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    I may log on to this site at home, school and at relative's houses, so I may share an IP address at times!

    Profile pic was made by Ghost Dragon (127532) on Wajas

    Began Playing: November 17, 2012
    Bronze trophy acquired: November 29, 2012
    First CB Gold caught: December 9, 2012
    Silver trophy acquired: December 26, 2012
    Overburdened message for CB Silver: February 1, 2013 -.-
    Leetle Tree caught: February 4, 2013
    Another Overburdened for CB Silver: February 10, 2013. T.T
    First CB Silver caught: February 21

    Scroll Abbreviations: (Still working on naming all of my dragons. There are probably alot classified wrong so if you find one that is, let me know so I can fix it?)
    G# (# Even Generation from different parents)
    PB# (# Even Generation from PB parents)
    TB# (# Generation Tinselkin/Shimmerkin from Bronze)
    TS# (# Generation Tinselkin/Shimmerkin from Silver)
    TG# (# Generation Tinselkin/Shimmerkin from Gold)
    C# (# Even Generation Checker or Close to Checker)
    ST # (# Generation Stairstep)
    STF # (# Generation Stairstep Fail)
    SP # (# Generation Spiral)
    SPF # (# Generation Spiral Fail)
    S#D (# Generation Double Stairstep)
    MB # (# Genation Failed Attempt at Metal)
    [Letters] #H (With Holiday ancestor)
    Randomly named dragons are ones with messy lineages.

    My frozen hatchlings are used as name holders so ignore things like 'CB' in front of their name. The names will be used for adult dragon later.