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  1. I never act my age. Normally older or younger. ;P
  2. last night I had a dream where I was a dolliphin, and my best friend was a Orca whale with a mantaray girlfriend. And i became a vegitrarin and made dinner, and everyone became round like a beach ball, and everyone was mad at me. So then I became a human, and turned into a vampire, and flew around, then I had to choose if I wanted to stay with my family or live with the bad guys and rule the world (or at least Taco Bell) and I chose that bad guys. My family got mad at me and said "WTF!?!" then as I left I thought about changing my mind and going bad to them...but I woke up before I could.
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    The first book was okay second book sucked third book was good and the forth book was epic win the movie was pure dog poop xP
  4. I'd love the idea of cuddling with a silver hatchie THEY RULE!