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  1. Look at the impossible bounty buckskinmist has bestowed on me! https://dragcave.net/lineage/gRmDy https://dragcave.net/lineage/z30tZ https://dragcave.net/lineage/WODjb https://dragcave.net/lineage/cAzLS https://dragcave.net/lineage/BRWoy https://dragcave.net/lineage/Atd9F https://dragcave.net/lineage/u9jcn https://dragcave.net/lineage/82yJ5 https://dragcave.net/lineage/RmX9s https://dragcave.net/lineage/zNJzy THANK YOU! eta: Two more? https://dragcave.net/lineage/QtRlG https://dragcave.net/lineage/WJGs1
  2. Forgot to freeze this guy, and now I'm stuck with a messy lineage I can never even breed a mate for. *cry*
  3. Mine won't even load past a black screen - I've refreshed, hard-refreshed, clicked to reset location, cleared cache, everything. I guess I'll give it another try in the morning :/
  4. I want to change my wishlist! Forum name: sylviamaris Wishlist: 1. Curled Alt Black hatchling, female 2. CB Red or Green Copper 3. Paper or 2g PB Alt Vine 4. Any 3g perfect checker you think is pretty 5. Breed me something from your favorite breed/type of dragon, and tell me why that one's special to you! 6. Any CB of: Bleeding Moon, BBW, Deep Sea, Fever Wyvern, Olive, Speckle-Throat, Spitfire, Tri-Horn Wyvern, or Vine
  5. I want to highlight another reason why I'm okay with the updates, using your Neopets example. I rarely think about Neopets anymore, because they broke my heart with that art update. My Baby Usul was the high point, my dream pet, the epitome of everything I'd worked for, and when they changed her I couldn't even look at her anymore. The resentment and bitterness ruined everything else about the site - I couldn't stop thinking about how they took the best thing and turned it into the worst thing. But that's not how I play DC! I know some people are very personally attached to each dragon, but that's just not as much of a factor for me, and I'd guess the players who know and love each individual are in the minority. There's less purely emotional investment for me, more merely aesthetic and intellectual satisfaction. Then again, who knows what'd happen if they changed Vines.... p.s. I think I am in love with the new Silver egg, though. That thing is a real beauty.
  6. I have twelve Alt Blacks: eleven 5+ gen from mildly-to-super messy lineages, and one PG 2g. I'm pretty sure the messy lineages are just because statistically there are more messy dragons than PB ones! (especially on my scroll ) About two weeks ago I started pushing to get another Alt before Christmas, and I bred 18 eggs before the 19th alted (plus two more before that one hatched). I'm not sure what the official odds are, but I did not realize how frustrating it would be with all my egg slots occupied, tapping my fingers waiting for nothing to happen.
  7. Huh. It could be worse. I guess I prefer less detailed sprites in general, but I'm sure I'll get used to these. I just wish the Silvers didn't look so young. They don't quite look like babies, but... adolescents, I guess? They don't look fully grown. They're scrawny and soft at the same time. Argh. Yes, I'll get used to them.
  8. I want to sign up! Forum name: sylviamaris Scroll name: sylviamaris Wishlist: I know there's a lot going on, especially in slot #4 - I'm not expecting multiples, I thought it would be nice to give lots of ideas! I'll love any gift from any "level" as much as any other 1. Curled Alt Black hatchling, F or ungendered 2. CB Red or Green Copper 3. Paper or 2g PB Alt Vine 4. 2g Ice from M Ice and F Black, 2g GW from M GW and F Sunstone, 3g Sunstone from perfect checker M GW and F Sunstone, 2g Mageia from M Spring and F Mageia, or any 3g perfect checker you think is pretty 5. Breed me something from your favorite breed/type of dragon, and tell me why that one's special to you! 6. Any CB of: Bleeding Moon, BBW, Deep Sea, Fever Wyvern, Olive, Speckle-Throat, Spitfire, Tri-Horn Wyvern, or Vine Breeding abilities: I can breed 2gs from CB M and F Gold, M and F Silver, M and F GoN, F Brown Copper, M Red Copper, F Green Copper, M and F Frill, Old Pink, and every holiday except Holly, Sweetling, and Marrow. The lowest gen Prizes I have are 4g Silver Tinsel, 4g Bronze Shimmer, and 4g Silver Shimmer. Catching abilities: I can not catch metallics. I mean, theoretically it could happen, but it does. Not. Happen. I haven't even seen an Almandine in the cave since the release. I'm great at finding GWs, pretty good at Blusangs, Trios, Xenos, and Cheese, and spotty with Dinos. I'm sure I'd have solid success with any of these if I devoted time to catching for someone, rather than just casually browsing. Trading abilities: Not reliably. edited for code fail
  9. In seven years it has never once occurred to me to look at the codes for TJ's eggs. Well, what d'you know.
  10. I picked up this one in a trade, knowing I could breed it a mate this year and have a 3g next year, and then found this. Looks like I'm doing some long term planning....
  11. I haven't decided what I'm doing with mine, but I'm liking the way Hellfire Wyverns look, especially the females. Or Mageia Xenos, for a very Halloweeny black/orange.
  12. I don't think I've ever paid specific attention to just faces! Huh. For sure my favorite's gotta be Green (I love the line of the beak/jaw).
  13. Grave/Blusang! So pretty! (Yeah, I know it's lopsided )
  14. To get my old Golds back?? Could I?? Ohhh, yes.
  15. I don't want a September release - I don't especially want a November release, or a January one. I'm not yet caught up (four adults, three frozen) on Gemshards, and that was March - or Magelights, or Hooktalons, or Spotted Drakes, or any of the Xenowyrms, OR Spirit Wards, and certainly not Lunars. And I'm working hard to breed a mate for my extremely messy Holly, and time's running out there. I'm so far behind, and goodness I'd like a couple months to breathe. New dragons are great, just not so many.
  16. It's 12:59pm server time - perfect! Nobody'll be on. Jump into the desert - 8 users. I'm sure to be able to grab something! Refreshing... refreshing... refreshing... Click! Clock turns over. Eggs go blank, refresh refresh refresh, Lunar Herald! Refresh! CRAP. Quick, refresh, there'll be another one! I'm in the zone! "Mana courses through this glassy..." Not a Lunar! Refresh! CRAAPPPP. And I won't be here next hour.
  17. My son's (Gemini) birthday is in June, so that seems like a fun idea to celebrate! Just for me, I guess, but I feel like two-headed dragons are always in some demand.
  18. Well....... one alt, and I think a few unclaimed eggs. When I checked at 3 days, there were at least 4 that had zero views. I had fun, though!
  19. Thirteen pairs, twelve 2g PB Vines. Now I just want to see how many alts I made!
  20. My Vines & I are on it! It'll also be my birthday
  21. Started playing in October 2008 - grabbed my leetle tree in August 2010. Pretty sure that's the first time I'd ever seen one appear, too.
  22. I wasn't sure what to expect with, "How you decorate your dragon’s hoard will determine what breed will appear," but I figured it would be one of the ones who kept hanging around, since I kept my ratios about the same through the whole event - Copper, Desipis, and Shadow Walker. Suddenly, on the last day, a Gold-horned Tangar! Not my favorite color combo, at least. But it's okay. I was disappointed at first, then I kind of thought of it a different way - my Gold gentleman is fierce and proud, so I can see he'd be attracted to someone sweet, pretty, and exotic! Just like us, opposites attract, and I wish the new couple all the best And I'm definitely glad I got the last day to decorate however I wanted. Most importantly, I had fun all week decorating! Not as much fun as the snow fort, but it was a good time. Overall a great event.
  23. Making a trade post, I accidentally made it a one-way teleport - and literally within the same minute of posting, someone took advantage of my mistake and grabbed it. No PM, no "Hey I think you," just someone's lucky day. I'm pretty upset about it even though it was my own fault.