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    Hi! Welcome to my profile! I go by Victoria, Wolf, and Danielle! Dont ask me why! I love helping people with their dream dragons! I love to randomly gift to people! And I usually get a kind thank you and we go on our different ways! But I do believe in Karma, because everytime I gift to someone, I get something good in return! Maybe a gift to be from someone else, or maybe one of my rare dragon breed!

    Anyways! I just LOVE Golden Wyverns and Royal Blues! I'm trying to make a Starstep with these two but, so far. Nothing! If I gift you some they MUST! End with De Aurum if a golden wyvern. Or De Stellarum If a Royal blue! I would love if you named them in latin!

    Most of my Dragon have normal names but, I decide from my Bluesang on, I'm naming my Dragon in Latin! I just like the lettering in Latin and they are easier to find names!

    Like many other people I'm in LOVE with the new shimmerscales! I just love how they look! If you want to gift me one, or trade me for one PLEASE PM me!

    Okay lets see, my BIRTHDAY is February 21! I Welcome gifts! But I'm not going to beg for gifts!