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  1. Hit me with it!!!

    Scroll name: Shizuku-chan


    I have about 300+ HP and 700+ snowballs to burn. BRING IT!



    Scroll name: Shizuku-chan

    Threw a snow-ball at: ryon_brink, cdvla313, annageckos, swanboat, Ponystar17, purpledragonclaw, DragonClaw12, xSoappp, Fields_of_Heather, gggirl1997, kigyptnee, SockPuppet Strangler, RaisingDragons, pokemonfan13

  2. Ha! I can totally see what you're going for there.  xd.png


    Do you plan on putting a gate in the middle of each wall, too?

    Well with the current sprites to work with, it'd be difficult but I'll see what I can do about the gates. tongue.gif

    (I could put in the archways as the gates I guess? But they'd be open all the time and humanity would all be eaten by the titans!)

    I'd put in the 4 different districts of each wall but unfortunately I don't have much space to work with. OTL

  3. What Halloween dragons are you hunting for this year, if you are? Looking for any particular lineage?

    I'm basically looking for all the Halloween breeds except for vamps. Eyeing on 1 male and 1 female adult of a 2nd gen PB for each species since I love pure breeds!



    What are you planning on breeding your Halloween dragons with (If you have any)? What lineages are they?

    No breedable Halloween dragons atm. :/



    Are you planning on gifting, trading, or dumping your bred Halloween eggs in the AP?

    As answered in the previous question.



    Planning on any vampire biting? Or vampire hunting though the AP?

    Nope for both. I've got my fill of vamps and I don't want to take up more kill slots.



    Are you going to make any zombies? Do you have any already?

    Definitely! Gonna get 1 male 1 female adult and 1 ungendered, female and male hatchling respectively to achieve my scroll goals. I haven't had any zombies yet since this is my first Halloween on DC.



    What do you think this year’s dragon’s theme will be? What are you hoping to see in it?

    I'm hoping for something that is similar to the titans in Attack on Titan... Then again I might be immersing myself too much into that anime.



    What are you hoping for event wise? Think you'll collect all the treats for the trick-or-treat?

    Something simple yet not too simple that I get bored hopefully. I'm a completionist & a perfectionist by nature so yup! Definitely!



    Which is your favourite Halloween breed? What are you favourite Halloween pairings?

    It's a tie between Cavern Lurkers and Shadow Walkers. I prefer dark-themed dragons more so Cavern Lurkers!

    As for pairings, Cavern Lurkers x Alt. Blacks looks really cool~

  4. Bookmarked for reference!

    Gonna try for a complete set of sprites this year. smile.gif

    I find it rather... /strange/ that people get emotional over killing sprites though ><

    (or maybe I'm the one that's too unemotional.)