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  1. Caught this nice little tinselfail on the AP... I think I'll try to find a mate for it.
  2. As long as a tiny percentage of the population has their hands on a very large percentage of the money that's available, they should also have to bear the brunt of taxation - because where else is the money going to come from? If the money was divided more equally, so could be taxation. Also: They can be rich (and usually grow more wealthy each day) BECAUSE there are poorer people doing all the menial work, the minimum-wage jobs... pay them fairly, they could pay more taxes, too (but that would, of course, mean that profits would go down - go figure). Edited to correct the quote ori
  3. Well, I'm from the Ruhr area in Germany... our accent is considered to be very "working class" (coal mines and heavy industry spring to mind), rather coarse and blunt. But fun. e.g. (meaning roughly: Listen, you can't say it like that.) would become
  4. This. If I'm thirsty, I'll drink water. If I need caffeine, I drink tea (or coffee, if I have too) and if I want something sweet I'll have a fruit juice. Most soft drinks are just... blegh.
  5. I remember the campaign when our paladin actually fell and none of us realized it... We should have grown suspicious when he stopped to cry "By Helm!" and started to say "By MY Helm(et)" instead. He killed us all off in the end...
  6. I've used this since I made the picture last summer on a bike tour around my home town. It's an old moted castle outside the town. I'd love to live there!
  7. Ooooooohhh, that well! Yet another one for my favorites list...
  8. Wow! Just... wow... this is one lovely house! I'm glad I don't HAVE to pick a favourite, there are so many talented people here...
  9. That's a Wrap! What a great name! Shame I didn't think of it...
  10. That's what I said... I caved after a couple of hours. Good luck!
  11. The dormer window is such a great idea! And the tree with the little swing on it - perfect! Added the red and white color scheme this is one of my favorite houses so far.
  12. Well, since the event runs til January 2 we'll have to wait at least until then... I don't know how fast the winners will be determined. Wheeeeee, prize dragons! *wants one*
  13. You needed to have baked one by a set date to be able to decorate it.
  14. Wow, I'm completely flashed by this! Coloooooors...
  15. I like it, it's very... christmassy... with all the red and white.
  16. The decorating isn't a contest, it's just for fun... No pressure, just have fun and play around!
  17. Freck, I'm that predictable?!?
  18. Ok, I caved and looked... They are really pretty. Time to think about lineages...
  19. Ooohhh, I'm already debating the wisdom of my decision to wait until my own grow up and not to look. It's a real torment seeing everyone going on about how pretty they are...
  20. I've decided NOT to look at TJ's dragons but to wait until my own hatch and grow up... we'll see if I can stick to that
  21. Great idea putting the frame around it!
  22. I'm amazed over and over again by the fantastic ideas everyone keeps coming up with. There are so many ways to use the decorations I'd never have thought of - just great!
  23. The wrought iron fence is great! I think, I have to do some work on the roof (after seeing so many great ideas) but I can't bring myself to start...
  24. Yes, you absolutely need to find the recipe to make the red star dishes.