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76b56903-d01d-43bd-a0c2-a1c8f10944ee_zps6aeea279-8dff-420c-8071-67ce3078ce80_zpsMoonlightbannerforsignature_zps99d2c9aa.25k56cl.gifb4thechange.gifRoyal FloofsI'm Egg-Locked96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this your signature if you're one of the 4% who will.Looking for dragons with Z/z in the beginning or end, any lineage pm me to trade!*REALLY need CB Male pillows*

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    ****starting school season again, I may be a day late in responding to a PMs or updating my lineage project****

    *****If I haven't replied to you in a while, PM me******

    owed to me
    1 PB Cavern-lurker BronzeDragonell
    3rd-gen Shimmer-scale-joliver1998
    1 male pink and 2 any gender any lineage reds- Horsie girl
    I owe.
    1 cb hatchlings- Nconspicuous(for PB black hatchling)
    3 CB NDS - joliver1998
    6 cb hatchlings-Nconspicous(for silver tinsel)
    ~My wish list~
    Any rare except a Vampire
    Pumpkin, Marrow, holly, any holiday I don't have

    My first Silver! thanks xxBurningxx
    My first Tinsel! thanks xxBurningxx
    My first Magma! thanks DragonHide
    My first Electric! thanks Sora! (for trading with me)
    My second Magma! thanks xxBurningxx!
    My first Sweetling! thanks Taintedtamer!
    My first HeartSeeker! thanks Taintedtamer!
    My second Silver! thanks danegrrrl!

    and a big Thank You for all of these guys too!

    As of right now I need.....
    CB Turpentines
    CB embers
    PB 2nd gen Royal blue
    CB Royal blues

    ***CB PILLOW especially MALE PILLOWS***
    *PB 2nd or 3rd even-gen NAMED pillow dragon it needs to be named with fluff,puff or poof preFURably a male XD*

    CB white preferably male
    CB moonstones
    PB moonstones
    I really need Red hatchlings and Magi Hatchlings, but mostly reds
    --------------What I need 4 lineages Project-----------------------
    2nd gen egg from Ember[M] X Albino[F]
    2nd gen from white x rosebud holiday
    2nd gen from Royal blue [f] X Moonstone [m]*Primary
    2nd gen from moonstone[f] X daydream[m]*Primary
    --------------PM for a deal if you have any of these-------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Current Lineages

    The Royal Floofs Current status:http://dragcave.net/lineage/Lrrc7
    Majestic Moonlight Current Status:http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZrdVC
    Full Moon Dreamers Current Status:http://dragcave.net/lineage/S8Pkv
    Burning Candles Current Status:http://dragcave.net/lineage/qXkrs