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  1. Has anyone looked at them with Vines? I like it but I don't know about the poses.
  2. Come on, everybody - the AP's got regular eggs again, and they're under three four days - let's all spend a couple minutes hatching them all and releasing them! You know most of them are not especially desirable, and the eggs are just going to dwindle away off into the wilderness, but everyone loves hatchlings. Let's go!
  3. I want to thank everyone who made my Halloweentimes really lovely, whether by breeding, gifting, trading, advising, or generally being excellent - AlmaPirata, angelicdragonpuppy, Bacillus Incognito, Briar Reed, Clya, dirtytabs, Disa, EscapistLore, evangeline5432, harlequinraven, Kith, Lesh4537 and her spouse, Mlu, Ninjakittee, Pryanka, Ruby Eyes, The Imago, thomasgold19, xenolion, and the user with the scroll name mesli. If I didn't name someone I should have, my gratitude to them is not less. It was a stressful week, but you all helped keep it going and I appreciate you!
  4. I just love the Caligenes but I never thought they looked quite right with any other dragon, in color or pose. It took me a year to realize how lovely a female Caligene is with a Brown Copper - http://dragcave.net/lineage/z7wxO
  5. Yeah I'm going to wait like another ten or fifteen minutes before I start trying. This seems like even more lag than usual for a holiday release. The description though! Sounds exciting!
  6. I'll tell you, I would be over the moon to go trick-or-treating expecting a bunch of Tootsie Rolls and instead be given plates and plates of warm buttery waffles. I feel like I know what I'm making for dinner tonight.
  7. Ooh, pretty badges! I'm not judging anyone's choices, all I'm saying is..... Why do you want my dragons to be sick and hurting? Don't you want the little babies to feel good and play, and the grownups to soar majestically, and the cuddly ones to snuggle up at night and purr and gently chirp to each other? Why won't you let them get well?
  8. sylviamaris

    Z Project

    Is it okay to offer a trade in this thread? I got a z-code Grave that someone here might want more, and I'd be happy to trade it for a different 2g Grave from F Blusang! Cheers, Ruby Eyes!
  9. I should not have arranged so many trades on so tight a schedule. This is the first year my scroll been this organized, so I thought, "Let's get all the mates straightened out and bred!" I know some people are very pro at it but it's more stress than I can handle, and is not worth the fun I'll have breeding them later. I'm not quitting or anything silly, just not making so many commitments to other players that I beat myself up over it.
  10. I'm in the same boat. It was a trade, and the person who bred it obviously can't replace it. It was so pretty, as a mate for this. I couldn't find a forum account for the person who picked it up, and I even went so far as to pm the owners of its siblings to see if they'd be willing to trade, but I'm just sick about it.
  11. I need to find whoever owns scroll nailgun529 - I accidentally abandoned a lovely egg that I'd traded for, and I'd really love to work out a way to get it back! I searched and I can't find a forum result with any version of "nail gun." Hoping....
  12. I like to hunt for CB eggs during holiday events, and sure enough, I saw a CB Gold (which is only like a quarterly occurrence for me). I'm on my husband's computer and his mouse is set too sensitive, so I clicked just to the right of it before clicking on it, and of course I didn't get it. I mean, I know the chances of actually getting it even if I see it are still miniscule, but I'm pretty sure it must be my husband's mouse's fault. *nodsnods*
  13. Me too.... It's still fun, though!
  14. Caerhann, I didn't keep this Gold Shimmer, but I just wanted to say I love zigzag lineages and it's so pretty (If I don't own an egg it's okay to link to a parent's progeny page, right?)
  15. I just want the dragons who've had their sprites completely changed - I'm looking at Golds and Old Pinks - I want the ones I caught before the change to keep their old "form." It's not even that unreasonable!
  16. Name: -7 because FOB? In 2016? Then +4 for sticking with the music you love after it's no longer trendy. Total 7/10. Avatar: 10/10 because it's very Livejournal, and those are such fond memories. Sig: 8/10 for song lyrics in general.
  17. Keep: Arsani Abandon: Heartstealing. There's something about the brightness of the colors that doesn't match well with any mate. Kill: Sweetling. I don't have a CB Sweetling, so no one gets any! Royal Blue, Golden Wyvern, or Royal Crimson?
  18. Avatar of Destruction! Avatar of Destruction or Colossus?
  19. More Doctor Who-themed Golds/lineages? I thought I was the only one! Thank you herk and 42!
  20. I like questions, gifts, and fun! 1. I like the cave games! Well, I really like the ones where we can send gifts/greetings/flowers to other users, random or personalized, and I always enjoy building/decorating games. I liked the Mana Crush game (what was its name again?) I don't really love the rp adventure stories, but I'm sure I'm in the minority there. There's something really satisfying about planning and charting Holiday lineages I need or want to build - in a notebook, in pencil, so I can really visualize what I want to do. Spreadsheets do notttttt work for me. Similarly, I love the Breeding Plans threads where I get to browse all the potential beautiful combinations I wouldn't have thought of on my own. 2. IRL? Gosh, Christmas is my everything. I decorate, I get really worked up about wrapping presents beautifully. I do not get tired of holiday music. It's a chiefly secular holiday for me but it fills me with joy and love for those all around me, and my holiday cheer is not feigned or artificial. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! I celebrate the Solstice as well, so it's also a time of solemn reflection on how interconnected all existence is, on a global and astronomical level, and a chance for meditation on endurance, sacrifice, and the faith that difficult times never last forever. And parties. 3. I've done DC Secret Santa twice now, and I plan to this winter as well. I was blown away by how generous everyone participating was, offering great finds all around so everyone could give - and get - super gifts. Having joined in late 2008, I had access to everything except a Holly. I wanted a Holly; I needed a Holly. Tried to trade for it, but they were un. attainable. No chance of grabbing one of the few I saw in the AP. In 2013 I finally grabbed one, and only one. I named it Apotheosis, as it was the very representation of everything I could hope to achieve in this game. If I never got anything else, I'd have been satisfied. They were much more present in 2014, when I suppose enough people had them and bred them to tip over the rarity into something more accessible. I caught four more that year, a second adult and three to freeze, and accordingly named them Gratification, Fortuity, Luxury, and Extravagance. 4. Glomp gifting is really nice - it's sometimes frustrating to wait for PMs to go back and forth, but nothing cheers up the day like finding something you've been searching for sitting right in your inbox - or something you didn't even know you'd needed until you saw how magnificent it was! Secret Santa, for certain, but it is not super easy, at least not for me. But rewarding. And, honestly, reading the OT-allowed threads can give you an idea of who might be having a tough day - shoot them a PM saying something nice! I use... I use a lot of dashes when I write conversationally. And parenthetical phrases.
  21. Holidays and special stuff at the top, then it's each breed in the order I first got one (much more relevant when I first joined), CBs first in order by date then all the rest.
  22. It's probably worth a couple new release eggs. If you want I'll trade you for it. RIGHT NOW. How come some dragons don't have wings but others do?