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  1. Misses Blusang, goes back to coast to make sure Doesn't see word "Brine" Goes to desert Remembers there was a CB black there /facepalm
  2. we've all missed our shares of metallics I've missed 6 or so silvers just this week at least I managed to grab one ;3
  3. caught a CB stripe eggy yay first one :33
  4. canopies are OK ish I guess, not as good as some of the others canopies
  5. have you tried canopy? just because I love them so much
  6. is it just me or has all the smiles turned into MaggieXawesomeness's profile picture? I'm thinking it's just me ;_; don't get me wrong I love ponies
  7. if you've seen my sig. I fished a gah eggy out of the AP :333333 (reference to S3 ep1 of MLP)
  8. tyvm! must.get.gardenia. >||:U
  9. may someone post a picture of a LOLgardenia? I'm totally confused on what they look like 3-3
  10. and I got on a list for a 2nd gen shimmerscale
  11. M_M I just saw the shimmerscale x silver.....
  12. got a 3rd gen shimmerscale eggy /faints thanks mistycloud
  13. the only thing the coast has given me was a blusang, but I guess it's time to face it pony a coast-o in other news a traded for a DR coded egg for a mate for my DR seasonal <3
  14. gj! probably the one I missed again imsohappyforyoualsoveryjealousbutmostlyhappy
  15. there was only 4 people, I saw the word glow and I'm like sunstone. then I remembered they don't drop in jungle o.o
  16. in the jungle? yes I missed that one D:
  17. the sprites are so beautiful they have the power to turn any other breed of dragon famous. i.e. I've been going through tons of lumina eggies in the AP hoping they would be a shimmer-kin
  18. the writer may have just slightly misunderstood your terms. just slightly btw I love your choice of mates, moonstone = best pairing ever D
  19. got on a list for a 2nd gen shimmer-kin :3 *squee*
  20. but.. then his chances of being spammed will tenfold, no?