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  1. "Thanks!" she said. Tatha grabbed the mouse and swallowed it with one gulp "Mmm... that was delicious" She said. " Well, I'm gonna go take a nap" she said as she walked over to a corner in the cave curled up.
  2. Tatha grabbed the fruit with her mouth and bit into it *BLEH* she made a sound and spit the fruit out "Ehh.... That was horrible... I think I only eat meat..." she said as she used her paws to wipe out the remaining fruit
  3. ((Sorry for ignoring the storm, I meant to add that.... but I forgot to.)) "A colorful statue?" Tatha asked "Really?... Anyway I'm going inside, It's too wet for me, you coming?" she said as she walked into the cave.
  4. The griffin rolled the fruit back to the citrus wyvern "It's Okay, My name's Tatha by the way" She said.
  5. (( Sorry for being away. Normally when school starts I put more time into playing on my XBox and less time on my computer, so I might not be on as often as I used to be.)) Tatha looked up from the stream, that she had been drinking from since noon, and scented the air with her tiny beak nostrils. She scented something, but didn't know quite what. She followed the scent and found herself back at the entrance to the cave. ((SOMEONE, walk up to Tatha, and do something, She needs something to do other than drink. Also, Narath what is your new avatar?))
  6. *GASP* well, over on the chat room I'm dancing the Saturday night fever. Yup. I love that dance.
  7. I would prefer to have at least one character in a quarter of all the dragon species, I know that may be a lot.... but Narath you can't make one now.
  8. Dabberjack had become unconscious do to how cold it was, and the storm just made it worse. the wyvern noticed and grabbed him out of the pile. The wyvern flew on towards the river in the center of the island.
  9. Dabberjack turned his head to the right just a bit. He saw a what looked like the ocean, but it had land on the other side and wasn't very wide. "Whats that?" he asked the wyvern stopped for a moment "The river" he said. The dragon went back to digging (OCC: Random post... not sure why...)
  10. hhsdjfngf Horribly horrified snakes dipping dogs just for nearly good fun Skrdfkdn
  11. Nope. by the way my avatar is Richard's eye. He's from LFG, look it up.
  12. Your men cannot leave with you, if you say DANWAR123 LEFT THE GAME. that means that you left the game, which you cant. *catches Dream's pie and throws it at Danwar123 while he unsuccessfully tries to leave the game* I really should eat those pies....
  13. Kirby... I'm not sure why you hugged me but whatever...
  14. *catches as much cheese as possible and feeds it to the mouse* *Eats cucumber* Meh... *Walks to a hot dog stand* Uh.. Hi, can I get one chili cheese dog please. guy working at the stand: yes indeed, its free. *Takes chili cheese dog and pelts shiba with it*
  15. *Throws danwar back out* meh. *wipes off vinegar, and throws Dill pickles at Onix*
  16. *Grabs danwar from outside the game and pulls him back in* You cant leave yet! its just getting started! *Pies danwar*
  17. *EATS NUKE and helicopter* again, FOOD FIGHT, not, NUKE EVERYONE BECAUSE YOU CAN-fight. *Throws pickle at danwar*
  18. *covers eyes* WHERE AM I GOING? *Pies danwar while he is in the shower* *Runs out of the unraidable base*
  19. *Has a chocolate bar in his head* Hey Danwar! ya wanna eat a pie with me? *Asks danwar really politely if he wants to eat a pie*
  20. *Enters danwar's Unraidable base* I'm not raiding it. I'm just entering it. *Sneaks up behind danwar, and pies him* Edit: I really need to eat those pies instead of pie-ing people...