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  1. 2g Red Gemshard hatchling from Green & Wrapping Wing - cheers, pitaria!
  2. 4g Silver Tinsel from Golden Wyvern stair 5g Bronze Tinsel from Winter Magi stair
  3. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: sylviamaris Giftee: mmdragon Lineage LINK: tyh8Q Breed: Blue Fire Gem Status: Accepted!
  4. Keep: Bleeding Moon Abandon: Upside-down Mint (really make someone else's day!) Kill: Candelabra Carmine Wyvern, Fever Wyvern, Bright-Breasted Wyvern?
  5. 2g Spring hatchling from the "wrong" parents - cheers, angel1143!
  6. CB Magma hatchling - cheers, jetaime! 3g Gaia from F Silver checker
  7. 2g Red Fire Gem from Desipis The code says "hug", which amuses me... Would you believe I needed this to be a Moonstone? - cheers, DevilAngelWolf27!
  8. I'm not accustomed to seeing anything I breed make any difference in the AP, but it looks like about all the Celestials there are mine. That's pretty cool (for me). And if you're wondering, they're all from pretty good mates - holidays, metals, Xenos. Nice things.
  9. 2g Avatar from Celestial - gone 2g Green Fire Gem from Celestial - cheers, Funnywolf!
  10. My vote is for a plain or blank background - I definitely appreciate a frame around the egg, and I love the little clock hands, but the... what is it? Fire? I can barely tell there's an egg inside there on my screen; it just blurs together into a purply-green blorb (or whichever other color would be current). I like transparent but I also enjoy contrasting plain colors!
  11. You know I'm doing this, just like last year, 'cause it'll be my birthday! I do wish, if someone's so inclined/skilled, there were a banner without the year. I kept hoping for one last year, so I didn't put any in my sig, but even if I have to use the old banner I'm doing it! There's just no reason not to. And I've got to say, I like to keep themed mass-breeds a little tighter, especially when there are SO many green/earth/nature themed breeds! I mean, you can breed what you want, any time you'd like, but I'd love to maybe not focus on BSAs, codes, just generic "shiny and pretty thing
  12. Kinda messy Silver - well, I guess not especially messy, but I bred to the wrong mate :/ Gone!
  13. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: sylviamaris Forum name: sylviamaris Birthday: April 22 List: 1. CB Silver 2. 2g White from female Silver Shimmer 3a. 4g Silver from female Olive checker 3b. 2g Blusang from male Grave 4a. Surprise me! 4b. Surprise me! Vines are my very favorite
  14. 3g Gaia from F Silver checker Cheers, bonvoyage!