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  1. Zhy'kalon woke up. He found himself sleeping next to some of the wounded. "Why does this always happen?" he muttered. "Well, I guess it is late. I should get to bed." Zhy'kalon walked into the house. He saw Ger'land and decided to sleep on the other side of the room. He watched Ger'land for a few moments, wondered why he wasn't keeping watch, then fell asleep.
  2. Zhy'kalon almost fell asleep during Ger'land's speech. "When will he just shut up?" he muttered to himself. "He's always going off on a rant. I don't know why I even listen," he yawned. "Well, I guess what he says has importance sometimes. Whatever, I'm going back to healing the wounded." Zhy'kalon joined Aoi by the injured dragons and continued to patch up their wounds.
  3. "Oh goody, our situation got even worse," Zhy'kalon moaned quietly. ""I knew this would happen. I knew this was a bad omen. Whatever's happening, I hope this is as bad as it gets. Maybe I should have gotten a bit of rest to be more pepared for this. No, the wounded needed attention." He walked over to Ger'land and followed his gaze to where the trouble was. "OH !"
  4. Zhy'kalon glanced at the dragon he was treating. "Still so much work to be done," he thought, "Will they even make it through the night? I suppose it is getting late, and there won't be enough light to keep helping soon. Plus I'm getting tired, so I suppose sleep wouldn't be such a bad thing. But then again, I'll probably wake up to find half the dragons didn't make it through the night. Well, might as well make use of the light I have left. Ger'land and the others can sleep, but I'll help as much as possible." Zhy'kalon yawned. "Of course, I will join them eventually." He gathered a few more
  5. Zhy'kalon looked at Lolong and said "We had better start tending to the wounded. The dead can wait, the hurt need more... urgent attention." He started patching up the ridgewings' wounds with leaves and searching for medicines in the forest. "What a great omen," he muttered sarcastically. "This war is going well." He hoped things would turn for the better soon, but at the moment all he could do was help as much as he could.
  6. "Oh, Ger'land?" Zhy'kalon said in response to Electria. "He is a bit pushy, isn't he? I mean, what's with declaring himself leader? Personally, I think we should have had a vote." *sigh* "I guess it's too late now. I just can't wait until we acctually get to do something!" He landed at the ridgewing camp. Zhy'kalon looked around, and his jaw dropped. "What the... What happened?" He ran to the nearest ridgewing. (Other than the one Ger'land was talking to.) "What can I do to help?" he asked.
  7. Zhy'kalon turned to face Electria. "Oh, good, someone to talk to. Almost fell asleep again during Ger'land's speil. My name's Zhy'kalon." He followed the smoke leading to the ridgewing camp and thought to himself, "Ger'land is certainly very strange. Although, you have to admit, that whole preliminary evidence thing was true, I haven't known him very long. I'll give him a chance, but I have a feeling I'm not going to like him. Trying to keep himself occupied, he tried to remember farther back to find something to think about. "Why didn't Aoi or Lolong respond earlier? Did they not hear me? If
  8. Zhy'kalon stood up and started taking off. He would have done this far earlier, but as neither Lolong nor Aoi had been particularly talkative, he had dozed off. "Sorry." he muttered. He took off in the direction of the ridgewing camp. Zhy'kalon thought to himself "I'd better find someone to talk to. All this falling asleep is gettting me in some hot water with Ger'land. I really hope he doesn't beat the out of me, or the normal kipz either for that matter." He chuckled softly at his own joke before sighing at how pathetic it was. ((Oh by the way Shiba, don't wait for me to post, I'll cat
  9. Zhy'kalon was bored, since there wasn't much to do. To prevent himself from falling asleep and missing something important, he decided to talk to someone. He noticed Aoi and Lolong were sitting alone, so he strolled over to them. He was intimidated by the Brimstone's hulking frame at first, but he approached anyways and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Zhy'kalon. Nice to meet you!" ((Sorry about post length, not much to say until we get going!))
  10. Zhy'kalon entered the meeting point. "Sorry I'm late." he said. He was about to go on when he caught Ger'land's gaze and immediatly became silent. He sat down, looked at his paws, and started to feel tired. After Ger'land had finished, he muttered agreement and looked away, still avoiding Ger'land's harsh glare and trying to remember what had been said. He was somewhat reluctant to allow Ger'land's self-appointment, but he was the strongest dragon there and couldn't see any reason for him to not be leader. (Plus he didn't want Ger'land to beat the out of him.)
  11. Zhy'kalon woke up. He then promptly fell asleep again. A few minutes later, he woke up once more. This cycle continued for a while before he reluctantly decided it was time to leave. He took off and started for the meeting place. Drowsy, he wasn't paying attention and crashed into a tree. "Why does this always happen to me?" he muttered to himself. He set off again, and finally reached the meeting place.
  12. Name:Zhy'kalon Breed/Species (Choose from those of DC): White Dragon Gender:Male Age (full grown, hatchling, etc.):Young Adult Good/Bad:Good Personality:Friendly in general, but can be stubborn at times and has a bad habit of falling asleep when something important is going on... Power: Can recover from wounds more quickly than others Looks: but with no stick Personal goal (what does he/she want out of this endeavor?): Come out of this alive. Derp: hurr durr
  13. The post above me is short. I am a n00b.
  14. I am on the Dragon Cave forums.
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