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smeo86.jpgMy dA **** Team Incubate 30/80 **** - Time zone UCT/GMT +2 - Extra clicks are very welcomed! Click my little devil ;) *CLICK*devil_never_cry_by_calluna_draconis-d8gs BMIPggr.gifdmcfan94.png

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    My little cave in the woods~
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    *** Owner of d3v1l, 2014 bronze tinsel boy :) ***
    I'll trade eggs when I have them.


    Always looking for
    -all CB metallics
    - neglected (lineage doesn't matter)

    ***Scroll goal (2 pairs of each, cb) needs***

    -F balloon
    -F,M gold
    -M ice
    -F,F,M pyralspite (orange)
    -F,M pyraspite (pink)
    -F Red dorsal
    -M Copper Green (verdigris)
    -M Copper Orange (rainbow)
    -M Copper Brown (sulphur)

    -F crimson flare
    -F pygmy derg

    *** IOU's ***