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  1. “Trent Kim.”


    He took a deep breath and exhaled. It was Trent’s turn to perform the test.


    Trent moved forward and walked in front of the table. A shot glass filled with water sat on the table, waiting for Trent to do something. He made brief eye contact with Dr. Robinson, when did they manage to clean up the glass after the accident with the other student?


    They should’ve used paper cups instead, Trent thought, staring at the glass.


    It was at that moment in which Trent realized that he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do with the water.


    What if I fail the test?


    Trent lifted his hand and beckoned the water to move up.


    I can pretend that I’m a mage using elemental magic.


    They felt the water swirl once around inside the glass before levitating up out of the glass. The water levitated for several seconds before splashing back down.


    Trent sighed in relief and looked back at Robinson.


    Did I do okay?

  2. Trent wasn’t sure why he thought that following the directions on a rather suspicious note was a good idea. He supposed that it was his curiosity outweighed his doubts. Having the opportunity to attend the academy was a once in a lifetime experience, so why not take the time to uncover the secrets of the school?


    After all, the person that took the time to cut letters out from a magazine was likely a dedicated person to the cause.


    And the secret group? Trent would be lying if he said that he wasn’t interested. The boy with blue hair’s speech was rather compelling. The club seemed simple enough, and Trent was sure that he could balance his schoolwork with whatever activities the blue boy had in mind.


    “I’m interested in joining,” Trent said, raising his hand. “But have you found any secrets about the school yourself?”

  3. Hey, Xiao, I don't mean to be blunt, but if your character is a first year student, they wouldn't have attended the morning classes. That's when the beginner's orientation occurred with Dr. Robinson in the courtyard. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I figured I'd try and clarify before things got confusing.

    oop, just edited the intro to reflect that trent is a first year - sorry for the confusion!


    btw please call me sen, not xiao.

  4. When the bell rang for lunch, Trent was more than ready to eat. After sitting through the student orientation, food had been on Trent's mind while one of the teachers lectured on the purpose of the Branch students were instructed to wear on their clothing. Lunch had always been one of his favorite classes - brunch and going home were tied at second. There were several students that were ahead of Trent received a cardboard tray divided into portions of spaghetti, slices of fruit, and a piece of garlic bread.


    It looks pretty good.


    After getting his lunch, Trent grabbed a packet of plastic utensils and a cup of water. He placed the items on his tray and started searching around the dining hall for a place to sit. To his dismay, Trent realized that the dining hall was mostly filled. Trent wasn’t sure where the other first years sat and throughout the rows of students, Trent failed to see a recognizable face. He sighed. The boy was used to eating at school with his fellow gaming enthusiasts. He was starting to miss his friends.


    I wonder how Claire’s doing?


    The last time he saw Claire was when he boarded the ship to the Academy. Trent recalled waving to his family and promising them that he’d keep in contact with them while he was at school.


    “I’ll eat lunch in the courtyard where the fountain is then,” Trent muttered to himself.


    It didn’t take long for Trent to reach the courtyard. To his surprise, the water fountain was broken. Chunks of stone littered the ground and the previously grand fountain was reduced to a sputtering mess.


    “What happened here?”


    When Trent arrived to the campus earlier in the day, the fountain was in better condition – did someone misuse their magic? Trent frowned and set his tray on one of the drier areas away from the fountain. He took his phone out of his pocket and snapped a photo of the fountain. After selecting Claire’s contact info, Trent sent her a text.


    On 4/12/16, at 12:xx PM, Weijie wrote:

    > [ image ]

    > day one at school...look at what someone did to the fountain !!

  5. [ adele voice ] hello...it's me

    aaa dang this is rlly late and i apologize for that, but hello ; o ;


    Username: XiaoChibi

    Name: Trent Kim ( 金偉傑 / jīn wěijié )

    Age: 16

    Gender: Agender - he/him, they/them

    Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic bisexual

    Appearance: Trent has a triangular face shape and messy black hair with his fringe parted away from his face. He is 5’6” and has dark brown eyes with occasional bags under his eyes when he decides to stay up late playing video games. Due to years of indulgence in the latter and farsightedness, Trent wears silver circular rimmed glasses. Trent tends to walk quietly in small steps and has an unintentional habit of frightening people when approaching from behind. He has a toned body from swimming and running throughout the years and has a long torso. Trent favors wearing dress shirts under sweaters. His Branch is pinned on his shirt collar in the form of a collar chain. On his left hand, Trent wears a silver bracelet. Trent is ambidextrous, but he tends to favor his right hand more. His uniform is also neat and clean.

    Personality: Like his grandmother, Trent is an introverted individual and his actions weigh more than his words. As a result, Trent unintentionally leaves the impression that he’s snobbish when he simply has nothing to say. He tends to laugh easily and dislikes the way he smiles. As a result, Trent prefers not smiling with full teeth and half-smiles instead. Like his element, Trent has no issue when it comes to adapting to situations and can hide his personality in order to appease others. Trent enjoys spending his free time with his phone (he downloaded an emulator in order to store his favorite games in) or texting his little sister.


    When in the presence of his loved ones, Trent softens up and dotes on them. He has an interest in flowers and tries to decorate places with flower chains and the like.


    After his grandmother’s death, Trent began to develop the fear of disappointing his family, and his parents in particular. As a result, Trent decided that he’d be better off improving himself for the sake of receiving his parent’s praise. He has a tendency to doubt his decisions and worries if his parents would approve.


    Despite his insecurities, Trent has a competitive spirit after years of participation in sports. He enjoys writing lists and often saves phrases or quotes on his phone. Trent is also a good listener and doesn’t mind hearing about his peer’s problems and tries to solve their issues. He doesn’t mind critique and when the opportunity arises, Trent asks for ways that he could better himself. When working in groups, Trent is often uptight because of the fear of letting his group down.


    With his acceptance into Heaven’s Gate, Trent would like to fight for the sake of his siblings.

    History: Born to a doctor and a nurse, Trent had a normal childhood. Since his parents worked night shifts at the hospital, he was raised by his grandparents. As a child, he spent his time playing with his dog, Logan, and his older brother, Henry. When Trent was six, his sister, Claire, was born. During his years at school, Trent excelled in science and wanted to become a doctor like his mother. In middle school, Trent received his first video game controller. As an eleven year old, Trent was fascinated with the graphics and the game plot, which jumpstarted his growing interest in video games. Trent was often seen reading books or fiddling with his phone during his teenage years. With parents in the medical field, Trent has an extensive knowledge of epidemiology and anatomy, along with how to care for people.


    In 5th grade, Trent began to run for the track and cross country team at his elementary school. He continued running throughout middle and high school in the fall. When he was six, Trent began swim lessons and continued swimming for his school’s swim team during the spring. He also began to take piano lessons at the same age and completed his testing for the highest level in his freshman year of high school (although he barely passed).


    Initially, Trent decided to participate in his extracurricular activities because his parents suggested them. The only activity Trent willingly decided to participate in was swimming because he liked the competitive spirit during swim meets. It was only after Trent realized that he had some merit in his athletic and musical abilities was when he started to channel more effort into the activities.


    Trent’s interest in video games began to take a toll on his grades and sleep during his freshman and sophomore years of high school. While his parents began to praise his older brother for being accepted into prestigious colleges, Trent began to grow jealous of his brother’s success and the amount of attention he received from their parents. Trent began to lose focus on school and resorted to video games in order to forget about his problems, resulting in his suspension from the swim and track teams. At the end of the first semester of his sophomore year, Trent had spiraled down from an honors student to barely passing his classes with straight C’s. As a result, Trent’s parents began to apply pressure on their son to succeed and raise his grades. In response, Trent argued that he was “perfectly happy” with the way he was and refused to listen, despite the additional pleas from his grandparents.


    However, tragedy struck the Kim family when their grandmother died during the summer due to heat stroke. Throughout Trent's life, he was close with his maternal grandmother. Since the day she died, Trent began to wear a silver bracelet in honor of her memory. After her death, Trent began to reform his past behaviors due to the guilt he felt.


    Trent is fond of his younger sister, Claire, and is rather overprotective when it comes to her. He has a love-hate relationship towards his older brother Henry due to his parents favoring their eldest son over him. When it comes to his parents, Trent harbors a slight resentment towards them due to their large absence in his life because of their careers. At times, Trent sometimes felt that his grandparents were his ‘true’ parents.


    He decided to take the exam in order to prove his self worth to his parents. Trent had the desire to do something that his brother wouldn’t think of doing. If he passed, Trent hoped that he would gain his parents’ respect.

    Element: Water

    Branch Color: Blue bird (#4973AB)

    Weapon: Camellia –– A silver lance with gold accents. Near the base of the handle, there are twin bells attached to red string. The blade of the lance is ornate and is suitable for long distance attacks with a spiked pommel.

    Armor: Ambrosia –– Trent’s armor is silver with gold and blue decorations. The armor is heavy, but years of sports and weight training has aided Trent in maneuvering with his armor; however, he occasionally has difficulty evading attacks.

    Other: Trent has an interest in a certain farm simulation RPG on his phone’s emulator and has a habit of cracking his knuckles. He is half Korean and Chinese, but Trent identifies more with his Chinese side. Since he was raised by his maternal grandparents, Trent is fluent in Mandarin and has basic knowledge of Cantonese from several years in Saturday School. At home, his family calls him by his Chinese name and Trent doesn't mind his peers calling him Weijie.

  6. i love neko atsume so much omg (pepper and tubbs are my favorite cats). as of now, i'm working on getting all of the mementos. i recently finished buying all of the items from the shop and my cat book's completed :'Dbb

  7. If you want to make up a new sexuality for people who don't experience sexual attraction (Something that all humans experience unless you have social or physical disorder(s)), you can do that, just don't steal a biological term to justify it


    I'm a homo-romantic genderfluid gray-asexual fox-kin

    ...are you serious? How do you know that *everyone* experiences sexual attraction? Why are you bashing people with disorders and mocking identities? Where are your sources?


    Also, the word "cell" is used in biology to describe the smallest unit in an organism. Cell can also be used to described a small room or even "a basic and usually small unit of an organization or movement," (Merriam Webster). Bam, there's a word that's used in biology that has multiple definitions, so I don't see an issue with the word asexual also referring to a sexuality. With the help of context, I'm sure you can figure out if someone's talking about asexual reproduction or asexual as in the sexuality.


    As for your "500 different 'sexualities" comment, sexuality is more of a spectrum, not a binary.


    EDIT: FYI, I consider myself demiromantic ace :^)

  8. Question! Do you have to have a pooty in order to draw fan art of pooties? (I mean I may eventually make one but......mai gawd my creative drive sucks....)

    You don't have to have a Pooty to make Pooty art.

    nope c:

  9. Ive decided not to delete my thread! so here is Sans the skeleton! ( I know he looks awful xd.png )


    ~snipped the image~

    sans looks pretty good fangtail o/

    i like his hoodie + face


    btw glad that you decided to not close your thread c:

  10. Name: Kolya Durand

    Nickname: n/a

    Age: 16

    Sex/Gender: Genderfluid; any pronoun is good with them, but is most comfortable with they/them

    Sexuality/Romanticism: Pansexual/Homoromantic

    Personality: Kolya is cheerful and assertive. When excited, Kolya usually speaks in gibberish or yells “get dunked on!” while making hand gestures. Their dialogue is also peppered with references to memes they like. However, Kolya is more withdrawn and mumbles when seeing or meeting someone they dislike. Kolya doesn’t get stressed easily and can handle stress, but can be seen pinching their hands when pushed to their limit. When Kolya realizes that they made a mistake, they can be seen apologizing profusely and tries their best to not repeat their action. They also have a blunt way of speaking and find themselves apologizing due to stepping over the line in conversations. Kolya enjoys talking to their friends and tries their best to keep in contact with their friends. During their free time, Kolya can be seen either painting or texting their friends. Kolya also maintains an internet blog which they frequently update with reblogged memes, text posts, and images they find aesthetically pleasing. They also keep a journal that they write poetry and doodle in before they go to sleep.


    At school, Kolya remains cheerful, but they are also worried about their grades. Before tests and quizzes, Kolya can be seen frantically reading through handouts and crossing their fingers while hoping that “this test wouldn’t dunk their grade.” Kolya has low motivation when it comes to studying and frequently gets themselves distracted when studying alone. Kolya works better in groups; a group helps them stay focused and interested in a topic. With the pressure of their parents about their grades, Kolya finds it hard to stay optimistic about school, but tries to put on a happier mask in class. They try their best to participate in class and is the class clown. Kolya is friendly towards everyone and when they meet someone for the first time, they offer a handshake, claiming that it’s “something their parents taught them to do.” Kolya has few enemies at school and prefers to resolve arguments through peaceful means. They’re more of a pacifist and is reluctant to fight others through physical methods. When threatened, Kolya taunts their opponent while attempting to dodge any replies they receive. Kolya dislikes it when others make comments about their height and appearance. As a result, Kolya is often touchy about the subject and glares at the person while ranting about how they'd grow more next year.



    - fruit (especially strawberries)

    - sweets

    - spicy food

    - painting (watercolor is their favorite medium)

    - their internet blog

    - reading

    - cats

    - aesthetic

    - writing

    - memes


    - bitter food

    - dairy products

    - neon colors

    - their height

    - loud noises

    - getting haircuts

    - studying

    - learning languages (they’re terrible at French)

    History: Kolya was born in a city near the coast. They are half French and Russian; their father is French and their mother is Russian. Growing up, Kolya’s father took care of them while their mother worked at a law firm. As a freelance artist, Kolya’s father also taught them how to draw and often showed Kolya their projects. Kolya has adopted parts of their art style and enjoys painting flowers and landscapes. Through art, Kolya built a strong bond with their father. Due to their mother’s long work hours, Kolya didn’t see their mother often and whenever she was home, their mother was either sleeping or spending minimal time with her child.


    Towards the end of middle school and the beginning of highschool, Kolya realized that they didn’t identify with just the gender they were assigned at birth. Instead, they felt like they varied genders and expressed their feelings about their gender identity through their art and writing. When they realized the fluidity of their gender was known to others as gender fluidity, Kolya began to keep a journal filled with poems and writing about everyday occurrences. During winter break in their freshmen year, Kolya decided to come out and tell their parents about their gender identity. Kolya was rather surprised that their father had objected while their mother was more accepting. As a result, Kolya had to explain to their father what being genderfluid meant with the help of their mother. Their father is currently still trying to grasp the concept of a different genders and a gender spectrum instead of a binary. Kolya now feels secure about their gender and would rather express than hide themselves. As of now, Kolya is at boarding school trying to keep their grades at a B average.

    Emotion: Compassion

    What happens when they transform?: When Kolya transforms, they don’t change much, although they do feel more compassionate and willing to protect others. Kolya’s emotions do take over their personality, but they remain cheerful and optimistic. They dislike how when transformed, they tend to speak to others in a patronizing tone with the word “honey” being used often. Despite their dislike of some aspects when transformed, Kolya enjoys the power and calmness they feel when in their magical outfit.

    Magic Power: Illusion Creation

    What happens with their magic when they transform?: Kolya casts illusions and uses daggers to defend themselves. As of now, they can cast basic illusions such as disappearing and appearing objects. However, Kolya can’t control who they cast the illusion on due to their initial lack of control. As Kolya learns how to harness their power, they’ll be able to cast lifelike illusions and be able to inflict illusionary pain on others. Initially, Kolya’s illusions can be phased through, but as they learn more, Kolya’s illusions seem to be corporeal. They can use their illusions to change their physical appearance, but this is limited at first. When Kolya fully masters their power, they can change the environment of an area.

    Regular Appearance: Standing at 5’2”, Kolya is rather small for their age and has a slender build. Kolya’s face is round in shape with a button shaped nose and high cheekbones. Due to their size and appearance, Kolya is often mistaken to be younger than their actual age. Their eyes are light purple and their hair is dyed pastel pink. Kolya’s hair is cut in a chin length bob with bangs that cover their eyebrows. They have a pale complexion and can usually be seen wearing skinny jeans and a sweater or hoodie. Occasionally, Kolya wears flannels over their hoodie. They switch between a pair of white classic tennis shoes and black combat boots. Kolya weighs around 108 pounds, but they don’t really keep a close eye on their weight. Before they dyed their hair, Kolya’s hair was blond and they are currently considering if they should dye their hair a lavender and light pink ombre.

    Magical Form: Kolya’s magical outfit consists of a lavender shirt with white short puffy sleeves and a peter pan collar. The shirt also has a keyhole that reveals the top half of their pectorals. Their shorts are also puffy and reach down to midthigh. Kolya’s shorts have pastel blue and white stripes. Their magical outfit also has white cat tights that go slightly above their knees. In their magical form, Kolya wears laced lavender boots. Attached to their shorts are gold colored suspenders. They wear white gloves that go up to their wrists. On Kolya’s head are two mauve colored hair ornaments on each side.

    (edit: oops forgot to hit return ;u;aa)

  11. You must be magic. MAGIC I tell you \0/

    He looks awesome, thanks ^0^ My sister is gonna squeal when she sees him digimon frontier was her childhood


    Oh, there's a new one? Oh...hope they make it good.

    ahh thanks esko ;u;aa glad you like him c:


    i recently finished watching the pacifist undertale route + almost done with seeing the genocide playthrough. below's a picture of mettaton c: i was going to draw someone else to his right, but i wasn't too sure who to do ;u;aaa it was a three way tie between ghost!mettaton, napstablook, and frisk ;u;aaa

    user posted image

    accidentally messed up the area where his neck and hair is, so it kind of looks like a blob over there, but no regrets :'Db


    (still working on thread requests, just finished the rough sketches ;; )

  12. ((hey there o/ i'm sen. i was thinking about introducing napstafell later to the undertale group right around the area where the ruins end + i was wondering if everyone would be okay with that OO: ))


    Napstablook sighed and adjusted their headphones. The sweet, beautiful sound of their previous mixtape made them feel at ease with the world. Music energized them, and that's what they needed at the moment.


    For Napstablook, this very moment was the moment of truth.

    They stood in front of the elevator, hesitated, and then pressed the button. Tape in hand, Napstablook stepped into the elevator when the doors opened.

    i wonder what would he think about the music i brought...my mixtape would go well with one of the songs he wants to sing...


    They smiled. Mixing music for themselves was fun, but creating something for Mettaton enhanced the experience. Ever since they were small ghost, Napstablook had a passion for music and remixing their favorite songs.


    with my music...

    i can help mettaton gain more views in the underground...


    The elevator reached Mettaton's studio floor with a chime. After a moment, the doors opened.


    Mettaton stood in the doorway and greeted Napstablook. They waved and motioned to their tape.


    "hey mettaton," Napstablook grinned. "you should check out my mixtape...i think you'll like it."

    They offered the tape to Mettaton. "where's your computer? i can show you where i uploaded it...on a forum that i joined..."

  13. [ Kuki Urie : Castle Meadow ]


    The skeleton’s name was Sans. Judging from spiel, Sans’s priority was for everyone to stop fighting.

    But why?

    Kuki clenched harder on Tsunagi’s hilt.

    Is this a trap?

    The fish (woman?) withdrew her spear after she heard Sans. He kept his stance, glancing at both the skeleton and fish.

    All of a sudden, two blond figures were standing in front of Kuki. Both had blue spheres spiraling in a circular motion in their hand.

    (Are we in one of Saiko’s games?)


    Analyze the situation…

    We’re outnumbered, but I could probably take on the man and the sentient fish. Saiko could fight the skeleton. Our trump card would be our kagune. On my signal, Saiko would unleash her kagune...could she even take them all out in one shot? It also—


    A tap on his shoulder interrupted his thoughts.

    Kuki turned around and made eye contact with Saiko.

    "I don't think they're dangerous, Urie."

    I disagree.


    "Wait!" a (familiar) voice called. Investigator Ihei came stumbling forth and introduced herself to the others.

    After hearing Ihei's orders, the blond man released the clones. The man asked about something called an ocular jutsu.


    "You don't need to know," Kuki replied. "It's nothing special, really. (I don't even know what you're talking about.)"


    He lowered Tsunagi and relaxed.

    “First Class Ihei, what are your orders?”

  14. [ Kuki Urie : Castle Meadow ]


    "Don't eat me!"

    "S-stand back!"

    A voice.


    Kuki turned and noticed a group of people nearby...and a skeleton?

    The skeleton appeared to be talking to a panicked Yonebayashi.

    That can’t be a ghoul, right?

    He rolled his eyes.

    I’ll (try to) help her.

    Kuki moved towards the group.

    “Yonebayashi, stay back. (I’ll do the work.)”

    If you trained more, maybe you wouldn't be scared.

    He lowered his voice.

    “Don’t use your kagune yet, we don’t know who these people are...unless you already made yourself acquainted with them. (I'm sure you did though.)”

    Kuki glared at the skeleton. “Who are you? (I wouldn’t mind cutting you down. Consider it as target practice.)”

    I want a promotion after this.


    edit: (italic) isn't spoken by kuki; those are his thoughts along with italic.

    some examples (in canon): x y z


  15. [ Kuki Urie : Castle Meadow ]


    I want...to win…

    against that ghoul...

    (My prize.)

    He woke up in the meadow.



    Where am I?

    Kuki recalled Noro, the ghoul from Aogiri.

    The sudden attack when they all thought that Noro was taken down.

    Rank 1 Michibata, the investigator that dealt the “final” blow.


    But what about everyone else?




    ...and Sasaki?

    As far as he knew, Sasaki was on the rooftop.

    Am I dead?



    I refuse.

    Kuki clenched his fist. His body (thankfully) felt solid.

    Ah, and his briefcase was nearby.

    Was he alive?

    What happened to the mission????

    This can’t be the afterlife.

    Breathe in.

    Breathe out.

    He could breathe.

    Everyone must be here then.

    I don’t know why we’re here...the Lunatic Eclipse doesn’t have a meadow.

    “Kuramoto? Squad Leader? Mutsuki? Saiko?” he yelled.

    Kuki paused for an answer.

    “(It’s useless.) Are they even here?”

    He swore.

    Was Noro here too?


    Kuki bit his lip and brought out Tsunagi.

    If Noro was really here, then Kuki would use his kagune against the ghoul.

    I’ll fight you myself.

  16. Kuki Urie [ 瓜江 久生 ]



    He's a Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator and is the former Squad Leader of the Quinx Squad. Kuki is ambitious and wishes to join the S3 Squad that his late father was part of. Kuki is a talented painter and is often seen either listening to music or training in his spare time.


    Tsunagi: A Bikaku type mass produced quinque that looks like a sword without a guard.

    Frame 4 Koukaku Kagune: Kuki's kagune covers his upper shoulder and arm. The blade can easily slice through enemies.

  17. Everyone is so good, and I'm struggling to draw Frisk ;-;


    your stock art is so good, your proportions are solid


    anyway, isn't your "Lexida" just Selena? Pretty sure Lexida is the sphere she uses.



    ahhh frisk is really cute :'DDb but don't worry!! i'm sure you can draw them (*^▽^)b


    yeah, i'm aware of that. changed the description in the op for clarification.


    aw man but selena is one of my favorite units. she carried me through so much content <33

    and omg sae's really precious too |D


    fish i drew for sammy's rp!

    user posted image


    (aha kinda blurry) headshot of my magical boy kolya:

    user posted image



    edit: wow my coding skills are top notch /s