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  1. I only grabbed this because it was an impulse click. Decided to check its linage before tossing it back and, yeah, glad I did~
  2. Not exactly elegant, but I found it amusing~
  3. GRlC2 - Grictoo Pzro9 - Pezro 5ir0A - Sir Oa 9Zee1 - Zeel The Nipper siJin - Sin Jinsi JoS5E - Jos5e (I would have just called her Josse, but it was obviously already taken) vENaS - Venas Eska pxryV - Poxry Five VetPl - Vet PI rUunt - Runt Of The Caveborns FlnaZ - FInaZ Dawnsong tetVv - Tet Vonvolou ThgyQ - Thingy Q Honestly, I love doing it whenever I get the chance~ I've also bred a GUCKS and a StBex that were named after their codes/not given a name so they kept the code name.
  4. Here~ I'll probably never find a perfect mate for it though.
  5. I bred this little GUCKS. I was sad at first that it auto abandoned, because I would have kept it if I knew it would have that code, but whomever picked it up named it after its coding, so I'm happy~ Thank you whomever named him~ -edited to lineage link
  6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/bBfTP
  7. I love Interesting Dorsals Thank you to the breeder~
  8. Welp Gotta love those bright pinks.
  9. Grabbed these two at the same time~ This Ember~ I'll probably freeze this guy as an ungendered hatchling due to its prettiness and inability to continue the line, so if you bred it and would rather I didn't, feel free to PM me This Silver Tinsel I will be able to continue on. I just need to keep an eye out for a mate~
  10. Loving the names too~ Dorsals have all the fun.
  11. No. In all honesty, even the idea that I could live into my 80's is daunting enough. It's not about the age, even if I were to freeze at a young age the answer would be the same. I've barely reached my 20's and already this world is too complicated and screw up for my liking. I like simplicity. I find the idea of strolling through life enjoying the time you have to be ideal. I wouldn't like a life of constant bills, death, heartache, sickness, anything really. I'm not suicidal, but I'm not scared of death either. I find it comforting, actually, that one day none of this is going to matter. A sort of 'yeah, it sucks now, but you're going to die and what's troubling you now isn't going to be all that important.' I'm a Christian, and believe in an afterlife, so I guess that adds to the comfort. Even if I'm wrong and there's nothing after death, there would be no worry or mortality. The world will end eventually. Whether it's because of a religious reason or the sun burning out, it's going to happen. Personally, I don't want to be hanging around when the sun dies. Especially if you live through it. Whether you're immortal or not, people close to you are going to die before you. I don't really factor that in my decision. I'd just hate to hang around more than necessary. I'd like to live long enough to see my younger family members grow up and start their lives, then leave peacefully. The idea of outliving everything and watching life repeat itself is... horrible to me. Especially with how violent humans are. You watch the news and there's stories of old men being beaten for $10, children being shot, mass murders for seemingly no reason, and it only seems to be getting worse. Sure, I'd love to see how technology grows over the years into something I could barely imagine, but I'll probably live long enough to sate that curiosity. I honestly believe you'd end up getting bored of life after so long. So, no. I wouldn't stick around longer than necessary.
  12. Ahh, you're right. I haven't read the book since the last one came out and when I looked up 'zor'roc' it still showed me images of the sword. Thank you for pointing it out~ I've fixed it now. To keep on topic: <3 Thank you, accepter~
  13. Snagged and influenced this gal who will hopefully breed with this guy~ I also spotted a Silver Tinsel in the AP and clicked it thinking I wouldn't get it due to my slow Internet. I was wrong~ Caught my first tinsel and he has an interesting linage~
  14. My all time favourites (because I couldn't decide between the two) would have to be Nnoitra (from Bleach) and Hinata (from Naruto). Hinata I've adored and respected since I first heard of the show. Nnoitra is a character that I began hating but grew to understand in time. But, to list the majority of them, I also love: Naruto: Karin, Gaara, Hidan, Chouji, Temari, Kiba Bleach: Neliel Tu, Grimmjow, Orihime, Gin OHSHC: Kaoru, Kyoya, Nekozawa Death Note: Mello, Misa Fruits Basket Kyo, Haru Pokemon Adventures Green, Silver, Sapphire (I'm only up to Ruby/Sapphire so far)
  15. karofsky


    Though there are a lot of shows/book/manga/the like that I enjoy, I'm iffy about joining a fandom. Due to my tendency to gravitate to ships that have a darker/conflicted past, I often find myself enjoying pairings that are considered by the masses as 'horrible'. Ships such as Nnoitra/Neliel (Bleach), Sasuke/Karin (Naruto), Dave/Kurt (Glee), Jesse/Rachel (Glee), Rudy 3/Jess (Misfits), Mai/Zuko (A;TLA), Murtagh/Nasuada (The Inheritance Trilogy), Draco/Hermione (Harry Potter), Heymitch/Effie (THG), Conrad/Doc Worth (HiNaBN), Hikaru/Haruhi (OHSHC), Terra/Beast Boy (Teen Titans) happen to get me in trouble when I express my love for them. I can understand a lot of the hate for most of these ships as people have an emotional connection or a similar experience, but it's something I find people take far too seriously. I ship because I enjoy the dynamics and connection between the couples. Other people ship for the same reasons, only with different pairings. We read situations differently and are attracted to different things. There are ships that I don't like, but I have plenty of friends who do ship them. It's something we can get over, discuss, and appreciate. But, according to some of the more hardcore 'fans', that's impossible. Apparently if you like a show, you can only befriend people who like the same couples in it that you do :/ So, I like to scratch the surface of a fandom to the point where I can enjoy it, but I can't delve too far into it if I don't want my interests to be attacked. It's sad seeing as we should be able to enjoy it. That being said, I do enjoy some popular pairings. Bubblegum/Mareline (Adventure Time), Ichigo/Orihime (Bleach), Naruto/Hinata (Naruto), Nathan/Kelly (Misfits), Rogue/Gambit (X-Men), ships that are considered 'acceptable' to a fandom. Even then, you still get criticism for being too obvious and only liking 'shallow' pairing because they're popular. No matter what ship you like, you're going to be judged for your choice. There's no way to make a whole fandom happy. In the Glee fandom, I find Kurtofsky Pirates and Klaine Trainers are often at each others' throats. Yet I met someone through the fandom who was a Klainer, and she's one of the most awesome people I've met. Really, when I meet someone who enjoys the show I like, what they ship isn't exactly the most important thing to me. If you like a show, awesome! I do too! Shipping isn't the center of every story. Everyone gets so worked up with ships that I think they forget these are fictional people. I don't ship Ronmione, but I'm not going to chuck a hissy fit because it happened. I'll go to fanfiction to get my Dramione/Krumione fix instead. I can still enjoy the book/movie for what it is. I do ship Maiko/Kataang, and it's canon, but I'm not going to force it down the throats of everyone who ships something else. What's canon and not canon doesn't make one ship more 'right' than the other. As for shipping animal like creatures, I see nothing wrong with it. I don't like or promote the sexual aspects of it, but I don't mind romanticism. It happens in a lot of shows, such as Pikachu and Buneary. It's not prominent, but it's there, and the majority don't see anything wrong with it. If someone were to say they shipped animals in a show, I wouldn't bat an eye. I ship Gay and Lech in Bear Nuts. It's not something I view in a sexual nature, more I like their personality clashes and how they interact. I've never seen MLP, and I'm guessing a lot of the fandom do take it far and sexualize it. Whatever their reasons for doing so, I don't care. It's their ship and their interest, and though I find it a little irksome, it really has nothing to do with me. Let shippers ship. It's none of my business what another person ships, whether they're animals or humans. I have nothing against M-rated fanfiction. In fact, I prefer it. I prefer darker stories. Strolling the G/Pg/t rated stories don't give me that. M doesn't always mean sex. Take a show such as Adventure Time that's aimed at children and keeps a cartoonish air to it. Looking through the M-rated section, I can find deeper and darker versions of the same show. That being said, I don't mind smut in a story. I don't seek out smut on its own, though I believe there's nothing wrong with it, but a well written story that has sexual scenes is fine with me. I've stumbled across smut of childrens' shows, and it's never aimed for the kids to read. There's a story, that is personally one of my all time favourite works of fanfiction, that places and older Sid and Andy from Toy Story together. It's something I'd never thought of, but the way this person wrote it made it seem so natural. If you don't want to see a show you watched as a child in a different light, don't stroll down the 'romance' fanfictions. I think people view sex to be a dirty subject, which I disagree with. I write M-rated fanfiction. I haven't written anything below that rating for years. I don't like reading or writing purely bubbly or happy stories. I like heartbreak and adversity. That doesn't mean I don't like a happy ending, I do, but I like a sense of reality and hardship hardwired into the storyline. Because of how scary the fandom can be, I tend to stick with reading fanfiction and that's it. I don't like going further than that. But if a story takes ship/character bashing into the story and completely OOCs characters because the author dislikes them, I can't enjoy it anymore. Even if I dislike a character, I can't bash them in a story. It feels disrespectful as anyone who reads it may like the character. I also find pregnancy to be a major storyline killer. I've seen a lot of great stories just die because BAM! YOU'RE PREGNANT! Especially if there's a supernatural aspect to it that causes the baby to develop and be delivered super fast. No. Just... no. Some people can pull pregnancy stories off well, and I respect that, but most I find do it to force two people who don't particually like each other to work together. It's a bad way to force a ship. Recently, I was reading a Nnoitra/Neliel story that started off strong, then pulled the 'super fast pregnancy' card and ruined it. For yaoi/yuri/slash, I don't really ship couples due to their gender. I ship because of their dynamics despite gender. I know some people find same-sex couples hotter, and I understand that, but it's not about what's 'hot or not' to me. If I like the interactions and chemistry between two characters, I'll ship them whether or not they're male or female. As for what fandoms I'm kinda-sorta-not-really-but-I-like-the-show 'in', I'm pretty sure I've already listed them all above, but I enjoy: Misfits, HiNaBN, Glee (to a certain extent. A lot of it bugs me too), Bleach, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Death Note, Adventure Time, Narnia, The Inheritance Cycle, Ouran High School Host Club, Elfen Lied, American Horror Story, 2 Broke Girls, X-Men, Big Bang Theory, A;TLA/A;LOK, Teen Titans, THG, Pokemon, Digimon, Rise Of The Guardians. Long list, and I'm probably missing some, but I have no life outside of work :\
  16. I had a fair few accepts on one of my dragons, The Masochism Tango, but someone pointed out it was missing a few commas, so I had to edit it and lost them DX After editing again, I got this not long later; Accept: I believe the "quiet" in the last sentence should be "quite". Otherwise, perfect! After going through it with a fine tooth comb, I still managed to miss that. Still very happy with this comment~ Thank you, Commenter! ^^ EDIT: Accept: Abstain: Good, but Maybe don't add the last sentence, Zor'roc means 'misery' in her old master's native tongue ... why? :| Zor'roc is based after a sword in The Inheritance Cycle with the same name. The swords are given names in the ancient language which describes their true nature. Zor'roc meant 'misery' because of the suffering his past master inflicted with it and, later, the misery the son suffered due to his past connections. The names of the swords are the biggest factor of the sword itself. I would have put more on his name, only there is a character limit. Even if the name didn't mean that much, why should I have to drop it?
  17. I'm Australian, though my accent isn't quiet the typical Aussie accent that is depicted in television. I've been told I have a Northern Queensland accent, despite the fact that I've only lived in South Queensland and only happened to for a couple of years. For most of my life, I've lived in New South Wales, but apparently I pick it up from my mother. My accent, though being Australian, leans more to Irish-Australian. I shorten my words and run them together (example; try saying 'calm bear clater' in a faster than normal speed running the words together. That's how I would say 'come back later'). Words/sentences such as 'Mate', 'Love', 'She'll be right', 'No worries', 'Nahyeah/Yeahnah' are frequent in my vocabulary. It's something I don't really notice, and neither do others unless they haven't been in Australia long. Some Australians also tend to be accent sympathetic. In other words, when we spend a lot of time around a particular person with a strong accent, we'll adopt their accent while talking to them unknowingly. I work with a large variety of accents, so I often catch myself talking with a slight Vietnamese or Indonesian accent at work. Once I'm out of work, though, I'm straight back to the bogan accent
  18. Not even sure why I grabbed this guy, but I'm glad I did ^^ EDIT: Looking for CBs. Get this instead. Loving the Marrow pairings I'm grabbing lately~ Thank you breeders~
  19. Was looking for CBs and was going to throw this back but.. the parents' names made me change my mind
  20. I'm having all the luck with interesting Dorsals, but never the linage I'm actually looking for And I'm looking for male CBs of this guy for a project of mine and usually throw back any with a heritage, but his linage is too nice. I can breed him/her with the end result of my project anyway~ Thanks breeders~
  21. Omai Pretty linage and slightly disturbing names~ There's no way I could do this linage justice D: Thank you, breeder~
  22. Got me this: First accept I couldn't help but find adorable. c: