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  1. I got reminded of the Colourless King in K Project anime when I saw this egg. I could be wrong though. :3
  2. OK eggs are showing up to me again. I'm using Chrome btw. o.O
  3. I don't seem to be getting my 4th egg... o.O
  4. I'm guessing every 10minutes after you've taken your last egg.
  5. Got my 2nd egg. Guess they appear every 10mins huh?
  6. Yay egg hunt! How long does it take for 1 to appear though?
  7. Pretty looking forward to this Easter since it'll be my first on DC!
  8. Bred this. I think they look lovely with Arsanis.
  9. Snagged 4 CB Vine eggs from the cave recently. My goal towards 5 cb breeding pairs of vines is going well.
  10. Was thinking of breeding them with Arsaniis. I purebred my first pair and I have to say that the female looks weird in lineages...
  11. Eh... I've seen a few recently. Needless to say, I missed them all
  12. I haven't gotten any CB metals... Though I'm kinda too busy to even try to catch them right now.
  13. Bred this Gonna keep it and influence it male. (Just because male golden wyverns look shinier and better on that lineage)
  14. Just got 2 of the new releases. They're gonna be my new CB breeding pair so hopefully they won't refuse!
  15. They actually kinda look good with daydreams... With an awkward positioning tho :/
  16. I like the design. It's cute <3 Now for breeding ideas... Hmmm...
  17. 2 more hours till TJ's dragons grow up!
  18. Well you could right click on the flowers part and inspect element if you're on Chrome or if you're on Firefox/IE, you can turn off page styles and manually count the flowers you have.
  19. /been stalking this thread for awhile for the lolflower mystery Well, I'm totally wrecked still.
  20. Lovely adult dragons I'm thinking of breeding them with sunsongs cuz they both have that 'shine'... What do y'all think?
  21. I just bred this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/FRYFK Really happy that the breeding went well. The hilarious code is a bonus!
  22. I think I'm done with this house. Added a few minor adjustments
  23. http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Shizuku-chan I had fun.