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  1. The hatchies are adorbs :3 My eggs need to hatch soon... -pokes- Pity that I'm out of incubates...
  2. Thank you for the release! Gonna have to wait a few hours more for my babies to hatch. Hopefully the crowd clears then and I can get a CB pair each.
  3. My CB coppers just bred true and I got bloodswaps pretty quickly :'D This 3 PB copper lineages of mine is going bright.
  4. I like the clash of colours in the Bleeding Moon. Just gives me this chaotic feel which I love. The Imperials on the other hand, is simpler but pretty cute as well!
  5. I got my both greens already. And that's all for M&F of each egg!
  6. I have 2 of those blue ones already and happen to grab an extra blue one... Just need to get 2 of those green ones and I'm done! It was quite an easy grab for the blue ones.
  7. My babies hatched. Locked myself with new bred eggs.
  8. My shimmer hatched and this lovely gendered right.
  9. 10.88561% Geekish Tendencies
  10. I never got my blood type tested but I do know that my mom's an AB and my dad's an O. My biology geek friends said that apparently I'm either an A or a B though I have no idea how blood type works. >_>
  11. Collector. I aim to collect a CB pair of each breed plus their frozen hatchling with different sprites. Plus I like short holiday checkerboards and for prize dragons, stairsteps are lovely.
  12. I've pure bred my 3 pairs of different coloured coppers twice and no eggs so far. Perhaps I should try the 3rd time with fertility?
  13. The hatchlings I intend to freeze hatched! (I ran out of freeze slots though LOL)
  14. They didn't refuse like with my first attempt at purebreeding Black Teas with another male!! And they gave me an egg
  15. My coppers did not reject! Now I can breed pure-bred ones heh
  16. i tried purebreeding mine and they refused... :/ Don't have any extras either urg.
  17. Woah these are really... Fabulous. Shall get them once I get my breeding stock of hellfires and horses!
  18. Yay! Thanks for the releases y'all! Still egglocked now though. Shall grab them in about an hour or so when I get unlocked...
  19. I survived pretty well until day 5 where we have the mass release of not 1 but 3 copperish dragons. Gosh.
  20. Because some may have a massive OCD about getting 1 of each gender... like me for instance.
  21. Got my pair rather quickly. Back to being locked. >.<
  22. Forum Name: Shizuku-chan Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM List/s: Red Dino & Blue Dino Gender: - Inbred or Not?:- Special: Cats
  23. Nice surprise to come back from school and get a coastal breed released Gonna nab those once I get hatchie-unlocked. Thank you for the release!