm fine with most changes to Eden, but I'd prefer not to be notified. Surprises are pretty cool, and I'm easygoing with them. ] Limits [ I'd prefer little to no changes to Eden's overall appearance. ] Events [ I find them realllllly intriguing, and I'd like to be PM'd if there is one that someone has in mind. ]
  7. Eden waved at the leg less mermaid. "Yo," he replied. "Are you...one of us?"
  8. Eden's senses tingled, and he shook his head. Strange. His senses usually reacted when one of his kind was around, but there wasn't a merperson in sight. 'The surface, what's up there?' Eden wondered. 'Is there something up there? On of my kind?' Curious, he decided to swim upwards, to the point where his torso was above the water. In the distance, he could see a strip of yellow, and tiny dots. 'Others? I'll swim closer.' ~ After a good amount of swimming, Eden was closer to the strip, and he noticed that one of the dots was a merperson. A...blonde one. The other...thing was without a tail, and was lying on the strip of sand. Then, Eden climbed up onto a nearby rock, and sat there. /"Oi!"/ Eden yelled. /"Are you one of us?"/
  9. There's only 69? I'd assume that there'd be more... Ha...69...ha.
  10. Username: XiaoChibi Name: Eden Age: 45 years (uh, mid twenties?) Gender: Male Species: Merman Appearance: Eden has long, black hair that's styled like this, so he could trick others into thinking that he's the opposite gender as a joke. He plans to get a hair cut soon, but "soon" could be years from now. His tail looks like this. Eden has slate grey eyes, and he often has a disgruntled look. He also wears a silver pendant at all times. Regarding size, he's a bit below average, and hates it whenever merpeople refer to him as "shrimp." Personality: Eden is a sarcastic individual that has no problem when it comes to speaking his mind. When angered, he gets rather snarky. He's also a bit of a trickster. Other: He's a bit of a buttmunch. Re: romance, he's bisexual and is open for romance (I think, I've never done the romance thing before. owo)
  11. No, I haven't read it, but a quick Google search tells me that it's interesting. If I have time, I think I'd like to read it.
  12. Famine frowned as he stared at his hands. This body...it wasn't something that he was used to. The height, the face, the gray-blue eyes, and the undercut seemed foreign to him. Yes, he had adapted to the body switches in the past, but this one just didn't feel right. "I shouldn't be thinking of such things, no?" Famine muttered to his horse, who looked just as dilapidated as he did. Sometimes, he felt a bit of sympathy for the stallion, but looks were deceiving, and the Fresian was just as deceiving. "Ever since the humans created such disgusting types of food, it's a challenge to cause a catastrophe among them. It's made my job...boring. However, I can do small damages to them, right?" Famine's horse nickered in reply, and nudged him a bit. "I guess I can start with that grocery store... Come, my steed. We have work to do." +++++++++ "Am...am I alive?" Violet whispered. "But, the fall! How is it possible that I've survived? Was it my will? Why? Why am I given another chance?" (On the assumption that Violet doesn't remember that she wanted to come back to Earth.)
  13. Rant box. Ugh, decisions. I mean, I kind of want to go to x school, but it's too far away. And then there's the school in the city that we live in. I heard that the kids there hate Asians. I hope that isn't true. I mean seriously, I really don't want anyone spouting all of these racist slurs about x and x. Bleh...I guess going to that school would be a bit better, considering that IT isn't going there. All of my problems would be all like poof! baibai!!!! Then I'd throw a freaking sleepover. I'm sorry that I hate you, but you've technically brought this upon yourself. Okay, concerned parent, I want to learn another language other than a certain language that whatever billion or whatever people speak in China. I get it. I suck at Mandarin, but can't I try new things? I mean, I really want to learn and translate the newspapers that we get that's in German. Also, can you PLEASE stop trying to dictate what I read? Personally, I don't really feel like reading all of this nonfiction crap that you're trying to force upon me. I LIKE reading fiction based stories. I LIKE reading. I DON'T want to read crap about blah and blah. It's kind of boring. Also, I don't think you should tell me what I should and shouldn't read, especially if YOU don't even read much yourself. It's not fair. Also, why the hell didn't you "speak to me in Canto" if you wanted us kids to learn a freaking language? That would've saved you a crapload of money, just saying. When I'm older, speaking Canto or Mandarin to my kids (if I ever have any, lol) would be my MAIN priority, damn it. I...I hope I can see you at the orientation in a couple weeks. What would you do? Would you greet me?
  14. I've been listening to this song quite often recently, so I'd might as well post the lyrics here. Shinhwa's "This Love" English Translation: The red light – in this stopped time, only your scent remains Like a dream I’m not waking from, I’m falling more and more into you The green light – I have gone crazy, should I rush to you? My heart sounds like it’ll burst, it races only for you Like satellites and shooting stars, like a star that has seen the sun I revolve around you, though you’re hot, I approach you Finally, I hold you (holding your heart) and dazzle as I burn up We live for this love (nanana nana nanana) We live for this love (nanana nana nanana) We live for this love The firelight – the moment I’m trapped in your burning eyes One kiss from you will wake me up, I feel like I can have the whole world Like satellites and shooting stars, like a bee that has seen a flower petal I revolve around you, I approach you without hesitation Finally, I hold you (holding your heart) and fly up high We live for this love (nanana nana nanana) We live for this love (nanana nana nanana) We live for this love I can’t get enough, I can’t get off of your love I can’t live without your love, I am addicted In a blink of an eye, I’m by your side When we kiss, I feel so high (We live for this love) I’m a shooting star inside a solar system called you I am pulled to you, you’re a black hole that I can’t deny It’s automatic, systematic, in this universe I am pulled to you, you’re a black hole that I can’t deny Everytime I Count 1 2 3 The world around us stops Follow the pounding beat We live for this love (Everytime I Count 1 2 3) We live for this love (We dream of love endlessly) We live for this love In my dreams, when I’m awake, always be by my side Don’t be afraid, hold my hand, I’ll protect you Romanized: The red light meomchwobeorin sigan sok neomanui hyanggi Kkaeji anheul kkumgyeolcheoreom jeomjeom deo ppajyeodeureo The green light michyeobeorin nan neoege jiljuhalkka Teojil deutan simjangsorin neoegeman ttwigo isseo Like satellites and shootings stars taeyangeul bon byeolcheoreom Ni juwireul dolgo dora tteugeowodo dagaga Neol machimnae angoseo (holding your heart) nunbusige taolla We live for this love (nanana nana nanana) We live for this love (nanana nana nanana) We live for this love The firelight bultabeorin nunbiche gachin sungan Nal kkaewo jul han beonui kiseu, on sesangeul da gajil geot gata Like satellites and shootings stars kkochipeul bon beolcheoreom Ni juwireul dolgo dora geochimeobsi dagaga Neol machimnae angoseo (holding your heart) jeo nopi nara olla We live for this love (nanana nana nanana) We live for this love (nanana nana nanana) We live for this love Rap) I cant get enough, i cant get off of your love Nan neoui sarang eobsineun mot sara jungdokdoeneun geol Nun kkamppak hal sai im by your side, ip matchwobomyeon i feel so high (we live for this love) Rap) Neoraneun solar system ane naneun shooting star Kkeullyeoga, geobuhal su eomneun black hole, Its automatic systematic in this universe Nege ikkeullyeoga geobu hal su eomneun black hole Everytime i count 1 2 3 Uril dulleossan segyega meomchuji Dugeundaen biteue matchugo We live for this love (everytime i count 1 2 3) We live for this love (urin kkeuteobsi sarangeul kkumkkuji) We live for this love Kkumsogedo kkaeeonado eonjena gyeote isseo Duryeowo ma nae son jaba naega neol jikyeojulge
  15. Ooh, I'd like to join ...Mermaid I shall be?
  16. Thanks, really gives me less stuff on my plate.
  17. I would like to be a famous pianist or doctor. The only problem with that is that I catch stage fright easily.
  18. ((Um, I can RP as Famine. I'll try to get an app down by today.)) Edit: Username: XiaoChibi Horseman: Famine Appearance: Famine. He usually has dark rims under his eyes and is rather short. Gender: Male Horse appearance: Famine's horse is a black Fresian horse that has obviously seen better days, judging by its rather haggard appearance. Personality: To be RP'd Other: Famine has a penchant for wearing cravats, especially when we're back. He often has a rapier or a set of scales with him at all times. ((Can Violet be revived, please?))
  19. Yeah, it seemed like it was the "OK, I think we're going to die, so I'll let you know that you meant a lot to me" kind of speech. Unless she said "I love you, Eren," I think that'll be a different story. And I think the "fujoshi" would be angry...
  20. Argh, now whenever I see the picture, I always imagine Levi being all like "Look at what I caught, Erwin!" ~ I'm regretting the fact that I read chapter 50 of the manga. Spoiler: I just can't believe that the freaking Smiling Titan freaking ate Hannes! Although Eren's newfound ability to control Titans seems pretty cool, though. And is it just me, or was Mikasa acting kind of OOC?
  21. This. It's not going to harm your child if you have them learn another language. I personally find that being bilingual is better in the long run, and I wish that I learned English later in life and learned Cantonese (or Mandarin) first. Personally, I find that it has more pros than cons.