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  1. Yeah.... April Fool's on me! *weeps softly*
  2. I believed TJ's line about "a dragon you can't even breed," so I froze three CB Celestials.
  3. Kylux, Kylux, Kylux. Is now my whole world.
  4. I've thought to myself before, "Man, everyone loves Bleeding Moons with Christmas dragons, but I just don't like them together." I was wrong.
  5. I bet that one's mine - I think that pair was the "let's try it and see" that was my biggest success!
  6. I, Sylviamaris, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring. RP is not a significant part of my DC experience, but that just feels wrong - to kill an egg (another thing I just don't like) deliberately just to provoke a dragon to rage and sorrow, just because I like the way it looks. No judgment on others who do this, just like I don't judge Zombie or Neglected creators, and I assume others don't judge me for freezing It's just not fun for me. And I will go ahead and add that they will be named; with Holidays I wait to name until I find just the right one, and sometimes that takes a couple months.
  7. Bred a Deep Sea from Mutamore, two Mageias from Desipis, Terrae from Arsani, Chrono from Mistletoe, Royal Blue from Heartstealer, Spotted Greenwing from Mutamore, Green Copper from Caligene, Guardian of Creation from Aegis, Royal Blue from Aegis, Olive from Caligene, Magi from '09 Valentine, Pygmy from Pumpkin, Pyralspite from Ribbon Dancer checker, Spitfire from Shadow Walker, Pink from Winter Magi, Royal Crimson from Heartseeker, Daydream from Cavern Lurker, and White from Wrapping Wing. A lot of the pairing choices were just to test combinations, and some of them were not as pretty as I wanted , but overall not bad!
  8. We're doing this again this year, right? Well, I am, anyway Anyone?
  9. "Lose My Breath" is no one else's favorite Destiny's Child song. I don't know why it gets no love.
  10. I was rearranging and tidying up my scroll last night. I don't remember ever seeing this - I mean, obviously I did, because I picked it up and raised it and everything - but I'm stunned by how beautiful the combination is, and that I could forget it.
  11. Got my two eggs, finished today's adventure I guess...... maybe there'll be more than a minute's worth of story tomorrow. The eggs look GORGEOUS, though!
  12. Oh, wow, here's one I just remembered: I didn't always realize transferring an egg erased influence, and I posted two eggs on the Departures thread and said I'd influenced them to be a mated pair. The person who claimed them said, "I hope you don't mind if I re-influence them ," and I just thought, "Oh, I guess they want them both to be female or something." I only just realized what they meant. *hides face*
  13. Wasn't paying attention to the action I clicked, and I typed a dragon's name into the Abandon text box (thank goodness for that failsafe!). Not very stupid, and pretty common, right? The name was a song lyric, and every time I click the Abandon box it brings up that lyric, and the song gets stuck in my head. For hours.
  14. Ohh, that sounds exciting too! Or pale green & gold; crocuses and daffodils.
  15. Heh.. not me! Bring on the frills and lace I mean, purple is pretty great, too. I really enjoyed last year's event! My all-time favorite holiday event was Snow Wars, so I guess I'm hoping for another decorating challenge. I really love Valentine's Day (helps that I got together with my husband on the 10th) so I'm pretty stoked either way!!
  16. It happened again just now. This is what it looks like:
  17. When I breed an egg, I get the same page as always that says, "The two dragons have successfully bred an egg," and I get the images of the two parents, but no image of the egg. I have to go back to my scroll to see which egg I got. Is it just me? It came along with the other format/layout changes, which have since gone back and forth but settled out almost the same as before, but it doesn't seem like a deliberate change (or I can't figure out why it would be). Edit: Aaand, now it's working. I guess all I had to do was post?
  18. This game is everything. I've been playing since just before Christmas! The first time it snowed, I died. I'm not so interested in "collecting" all the rare kitties as soon as I can; I'm more excited about building the perfect kitty playland in my yard, placing all my items thoughtfully to give everyone the most fun - and then if someone "famous" happens to drop by, it's a marvelous surprise! You can see this is very serious for me.
  19. Forum name: sylviamaris PM link: sylviamaris List of Valetines I Can Breed: CB '09 Valentine - Claimed CB Rosebud - Claimed CB Heartseeker - Claimed CB Arsani CB Radiant Angel CB Heartstealer List of Valentines I need: Nothing, really!
  20. The last few days have been great for Xenos! I haven't kept them all, but this one is staying with me forever. I think all the Xenos look fantastic with Silvers, but particularly Thalassa and Gaia. Thank you, dear breeder!
  21. Progress on my giftee's wishlist: 1. CB Silver Gifted, and picked up! Thank you, ~X~, for the help! 2. CB Female Pyralspite Spessartine Still looking 3. Cheese Gifted, and picked up! 4. CB Blue nebula I keep trying, but all I'm getting are reds so far.... 5. 4th gen white from Radiant Angel x White base This doesn't seem likely. Anyone? 6. 3rd gen Shallow water from magi x water checker Gifted, and picked up!
  22. I have a CB Green Copper if anyone is still looking for one - PM me! I'm about to go to work and I won't be able to check it right away, but I'll be back on this evening.
  23. Right then, ~X~ has helped me get a Silver for my recipient (thank you!) so I have some extra eggs to give away if needed - anyone need one of these for your giftee? The GWs and Ridgewing are all hatchlings, while the two Xenos are still in eggy form. One Tan Ridgewing hatchling, ungendered, still here for someone to gift
  24. I'm still trying to get a CB Silver and/or Spessartine for my giftee, but I know no one on the regular trade forums wants to swap one for just a bunch of uncommons, and I feel like the pressure is on - I was thinking, "Oh, I have until the 30th to get everything together." Then my Santa blew me away with 2800 presents, and everyone else is really on the ball here, and I don't want them to feel ignored. I'd hoped to send one big package together :/ Anyway, right now I have two GWs, an Astrapi, a Mageia, and a Tan Ridgewing (all CB) taking up space on my scroll. Is there anyone who could help me out in exchange for these?