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  1. Im having NO luck with getting Hollies! If Anyone wants to help me get one Id be very grateful and would owe you a favor! I'll help however I can I just really want to get just 1 and i don't see that happening when I have to use a Kindle for the site with slow internet bleh. Please help someone! Send a PM if youre willing to help~
  2. Leven was too frantic to pay attention to any of Evan's questions. He immediately began looking around for the Tall Man. The thought of once again seeing his childhood nightmare was so frightening and yet, so attractive. His heartbeat raced and time seemed to slow for him as he looked in the trees. To his dismay, he couldn't spot Slender. Stepping to the nearest tree, he leaned against it and heard the sound of paper crumpling as he did so. He turned around quickly, seeing another note. "Hey, theres another paper here."
  3. Leven hit the ground hard, taking Evan's sprint to the dirt. Pain shot into his arm as he fell onto it. He let out a low groan, pushing Evan off and rising slowly. He rubbed his shoulder and looked angrily at him "What the hell is your problem?!" He yelled as he grabbed Evan's shirt. "Who are you?! And what's your rush?"
  4. "Often children are his victims, although he doesn't discriminate between young and old. It's hard to explain him, because no one even knows what he is. Back in the day he would remove the victim's organs and place them in plastic bags, then put them back in the body. Nowadays he leaves no trace..." He looked to Nick "Those notes you guys mentioned before, I never knew he left those."
  5. Leven glanced at Lawrence, then at the group in fear. In his heart he was debating if he should join Lawrence. Perhaps he could lead him to see reason. Then again, one so arrogant as he was sure to dismiss Leven and leave him on his own in the darkness. The thought of staying with the group also scared him, for he knew well of the Slenderman. In the end, he decided that there was sure to be strength in numbers. He walked with the group, taking what was sure to be his last look of Lawrence. "My name is Leven, by the way..."
  6. Leven, who hadn't said a word the entire time, walked quietly and cautiously. His breathing was shallow and he looked spent. His arms were crossed as he walked, the only security he could afford at the moment. He didn't want to speak at all, not after what he heard from Nick. He didn't want to accept this reality. Despite what he felt in his heart, he spoke at last. "Someone should stop him... this is exactly what the Tall Man wants..." His hands began to shake as his anxiety grew. If Nick was right about everything he said, then leaving the group was the last thing Lawrence should've done. "Someone do something quick!"
  7. mrmanuz

    Video Game Music.

    Songs from the Dishonored OST!!! (twist on the sea shanty "Drunken Sailor")
  8. PSY- Gangnam Style That song just seems to follow me wherever I go!!! Also, Some Nights- fun. Love that song, play it all the time in the truck on my way to school. That's mah jam!
  9. Spring Nicht is a good one, but I like Frei Im Freien Fall the best. People tell me I should listen to Rammstein but I just can't get into their songs as well as I'd like to.
  10. I was disappointed with the film adaptation of Eragon, I think that movie could've been made way better.
  11. Tokio Hotel by far the best foreign band I have ever heard! I remember my friend told me about one of their songs, Ready,Set,Go! And I've been devoted and pre ordered their CD's.
  12. My ex-girlfriend bought me one of their CD's a few years ago, and I became an instant member of the MCRmy
  13. Does anybody like the Soul Eater Show or Manga? My personal favorite character in the series is Excalibur lulz!
  14. DC Universe Online- Group of people for a raid (missions requiring 8 people), and only one new Healer. 'Nuff said!
  15. "I swear, Morrow, if you ruin the~Censor evasion removed~ groove in MY chair you're a dead man!" - The Joker in DC Universe Online