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  1. Forum name: sylviamaris

    Scroll name: sylviamaris

    PM address: sylviamaris


    Christmas Dragons I can breed : 

    My Caveborns
    I have two of each available except Wintertides, and any relevant possible mates except Prizes 


    Christmas Dragons I need: 

    Garland x2, any lineage, for freezing

    Starsinger x1, any lineage, for freezing

    Wintertide x2, any lineage, for freezing


    This post will be updated periodically! Please check back later

  2. Forum name: sylviamaris

    PM address: PM


    List of Halloweens I'm willing to breed: 

    CB Pumpkin M, F

    CB Black Marrow M, F

    CB Shadow Walker M, F

    CB Cavern Lurker Mx2, Fx2

    CB Grave M, F

    CB Desipis M, F

    CB Caligene M, F

    CB Witchlight Mx2, Fx3

    CB Omen Mx2, Fx2

    CB Arcana Mx2, Fx2


    Available for free, your choice of mate including holidays (excluding Prizes). Please PM me!

    All my CB Halloweens - the ones that aren't presently named will be very soon ❤️ 

  3. I’m really not sure where to post this, but I’m starting here, because everyone in this thread has always been super cool and kind:


    I’ve spent several months away from DC, for my own reasons, but I can’t stand missing a holiday. But I need some help! I’ve got only a couple Halloween lineages I really care about continuing but it’s.. really daunting, trying to organize everything. I wonder if anybody would be willing to help me?


     I want to continue breeding Omens and Soulstones as here , and Witchlights and Mistletoes as here . Would anyone be willing to look through my Halloweens here and tell me what I need to breed, and what I need to trade for, to continue the lineages? My Mistletoes are here , and my Soulstones are here . (I’m in the process of making sure they are indeed all sorted properly). 


    In return I’m willing to breed most any Halloween(s) I can for you - like I said, I’m most concerned with those two pairings!


    And if this isn’t a good place to put this, or if there’s another really good thread to post in, please let me know ❤️ 

  4. B: If you could have a meal with a really cool friend, what kind of meal or food stuffs would you like to have? You can add ambiance if you feel like it. I've had a goal/soft plan for a few years now - the next time (it's always next time) I visit my best friend (she lives 3 hrs away) we're going to go to the farmers' market and buy pounds and pounds of fresh vegetables, and cook an enormous vegetarian dinner. As far as ambience goes, we'll probably drink local craft beer and watch Steven Universe. 

    C  : What is your favorite Dragon Hybrid and/or Alt Color or ... if you have a few, list like... like .... maybe 3-5 max? ALT VINE ALT VINE ALT VINE forever.

    F: With Halloween Coming... I don't want you to talk about your deepest fears and terrors. Let's talk about maybe some simple scary stuff. Like something you go EEEEK but wouldn't need therapy over. Max of like.... 1-3. Let's be a little brief unless you have an interesting story you want to share, because heck, that is why that we do these! Go ahead for that! I can't handle horror movies. A scary mood, creepy music, jump scares (esp. jump scares!) will all mess me up. I can't even deal with horror movie trailers; I have to look away and kind of zone myself out until they're over. The hard exception is vampire movies! I'm not sure why. Maybe they're just never as creepy as straight up horror films. But my husband and I have a fine tradition of ordering takeout and drinking vodka (well, I drink vodka) and watching cheap vampire movies.

    G: Is there a particular thing that you are Super OG.. Like Super Old GrandPerson about... you have been doing it so long, or know a lot about it, or are really into it, before it was cool, or something you think you will be in the future, or admire Old Grandperson type people on any particular topic? AND GET OFF MY LAWN - But Stay in this Thread!! And share some Fun! 

    I have the privilege and bragging rights of having seen Return of the Jedi in theaters. I'm not quite old enough to have seen the other two, but I can pull that one out every time. And I do. And I was on good old Star Wars fan forums in good old 1996, on good old Netscape Navigator. You children will never truly understand the shipping wars. I was there the day the strength of Men failed Mara/Luke became canon.



  5. Forum name: sylviamaris

    PM address: PM


    List of Halloweens I'm willing to breed:

    Non-CB dragons listed are the lineage you'll receive - all my Halloweens can be viewed here

    Anything in purple, I'll breed for free! Just ask! Freezing is fine with me :) 

    CB F Pumpkin

    Messy Pumpkin x2


    CB F Black Marrow

    CB M Black Marrow


    CB F Shadow Walker

    Messy SW x1


    CB F Cavern Lurker x2

    CB M Cavern Lurker x2

    3g F Lurker from M Aeon checker - looks like this - looking for bloodswap

    4g Lurker from mirror with Spirit Wards - looks like this


    CB M Grave

    CB F Grave

    3g PB Grave - looks like this

    3g PB Grave - looks like this

    3g M Grave from Blusang checker - looks like this

    3g M Grave from Blusang checker - looks like this

    3g F Grave from Blusang checker - looks like this

    3g F Grave from Blusang checker - looks like this

    3g M Grave from Gold checker - looks like this

    3g M Grave from Silver checker - looks like this

    4g M Grave from Silver checker - looks like this

    4g F Grave from modified Blusang checker - looks like this

    4g M Grave from Blusang checker - looks like this

    4g F Grave from Gold checker - progeny of this and this

    4g M Grave from Gold checker - progeny of this and this


    CB F Desipis

    CB M Desipis

    4g F Desipis from M Thalassa checker - looks like this - looking for bloodswap


    CB M Caligene

    CB F Caligene

    3g F Caligene from M Brown Copper checker - looks like this - bloodswap only 

    3g M Caligene from F Bronze Lunar checker - looks like this - bloodswap only


    CB M Witchlight x2

    CB F Witchlight x2

    3g M Witchlight from Mistletoe - looks like this


    CB M Omen x2

    CB F Omen x2


    List of Halloweens I need:

    3g M Desipis from F Hellfire Wyvern checker, mate for this

    4g F Desipis from M Thalassa checker - looks like this - looking for bloodswap


    4g M Black Marrow checker with Ribbon Dancer - mate for this 


    3g F Cavern Lurker from M Aeon checker - mate for this



    This post will be updated frequently! Please check back later!

  6. On 9/16/2018 at 1:20 PM, Lagie said:

    Yes!!! Great answer! Are you ready for Thirteen?



    You know, I don't think I am, and that's entirely my own fault. I haven't finished the last series yet. I know, I know.


    But I want to take this opportunity to mention that every time I've peeked into the Multimedia board, almost none of my interests already had threads, and the ones there were pretty dead. That's something I thought of recently that we can all do - If there's not a thread for your favorite anime, band, book, then start one! Or just re-enliven a slow thread with your fresh enthusiasm. You never know how many other people here have been wishing they could talk to other fans about the same thing!

  7. What Activities in DC will you be Doing over the next 1-2 Weeks or so? I have so much "paperwork" to do with my Halloweens. I think the hardest part is deciding what lineages I want to work to continue, and what I just want to breed for others. It never seems like the pairs I offer to breed for free on forum threads etc appeal to anyone else - that's not self-pity, it's just a sign that my taste is different from others'. So they get cast out into the AP, to live their lives freely or to meet their new best human friend at random! If I have a 4g, I almost never want to hustle for that 4g mate to breed a 5g.


    Or In General? Well, I live in a big college football town, and I work in food service, so we'll be extra busy the next several weekends! It's stressful, but I love my coworkers. So I expect to be tired pretty much every weekend until Thanksgiving.


    What is one of your Favorite Holiday Traditions? Well, Christmas is my thing. So everything Christmas. It starts the day after Thanksgiving - if I don't have the tree up that day, or even that week, it's fine. But nothing can happen before then. I have a few special CDs and a Pandora playlist just for the month of December. It's the entire mood. I'm one of those people :P


    If You could have an AP Filled with Five Types of Dragons, what would you fill it with? I'm going to resist the temptation to say, "Ugh, anything but xyz dragons I don't like!" That's not nice and it's not helpful. Everyone loves Xenos, of course. BSAs, of course. But I love playing that Alt Lotto. Give me all your Vines, Blacks, Undines! If they don't alt I'll freeze them if messy, and keep or re-release them if they're nice! Especially Vines. COME ON. ALL THE VINES. I also love seeing checkers. I'm not into PBs, but I love seeing the gorgeous combinations people come up with that I'd never have thought of. 


    What is your current Favorite Word or Phrase that you think sounds cool or makes you sound all smart or suave. Like Rico... Careful, Natayah, you're dating yourself there ;) Well. And me, I suppose. No, none of my words make me sound cool or smart. If you're talking to me you'll hear me respond, "Right??" in agreement, or, "For sure!" or, "For real!" Or, "For real?" in surprise. "Nice," "Nice nice," "Nice nice nice nice," etc. Basically just combine any of those in any order and it'll be like having a conversation with me. For real.


    Why is Six Afraid of Seven? Because Seven traveled with Ace, the very most bad**** companion of all.


    Why do I always have to think of the Questions?!?!?!?! Because you're such a sharp thinker? And you're the actual best? And you should win the entire Cave? 


    You should do some of this Work I sure should! Let me. Um. Let me work on that.

  8. 1. Do you either follow, visit, or use this thread? If so, for what? And if so, do you share that info with other people?

    I follow it, but I'm not sure whether I'm doing it right - I don't want an email digest, I just want notifications when someone posts, like when someone mentions me. Is there a setting?

    2. What is your current favorite thing(s) going on in DC game & forums lately or upcoming (including Holidays)?

    I'm always looking forward to holidays!

    3. What are your favorite dragon(s)?

    I'll always love Vines best of all. My favorite pairing is Grave/Blusang, but I feel like I'm the only one on the whole site breeding them. I'm also in love with M Silver/F Moonstone. Mistletoe/M Witchlight.  Have I mentioned my epic Vine/Olive lineage, years in the making? I'm a big Xenowyrm fan - including Pyros, which seem to get no love. Huh.. it seems like all my passion is for pairings, rather than individual breeds. Except for my signature Vines.

    4. What is/are your favorite moments or memories of being gifted, personally gifting, winning or getting lucky, or other fond memories from DC?

    Two years ago I got glomped with this guy; I'm a big Transformers fan, so if there was any Prize I'd love to have offspring from, it's Sixshot, and it felt really special.

    8. What are some of your favorite DC sites, Threads, Events, etc. that you most like (and why if you want to share - please limit to five or less)

    When it comes to clicksites, I don't use it as much as I should, but I really love Daily Dragon Fix. It's very satisfying to keep the site "tidy" by clicking dragons that have grown up or been fogged.

    11. What is your favorite way to play? What is your favorite way to "give back" if you do such a thing?

    I'd say I'm a collector, but not a hoarder. I don't build armies. But I don't write descriptions or give them personalities. I don't care about worldbuilding; in fact, I actively dislike the way recent holiday events have centered around "the land of Galsreim".

    15. Do you have a few favorite names and/or codes on your scroll particularly love? Share them! (Please Max 10!)

    Well, I give all my dragons the Thornhedge name. I don't know if that's something that was more common or more popular when I started playing, but I've seen that practice get some hate. But the only special names (kind of) are groups - all my golds are named after Doctor Who characters, all my Silvers are named after Star Wars Imperial or First Order officers, and all my Prizes are named for Bjork songs. My holidays all have particular naming schemes, but that's kind of a different situation, I think.

    19. Would you like me to do ongoing "Questions of the Month" for people to post and share?

    Yeah, kind of. I'm not good at making friends, and that's not necessarily why I get on the forums, but it's always nice to learn about each other, even if we don't get close.

    20. Would you like to see more cooperative events where various Groups, Threads, Projects, etc. cross promote and work together, or do you not have any idea of what this is like?

    It does sound neat, but I'm not sure what it would be like, no.


    Bonus: Or just post something. Even something small - please! I would **GREATLY** Appreciate It!!!!




  9. Yikes! I thought I'd followed this thread, but apparently not....


    First, I noticed that the "Great Lineages Found in the AP" link actually says "Great Lineas." 


    Second, and this is a little embarrassing, I've seen bingos posted in the Games section but I'm always confused by the threads. It seems like they always say they're closed, but people are still posting entries? Would someone be willing to explain it - not the concept, but how the actual threads work?

  10. 17 hours ago, Sunrunner said:

    *guiltily raises hand*  Sorry?  Was really pleased the look of the lineage turned out so nicely, but the Aeon mates weren't the easiest to breed, and I'm not even at my target gen yet, sooo . . . Have fun with that challenge :D!


    Eek, realized the one I linked was the one I didn't end up keeping - no, I didn't Bite it, yes I'm going to keep breeding til I get those Aeons! 

    And I love the naming scheme ❤️