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  1. You Forgot Your Floaties - Adventure Time!
  2. Alt Sweetling Alt Sweetling or Alt Vine?
  3. I'm picking Nobody Said It Was Easy, with its friend No One Said It Would Be So Hard <3
  4. Silky (wait, aren't they supposed to be only four letters?)
  5. True TPBM has an OTP in at least three fandoms.
  6. A library just burned! Get all junior detective girls back now! (just kidding) gcfrsw
  7. WaterScorpion: I'm just not sure I get anything there, unless it's like, "Odin is a Norse god," or, "Oberon is the fairy king." Maybe Hina Opal Rei Xi, because Sailor Mars's name is Hino Rei? Denwayasha: You're so right, it is from Fiddler! Well spotted!
  8. Deliberately handling jelly kills none. fiknubhygm
  9. Pretty true. It's a life's work. TPBM had a pumpkin spice latte today.
  10. $40;US;Dalaran;SunĂ£;Ouroboros;7;2;110;10:705,15:709,12:706,13:701,14:600,4:708;3;.s1;31;;;;.s2;32;;;;.s3;33;3111321;;;;.q3;121641s2v109b664b1072;160s11;3s15;7137s16x136721y4540;4655s14;579s5b-264b203b150;364s12b-363b364b1513;2223s1b-1842b229b1613;598s3b-1882b369e5440;1754s13b-1222b878b342b1514;12s7b-1861b198b1719;800s9;699s6;382s10e7;541s8v1b-1653b52;.r;1269:7,1337:7,1341:7,1375:7,1387:0,1376:0,1435:7,1388:7,1270:7;.inv;6948;31734;5368;8673;56353;71;8;0;0;63;0;0;0;0;4;1;0;3;0;1334;879;0;0;2576;10096;6;1;2;1;106u530b41b526;210;1;1;1;195b74b8e5424;3134;584;150;81;8;3334;1649;2;30;97;3977;48;382;704;60;159;473;348;337;361;458;284;27;29;95;159;47$ Haha wow. So I'm on my husband's computer, and he's been playing WoW, and I'm guessing this is maybe a macro of some sort? Or maybe it's something nefarious? Anyone?
  11. Silverphoenixx: That's embarrassing. I responded to CharonDusk but when I clicked enter your post was already there. So I figured I'd been ninja'd and deleted :/ Sorry. In response to Sean175, false! I have zero dogs! TPBM is overdue for a dental cleaning.
  12. Beneath a swamp, unctuous ogre grease bubbles up. hjmgn
  13. Dormamu Prime - The Dread Dormammu? (I mean, it has to be)