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  1. I missed it again *Starts to stalk again*
  2. I dislike mice. But I love animals My mom put a glue trap I just about cried! I dislike them but, they are animal!
  3. Dang I was just about to use that banner! I dont think you can breed Vamps
  4. Congrats! You guys are lucky! My Speckled throat and my Trihorn had a egg! Now to wait.
  5. I love wolves! I have a Wolf-hybrid husky! His name is Nova! He is so big and cute! He is pure white with golden eyes! AWW! Look at them! They are sleeping AW!
  6. I just had a scare! I had them on the balcony! And they jumped down! Angel (The White chick That I decided to name her now) was saved by some feathers! Then when we put them away Angel was almost killed by a cat! But was saved by my German Shepard, Tango! And Cinnamon now has a little limp
  7. I got three today! They are so cute! 1 black and white hen (Name: Oreo!) and two chicks! One is white with four white stripes on each wings! *name undecided* The other is beige with some dark brown markings (Name decided! Welcome Cinnamon!)
  8. Well, Scar (From lion king) was facing off with Simba. But Scar was in a orange( as in the fruit) suit. While Simba was in a banana one. They were fighting about who was the better fruit!
  9. Well I'm trying to draw for my Dragon request But i failed
  10. I Claimed it Now I'm going to start a checkerboard too!
  11. I'm doing the same! Hopefully a Arrow head! Also, this is out of the blue but does anyone here have drawing skills?
  12. Aw! That sucks! That happened to me! Well take all the time you need
  13. Mane: White Color: Black Mark: Moon Hair: Straight Type: Pegasus Other: Nope!
  14. Can you make me a Autumn, but black with grey?
  15. Mane: White Color: Black Mark: Moon Other: Nope!
  16. I'm so happy! 3 out of four of my Speckes GENDERED! I'm going to start breeding at random now, sending eggs to the Ap!
  17. here is the Lineage so far But I think after out project we could make a Checkboard!