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  1. http://dragcave.net/lineage/EhYOE Awesome white with spriters alt background :]
  2. How much is a 2nd gen silver from common worth right now?
  3. 2 no egg produced sadly the only pair I have. But, tried again this week and 1 pair produced a glitterball!
  4. Finally nabbed a second crimson egg & am happily egg locked
  5. Finally got a crimson egg! Though I did misclick a black egg before it, and am now egg locked
  6. Both eggs are so cute! No luck catching anything yet though I'm scared to misclick myself into an egg lock.
  7. Got my first shimmer!! Thank you SO much to the breeder!!!
  8. What do you think a cb thunder egg is worth right now?
  9. Snagged this one http://dragcave.net/lineage/cc2Nw
  10. Is it even possible to get a 2nd gen shimmer anymore? Or even a very far-down place on a list? Just wondering as I have seen many good trade offers get reposted for days, seemingly without any responses.
  11. *sends everyone in the thread lots of luck!!* @42 Omg!!
  12. I think I'm in shock. I went to grab a magma, misclicked and got a gold instead.......
  13. Saw 3 more golds before ap took over one in coast, one in forest & one in alpine as usual.
  14. Saw gold in desert & misclicked a moonstone. That makes the 3rd misclick of the day trying to get a metal.
  15. Oh no I experience so many of these L4D2, the tank spawned in a bathroom stall and tried to get out for 5 minutes before dying in there without anyone shooting it at all
  16. I was picking up vday eggs to see their lineages when the hour drop rolled around. So, I went to browse through the biomes and decided to sit in coast and see if I could get a blusang. INSTEAD, a gold pops up in the second spot. Of course I click frantically... Only to get the overburdened message... Turns out I had forgotten to throw the vday egg back to the ap before running to the drop. Going to always check my egg space nervously now...
  17. http://dragcave.net/lineage/pZl1U http://dragcave.net/lineage/HAtrg Grabbed these two