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  1. I've thought this could be a great project, but I've finally just gotten around to adding some of my checkers - I'll be putting in the rest in the next couple days
  2. Chthonic. That's the closest I've got.
  3. Here goes... Here is my submission! (and I'm sure it goes way over the size limit, so even if I'm disqualified I'm still happy to share it) Author: sylviamaris Fandom(s): Star Wars, Steven Universe Character 1: Luke Skywalker, kind and wise Jedi Master Character 2: Peridot, a space alien with magical gemstone powers, still learning about friendship and trust. Title: Flexibility, Love, and Trust; or, Blind Dates Are No Day At The Beach My story: Luke strolled along the boardwalk, appreciating the fragrant sea air. The beach was a lot less crowded than he'd expected for a holiday town at the height of summer, but that suited him fine. He bought some fries and walked idly on, listening to the calls of a carnival barker, the vibrant medley of beeps and bells leaking from a video arcade, the shrieks and whoops coming from thrill rides. It all washed together into a kind of music. He did notice as he passed a little green girl wearing a bow tie. He was supposed to be looking for a woman in a red bow tie, an older woman - wait, a *green* girl? She watched him watching her, assessing him coldly for a bare few seconds, then approached. "Good afternoon, human gentleman," she declared in an artificially cheery tone. Luke could see the wariness in her eyes, behind green-tinted glasses. "I wonder if you've seen a bold young human warrior, a masterful wielder of unknown powers. His name is Sky Walking, though based on what I know of Beach City names it seems like some sort of alias." She waited imperiously for a response. Luke smiled, his eyes twinkling over a tidy grey beard, recently trimmed and shaped. "I suppose you might be Peridot, then?" The girl's eyes widened. "I thought Terra's population was almost exclusively human." Skepticism fought disdain across her face. "Sky Walking? You look a lot less... muscular than I imagined." "It's Skywalker, actually, but Luke is just fine with me." He sighed. "I guess Steven wasn't very specific with either of us when he set this date up." Peridot began to relax a little. "He does get a little. Very. Enthusiastic about his friends. And making his friends make friends." She stopped. "Wait, what's a date?"
  4. Congratulations, Sabryn - and thank you, Nine, for holding the raffle!
  5. 1. sylviamaris 2. I like six, or eleven. 3. Heck no! I don't have any prizes under 4g.
  6. Two new Holidaykins I'll have to find mates for - SIGH - and both of them Magi, which I've come to find I simply do not have enough of. Checker with Solstice, and checker with '09 Valentine. Thank you so much, harlequinraven!
  7. I came out with one Copper, one Gold, one Silver, one Avatar, three Blusangs (with Graves, my obsession pairing), one Lunar Herald, two Mageias, one Astrapi - and one Lunar that was the wrong color because I didn't pay attention :/ Plenty of commons too, incl a Spotted Greenwing from Mutamore (my second favorite holiday pair, and an unexpected one at that.) I've already seen so many lovely ones that I didn't/couldn't keep - I was so conflicted over a 3g Speckle-Throat/Arsani checker, but I don't remember who bred it Thank you everyone who bred all these beauties!
  8. N 10/10 - Pretty perfect. It says what it needs to. A 7/10 - I like the fact that it's animated, but I don't like the animation. Super creepy eye. S 6/10 - The proportions are off, with a long string of text, then one banner, then below it a short row of banners. I also wish the text links weren't all scooted so close together. The different colors of text do break it up, but they look kind of jumbly.
  9. Oh, I've got news: Io questioned Ouranos intensely, not giving a damn. ......Can I say that on the forum? I thought it'd be censorkipped. dewytki