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  1. TJ probably just felt he didn't need to say it since he did say "until next year" for the Christmas dragons, and it would be pretty odd to stop for Valentine's Dragons only.
  2. Ok, that explains Xenowyrms (mostly, the encyclopedia and trade center seem to treat xenowyrms as six separate breeds not one with six forms), but why not fire gems? They're based on time and the other time based breeds (lunar heralds and seasonals) are in there and rotate alts accordingly.
  3. The different xenowyrms each have their own numbers and the fire gems could easily just rotate like seasonals/lunar heralds do. Is there a specific reason you can't?
  4. How come yellow Florets and any kind of Firegems aren't available in the shop? Or any of the Xenowyrms?
  5. As in do are the alternate BSA cooldown sprites different than normal?
  6. Alternatively, it could just be given to all the Valentine's breeds. It'd make sense with how most of them are described.
  7. Also another problem as an extension of the idea of it being scroll based and especially group based, rather than link and forum based, would mean that your scroll would have to be visible to do breeding requests, whereas with a link your scroll can be hidden without affecting functionality.
  8. Maybe the name was changed to Celestialfire Dragons?
  9. Huh. So the Sunset/Sunrise X Sunsong Hybrids are lindwyrms.
  10. Can someone who can see the Easter basket post a link to it? I want to see if it's some kind of extended April Fool's prank that redirects to another page instead of the normal one since the message is different from the message if the page doesn't exist.
  11. It's exactly what it says, I find it so weird that I can't see my own eggs' lineages if I hide them. I don't imagine it would be too hard to fix either.
  12. Uhh... Dragpn? Might want to fix that.
  13. Well, unless it's a stylized Valentine '09 dragon on the event banner, I think that's probably what the adults might look like.
  14. I also got the broken treat.
  15. I think so I also have 24 and I can't go back to any areas so I think either yes or the thing is glitched.
  16. So I was just going through the biomes looking for an egg and I got This.
  17. Perhaps this, in addition to my previous suggestion, would fix that sort of thing too. Give a dragon a BSA that functions in way that; you select your BSA dragon then the dragon you want to breed and then people could click a link to the page to offer one of their dragons to breed then the owner could pick which to use, similar to a trade, and then the person who put up the breed offer would get the egg or alternatively the one who owns the mother gets the egg. That would probably eliminate lineage concerns without needing to trade adults. I think Heartseekers would be perfect for this as their description states that this is what they do.
  18. I did say a lot, not everyone... What project are you working on?
  19. If I may, the main issue here seems to be dragons that grow up while waiting to be traded. So an easy solution, to this at least would be to allow dragons to change state with out canceling the offer and allowing adults that matured while waiting to be traded to still be traded, but only if the trade was still active once it was completed or cancelled the adult would become untrade-able. I think this would satisfy a lot of people in this topic.