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  1. It's finally a Vine! No, you don't understand: This pairing has given me 40+ Olives, and one Alt Vine. Now all I need is to get that gender. Come on, Influence, don't quit now! edit: It is a girl. Now I can breathe.
  2. Hellhorse lineage - Cheers, Alectrona! Hellhorse lineage
  3. Messy Heartseeker hatchling, z-code 2g Monarch from Spring, z-code
  4. 2g Arsani from enraged Aegis 3g Radiant Angel from Gold checker 2g Arsani from Winter Magi
  5. 3g Sweetling from Silver 2g Mutamore from Silver 3g Valentine '09 from Yulebuck checker 2g Arsani from Grave 2g Heartstealing from Grave - Cheers, Coyote!
  6. Bred a new Valentine with a Purple instead of Fertility-ing it. Twice.
  7. 2g Mutamore from Almerald 4g Arsani from Spotted Greenwing, with Spriter's Alt - lineage 2g Rosebud from Ice Cheers, babadook! 2g Arsani from Ice
  8. 4g Rosebud from White Stripe checker Messy Mutamore 2g Arsani from Spring 2g Heartstealing from Striped River - cheers, capeta! 2g Mutamore from Candelabra, with z-code 5g Rosebud from Black Tea checker - code says "Life" cheers, rampaging wyvern!
  9. Really stunning 4g Valentine '09 from Almandine 3g Rosebud from Yulebuck checker Cheers, anetofstars! Messy-ish Sweetling hatchling 3g Valentine '09 from White checker 3g Heartseeker from Cavern Lurker checker