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  1. We've got less than a month before Christmas breeding begins - I think it's high time for one more Holidaykin mass-breed. I think it'd be nice to celebrate American Thanksgiving, too, with some Autumns, Harvests, Monarchs - late fall transitioning to winter. Maybe get some Avatars of Change in the mix. Who else thinks that sounds exciting?
  2. That was me! I got it as part of a very generous trade offer, so I wanted to pass it along
  3. I was a little bit sad about missing a couple of those "regular" eggs - srsly, we had a lot of nice ones, thank you donators - but then I got these two beauties, and you know what's about to happen? Thissss! Look for it in future raffles.... Thank you Clya for being a super raffler as always, and for the Tinsel, and thank you Other Kind Donator for the other Tinsel. And congrats everyone else who won!
  4. Oh, there are some really gorgeous eggs this time! I'm excited.
  5. I need: to find someone whose name I thought I knew? I'm losing my mind trying to find AngelsPunishment to PM them, and feeling as though I'm in an alternate dimension, because I can't find any posts by them or their profile by search. It's been a long day and if I'm missing something really stupid, please don't judge me.
  6. An Echo, A Stain by Bjork
  7. You know, if I don't catch myself I assume everyone on DC is a girl
  8. The purple basket's been inside the whole time?! That's embarrassing. There's no excuse.
  9. Guessed (going with the last three letters )
  10. Okay! 1. I've been married for 18 years. 2. From this you can extrapolate that I'm probably older than most people here. This is the case at work, too. However, I'm almost always the youngest one in any friend or social group. 3. I've dealt with depression and other mental disorders since high school, but I'm managing them now better than I ever have. 4. Maybe these aren't interesting facts, but I guess I wanted to give some context? No, not really; I'm just accustomed to giving the same introductory facts every time I talk about myself in a group. 5. I'm always super eager to participate in "ice-breaker" activities, from, "Tell us your middle name and your favorite movie," to the kind of trust exercises you expect at wellness retreats. 6. My middle name is Marie and my favorite movie is Apocalypse Now, but I can't watch it more than a couple times a year. I get really intense about it and I have to watch it all without pause if I start it. 7. I have two cats, each of Japanese Bobtail heritage (not purebred). They're a mommy and a daughter and as they get on in age (12 and 14) I'm increasingly dismayed that no other cats I ever get will have that unique closeness and love for each other. When one dies and we get another cat, I'm going to cry for weeks because they won't treat each other like family anymore. 8. I love Star Wars (even the prequels), Hello Kitty, Transformers (IDW and G1), dinosaurs, Evangelion (NGE and rebuild), and Bjork. 9. All my Shimmers and Tinsels are named after Bjork songs. 10. I'm an excellent speller. Like, really good.
  11. I remember doing yours before, so I suppose my second favorite is "hold these roses". I assume it's a song lyric too, but I don't know the song - the image just made me smile.
  12. Gosh I love vacuuming - it's getting all the stuff up off the floor so I can vacuum that's the hard part.