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  1. Welp. I got 2 of 2 colours so far. That makes 4. I'm locked with hatchies now. (Blame my itchy fingers on clicking those tempting ERs in the AP x_x) So, it's nights for me.
  2. Meh. I'm having trouble catching these :/
  3. I love the blood texture on these.
  4. My incubates I saved for some reason are working well here. 2 of each colour lets go!
  5. Ooo. I love that shimmer x teimarr pairing. Their colours match just perfectly.
  6. Interesting colour scheme there for the adults.
  7. Got my 2 eggs! ...Aaaaaaand I'm locked.
  8. Got my CB pair easily when I just got home! Thanks for the release!!
  9. I just got on so I guess I'll have to wait awhile before I can grab those new eggs. Thank you for the release!
  10. Can't wait for the mass release madness! Yay! /thositelagandsuch...
  11. For my frozen ungendered vampire: Accept: Ew. There's a carcass here, and no one's doing anything about it. I'm gonna do those guys a favor and bury it for them. I hope they're thankful. Accept: Accept: Accept: Great! ~D Accept: -sees a dark green dragon trying to mess with this hatchling- D: I'm having fun writing descriptions for this whole family of vampires . Thank you for all the comments that'd help me improve! :3
  12. Got the description for this little baby accepted
  13. Just bred this and this. Most likely gonna pure breed them like always. Gonna attempt for another 2 2nd gen soulpeaces once I'm unlocked.
  14. 1 out of 4 2nd gen pure bred vines turned alt on hatching
  15. CB Gold/Silver Every time one of these pass by in the cave, I'd stone for a moment. Then it's too late already. :/
  16. EEEEEEEE Came back to see the winged hybrid glowballs and they are real lovely~ ♥
  17. Got a CB breeding pair of the new crimson dragon already. Gonna wait till the hype dies so I'll be able to raise 2 CB breeding pairs for the lovely new hybrid. ^^ Thanks for the release!
  18. Bred a bronze tinsel and a PB 2nd gen magma
  19. Got a few CB Stripes today. Getting closer to my goal! :3
  20. 49 eggs and so I'm done again! I hope they add about 5 more eggs though it's unlikely. I'm a lil disturbed by the incomplete row
  21. I have 48 eggs now... Guess I'm done?? o.O
  22. I'm betting that TJ would add 1 more later since that little empty spot there in the egg basket seems so awkward.
  23. Hmmm... I've got 41 eggs and I don't seem to be getting more. Did I get them all already?