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  1. Oh boy! I'm super excited to hear that the frills and bright pinks are back! I have a couple of neat lineages that I haven't been able to continue but this changes that problem <3 Also the new hatchies look nice, the chrystallized egg seems pretty elusive though >:l Gosh darn why am I always late to the party EDIT: just as I manage to say that I haven't seen any, I get 2 from the hourly drop
  2. Is it just me or do the second stage hatchlings look like miniature adults? It's pretty neat :>
  3. I thought that I'd pass as it's april's fools day but... dang those hatchlings are pretty anddd since they drop in the cave.. bye sapphires i gotta lock myself with these. Better not be a troll 8'D
  4. Ikr? I chose tri-horn male, and the admirer - never saw her at the icy cave before - is an ember! Darling, for your safety you should maybe find a cave less frigid D:
  5. Woman, the cave is 10/10 with meat and 10/10 with mana, what do you want???
  6. Vergil from Devil May Cry 3. He's rather difficult the last time you battle his as he has the same Devil Trigger abilities as Dante, not to mention how quick he is. However he's been the most rewarding boss _ever_ to beat, I can't even describe how content I was after winning
  7. My tinsel was fogged automatically, I was wondering if I had fogged any of my eggs 'till I clicked it and realized it was the new prize eggy EDIT: Adding a screenshot from my action log:
  8. Thank you for informing us in advance, the more time to plan the better! Can't wait to see the new Valentine dragons
  9. Very true :/ Ah hopefully your downhill ends soon and you can get back to your feet. It's time for fresh new breeding plans
  10. Awww misgendered dragons are the worst, you have my sympathies Though I wouldn't freeze/kill even if prize gendered wrong, it's still rare as heck and worth more as an adult, just think of the new possibilities 8Y
  11. Come on, gain more views you silly egg
  12. I support this as I really want to start breeding even-gen prize lineages and it'll be rather difficult without knowing other owners' contact info!
  13. I know the feeling... I was waiting the email buzz to be a signal for an e-bill
  14. I've seen a copper too, also papers, chickhens and cheeses. Even a silver. Missed all x')
  15. Caveblockers, caveblockers everywhere.... Dodging them with track-pad is such a pain ._. On the bright side I at least have the volcano eggs
  16. Someone got lucky and got a CB silver form coast ;A;
  17. Gosh I'm late to the party! So they drop in alpine, coast and volcano right?
  18. I'd do that too if it wasn't so late around here. Weeeelll maybe tomorrow morning/day could provide a few eggs :l
  19. Hour and a half later "Sorry, this egg has already been taken by somebody else." starts to seriously bug me.
  20. Yay new release! ... A hard release.
  21. Oh boy! I'm totally dying to get my fingers around that Avatar of Creation though I gotta say I love the colours of the Change too. Avatar of Destruction looks badass Might as well try and make a lineage out of these pretties while waiting the new features slowly take impact *sips tea* Thank you TJ, thank you spriters, this is pretty darn awesome!
  22. Ooooh new sprites in 3 hours <3 Something to wait for.
  23. Whoops I almost forgot the release but managed to grab all I needed with relative ease few hours after the drop had started. I'm REALLY looking forward seeing the adults! Blue fire has always fascinated me.. Having hopes high Too bad the icy breed doesn't have dimorphism, better be a good sprite (please don't take this offensively) So far the babies look very very promising <3
  24. Ooooh the adults! Got to say that I love the details on the Howler but the colours of the Glaucus are breathtaking *has set a new hoarding goal to herself* To be honest though as a fan of Glaucus Atlanticus I can see their colours are based on it, but I would have loved to see more "frilly" wings too
  25. Thanks! Intelligence and antlers were the first things I thought of but such delicate little details as the number of toes is really difficult to see from the sprites