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  1. So I'm looking through my dragons for Encyclopedia clicking, and I see - back in 2011, when apparently I LOST MY MIND, I froze a CB Red Dorsal. At S1. I'm not sure why. *cries*
  2. I, Sylviamaris, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  3. I want to participate! Forum name: sylviamaris Scroll name: sylviamaris Wishlist: 1. CB Golden Wyvern 2. Cheese! 3. CB Stripe 4. low, even-gen Alt Vine or CB Vine 5. CB Vine (I really want one!) 6. Whatever breed you love best! Tell me in pm why it's so special to you
  4. I just want a Holly. Just one is enough.
  5. Two minutes. This hourly drop was two minutes.
  6. Downtimmmmme D,,,,,,: Edit: Never mind! As soon as I posted this, I went back & refreshed and got my two eggs quick as a wink!
  7. Nine hours left... I'm off work for the first Valentine's Day in forever, I timed my breeding well and won't be scroll-locked BUT bred a gold, and I am looking forward to being chill and not stressing because I have plenty of time to hang out clicking! It's going to be a great night
  8. The big downside of the biomes *cries*.... I've been here twice a day working on a Project, but I never saw any new eggs on the front page (because of course they're not there anymore!). I assumed there wouldn't be anything between Halloween & Christmas, since seasonals refresh in that window too.. TJ, you never fail to surprise and delight! ~Post moved~ For me it has everything to do with not having to move the mouse. Especially on a laptop, that eats precious milliseconds! Please do not double post use the edit tool.
  9. Same here: I suddenly realized it was spring, looked for the usual rush of seasonal eggs, saw nothing - then I bred 11 of my seasonals and got nothing. Going to try a few more tomorrow maybe....? ELEVEN TIMES. Come on!
  10. Another day, no Soup ND is down too so I'm looking for a new one in a pinch...
  11. I took a couple weeks off DC after Christmas, and I come back to this? I'd heard rumblings about updating the oldest sprites, Golds in particular, but I was not prepared for this. I will say that the new Gold sprite looks as though a lot of work was lovingly applied to making it richly detailed, but it is not to my taste. Someone else (I didn't quote) earlier in the thread was talking about working and fighting for golds, and these weren't "our" golds anymore - that really hits close to how I feel about it. I was rearranging a Winter baby and I was taken by surprise! It was a sad surprise. Whoops! Let's add some positivity. I like all the other tweaks that have been implemented I think I'll always like little polishing touches rather than complete overhauls.
  12. BRB using all my purples to bless gold/silver pairings
  13. Dude, it's like an anniversary present from TJ just for me! (wedding anniv is the 11th) Thanks SO MUCH!! Hooray!
  14. Not just any alt, though - I'm in love with alt greens.
  15. I'd ordinarily freeze it as a gendered hatchling, but neither of the names I plan to give my Guardians would suit an immature dragon
  16. Indeed, I really like spending time giving views there because I enjoy tidying up! I love that feature; I loved it about DDF while I was still using that one (and when it worked!) because it makes me feel like I'm helping. Very glad it's back up.
  17. When I try to check the lineages of two dragons for breeding, it checks them successfully but also says, "PARSE ERROR: Dragon Cave reports that the code wpar is invalid," when wpar is nothing like any of the codes I've typed. This happened twice so far.
  18. I wasn't even really around for that.. I forgot all about the release that morning, then had plans, then was sleeping off plans, and only had a few minutes in between to fail at catching. I wasn't so stressed about it, so yeah, I forgot that was a cluster bomb too. There was just a certain point on Valentine's '10 when I decided the frustration was ruining my day more than missing out altogether would, so I just walked away.
  19. This kind of crazy lag doesn't happen on Christmas, as I recall, nor does it to this extent on any other holiday. Just Valentine's. During last year's CF I just gave up. I didn't even get a bred sweetling egg this year. I have low expectations.
  20. I get a database error when I try to view my tree Never mind! It works now.
  21. I appreciate the clarification of what midnight means to you! I think a little speculation is fun, but hearts have been broken in the past and it's nice to know for sure what the times are going to be.
  22. My cb '08 Halloweenie: http://dragcave.net/lineage/jIZT my cb gold & silvers: http://dragcave.net/lineage/HXvb, http://dragcave.net/lineage/wpya, http://dragcave.net/lineage/Iwym but most of all my first alt vine: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Bhfe Horribly inbred, yes, but I love vines beyond reason and I tried SO HARD to breed an alt for so long.
  23. I caught my first vampire (Halloween '08) on November 1st. I'd say there's at least an even chance that they'll be around tomorrow as well. Don't lose hope!
  24. I joined in October '08, so I got a Vampire in my first couple weeks. After that I'm not sure whether I caught a gold or silver first - or whether the Yulebuck was next. I can't check dates right now because the site is down D:
  25. Vine (Arfaari), black (Shiuliael), green (Sylviet), and pink (Mariset).