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  1. Plated Colossus Colossus or Spitfire?
  2. It's a forum rp game where you list all your dragons in a line, sorted by age. You should make a new post showing all the ages every time you get a new dragon. Why are Fell Dragons so angry all the time?
  3. My dumb ol' husband took down the Christmas decorations from the porch because he said the wind "blew them down" and they got "broken". What does he know????
  4. I got my first CB Gold in November 2008, almost exactly one month after I started. I finally got my other one seven years later, also late November.
  5. There's no active raffle right now. Clya will begin accepting donations again soon (I hope!), which she'll announce in a post, and the link to donate eggs to the raffle will be in the second post from the top. Then when there are several donations, she'll announce that sign-ups are open, and you'll click the other link in that second post and fill out the form!
  6. I'm good for any time - just let me know!
  7. 18 months. 37 Olives. One million tears.
  8. Forum name: sylviamaris PM link: sylviamaris List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: -CB Winter Magi -CB Wrapping Wing -CB Aegis, permanently pacified -Thuwed Holly from assorted even-gen checker - children will be 6g (siblings). -Mistletoe with Blue Lunar Herald checker - children will be 3g (siblings) -Mistletoe with Purple checker - children will be 3g (siblings) -Mistletoe with Thalassa checker - children will be 3g (siblings) List of Christmas Dragons I need: -2g Yulebuck from Shadow Walker -2g Ribbon Dancer from Green Copper -2g Ribbon Dancer from Vine -2g Solstice from Magi OR 3g Solstice from Magi checker