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  1. Nope, Leela from Doctor Who! Your Katarasplash is from ATLA, though, I suppose?
  2. Well, I'm not watching Drag Race All Stars (stupid no cable), so I'm about to put on some more Sailor Moon Crystal.
  3. Storm Rider Storm Rider or Hellfire Wyvern?
  4. My mom just brought some ham over so I think I'll have a slice of that.
  5. Me? No, I've never read Warriors (or watched it - it's a book series, y?) eta: I guess I should pick a name from Denwayasha's scroll: Raurulight, from Zelda
  6. Because it is. You have to keep hatching them until you collect enough candy to evolve one of them, then you can take it to the gym to battle. What is the most valuable egg in the game?
  7. There's delicious beef stroganoff waiting on the stove but if I get up to get some I'll have to dish up some for everyone and I'm lazy......
  8. I'm assuming CoolHwip is from Stewie/Family Guy!
  9. I'm gonna go with Mozilla Firered (Firefox)
  10. Skipping around I found the magnificent Marvellous Mad Madam Mim (from Sword in the Stone of course), and it made my heart smile.