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  1. Keep: Morphodrake, but only because I need like five of them still Abandon: Dayglory Kill: Ochredrake .....but really, I'd just abandon all of them. I'm just so apathetic about drakes. Deep Sea, Terrae, Fever Wyvern
  2. Just came back from a mini-break, and it's still down
  3. I started Beautiful Bones with my best friend a couple months ago, and I just haven't picked it back up on my own. That's the last new one I've started on.
  4. I really love this idea! It feels more creative than just word codes. Right off the top of my head, I recently acquired dragon qddqB, and all I could think was IDDQD - Doom fans know what I'm talking about! I don't even know if that's obscure or not. But this notion makes me smile! I know I've had neato codes of this sort in the past - time to go exploring on my scroll!
  5. Thank you Cokuruscana for this dear 4g Pink/Val'09 checker!
  6. Everything you've said here. Everything. Oversaturation!
  7. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! Hoping I can do this in the next three hours or so! It's for a trade, and I goofed Thanks, Dusky_Flareon!
  8. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but tbh I was happier when Prizes were more rare. For a while it was special just to get any bred one, but now that folks are trading for 2nd and 3rd gens they're not even really... rare anymore, you know? And no, I am a casual trader, but I am not hustling for a low-gen Prize. I feel the same way about Spriters' Alts. And I HATE the idea of a store. Let me have my rares, and let other people have their rares. This is not Neopets. (/cranky old lady)
  9. I had a 2g miscolored Gemshard I was trying to trade for any messy one of a different color, but no takers (no surprise). At four hours to hatching I decided I'd drop it at the Departures thread, but I was too busy watching Sailor Moon to get around to it, and it grew up. SORRY, EVERYONE.
  10. Both of these grew up on the same day (Oct 29, 2008), but the Vine hatched first, and it's my favorite either way
  11. Reminder: Don't breed your holidays this week! ....'Cause I just bred one before I thought about the date :/
  12. Maybe my CB Yulebuck? Two CB Golds, four CB Silvers, all but one Silver caught myself (not traded or gifted) (which doesn't affect rarity, I know). 4g stairs from holidays: Bronze Tinsel, Bronze Shimmer. 4g stair Silver Shimmer from Silvers, from Jewel. Two 4g stair Silver Tinsels. I'm not that into collecting rares, I guess.
  13. I have been working on this lineage - breeding all of them myself, no trades - for 16 months, and this little dear is my first 5th gen. It makes me feel so warm inside.
  14. Yeah, so I ended up releasing it. Now, of course, I could breed it a mate. I'm a genius.
  15. I think I like it with Pebble, Cassare - I really like it with Cassare - Terrae, Sunrise, and Mutamore. I actually find Mutamores go well with lots of things. I don't love female male Frills, though; my eyes don't separate the orange patterning and it doesn't look like they have heads :/ Heh. I didn't realize the males got the new sprite.
  16. Hello! I'm Sylvia, and I have a perpetual breeding inferiority complex? I was late to the beautiful lineage party, anyway, as even after we got lineage views I still didn't quite understand the concept. And my record-keeping has been spotty, so I've abandoned some (too many) embarrassing misbreeds, thinking they'd be lovely. Vines are my very very favorite - my first dragon was one, and I've got a thing for thorns and climbing hedges (hence the Thornhedge name) - but I think I'll never be any real kind of hoarder. I only have seven egg slots and far too many things to do with them! I joined just before Halloween '08, so I've been in time for CB Yulebucks, Valentines, Frills and Old Pinks (aww, wait....) and I really enjoy being able to breed things with my CBs that other people will never be able to breed themselves. I really am delighted whenever someone takes me up on the "happy to breed/gift" offer. I think all the rapacity in the trading forums makes people wary of asking, or just skeptical of the "gift," but you all know how nice it really is! I get really frustrated with trading, and a lot of the CBs I offer on the Departures thread got grabbed impulsively, knowing I didn't need them but wondering what I could get in trade - then I'm reminded of just how tedious trading is, and I pack it off to someone who'll feel delight at a surprise, not satisfaction at an acquisition. I typically breed checkers or "ordinary" lineages directly to the AP, saving the Departures thread for CBs or very special things. Once or twice I've seen one of my babies on the Abandoned Lineages thread, but I just don't breed in the volume others do so I know mine just aren't statistically likely to be noticed... that, or I have unpopular taste in combinations! I don't really love using other gifting or completion threads - too often the response has been, "Oh, no, I don't need that anymore," or no response at all. I do like holiday planning threads, though! Eh. That's all.
  17. Civil War: more intense action, more emotional attachment to the characters Deadpool: my delight was greater because I expected it to be crap and it was so good! What's more rewatchable? Deadpool, probably. I'm more glad I saw Civil War if I had to choose only one. I'M TORN
  18. Every so often I'll see a huge chunk of Deep Seas in the AP, with a few Skywings scattered around, and I'll think, "Ooh, a fellow ocean dragon lover has bred all of theirs! I wonder if I'll find anything lovely!" You know what they are. I should know what they are. But I'm always surprised and disappointed to see it's just a bunch of Bluna-fails. Oh, and I'm so used to ignoring "polished stone" in the Volcano, I just clicked past a Spessartine.
  19. What a lovely mate for this lady! Thank you, scruffy <3
  20. I'm in! I nominate pinks and purples, too - loooove is in the air!
  21. I made eleven Vines, one Spring, four Gaia Xenos, two Pebbles, one Terrae, and 41 Olives - yes, Olives are absolutely Earth-themed, and I have so so many eta: and two Stones, four Undines.... and one Thalassa from Stone and Gaia :/
  22. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. I never saw it; I never even really looked, I don't think. It looked like there was some kind of... worm inside the egg, so it was always vaguely unpleasant. Thank you! You have saved the dignity of Albino eggs forever! eta: And I can't even complain about design aesthetics or misleading white space. That's exactly what it would look like, with light shining through the translucent shell. It's pretty genius when I go back and look at it.