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  1. Thank you! I just came back to say I was egg locked! But thanks!!
  2. Hello, I want to accept an offer made on one of my trades, but the 'Accept' button isn't press-able. I can cancel it, but not accept? Am I doing something wrong? I'm offering a stage 2 Hatchling; they're offering an Egg.
  3. Not as impressive as some, to be sure, but I am happy with it http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/FireDitto
  4. FireDitto

    Glomp Gifting

    Transfer Me - View Lineage Transfer Me - View Lineage <3 Enjoy!
  5. Age gaps have never bothered me personally; my dad is 10 years on my mum. My step dad growing up had 30 years on my mum (his youngest son is older than my mum; they split up) and my first relationship, he had 22 years on me. I also currently RP a character who has almost 20 years on his male partner - they're 30 and 50. And a girl who is 20 to her partner's 30. Ages are just numbers, and while there are some restrictions (underage, most notably) all they really indicate is a base line of maturity and life experience. Some people experience a lot in a short period of time, and are able to better relate to an older partner, or even subconsciously seek out the security they are better able to offer. Some people mature faster or slower, and so relate better to someone in a different age range. Like many others have said, so long as the pair are both consenting adults abiding by their local laws, then what they do and whom they are involved with should be their own business.
  6. I didn't say it came natively with it, nor did I say it had nor hadn't been popular before or after that time. I said it may have become more popular at the time the ads stopped making viable profit.
  7. Ad Block Plus is probably why you're not getting any revenue off your ad placement on the site; it is on both Chrome and FireFox and there are likely versions for the other browsers. I didn't even know it had an ad on it, because I never disable my blocker. Not sure when they came into play, but I'd hazard a guess that they became popular right about when your revenue from them hit rock bottom.
  8. FireDitto

    Maximum Ride

    I read and own the first three - they're good books. However, I won't touch the others with a barge pole after poking around in the fourth that my friend owned. It was so awful. I refuse to read the others now. Its as if the author wrote purely to answer the fan gunk spread out on the internet, and then gave the flock random powers whenever they managed to get in an odd situation.