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  1. This song was made by my boyfriend and I think its really good. I would love for you guys to check it out. Listen to Snow White (Free DL) by Bass Hut #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/basshutsean/snow-white-free-dl
  2. Kytarie

    The Wishlist

    I would like to join Scroll name: Kytarie Magi link: Magi PM link: PM
  3. Forum ID: Kytarie Scroll Lin[url-http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=04&MID=197417] PM [/url] Proof that I read the rules: shiny happy people
  4. I love this idea as i love minecraft! I might join if more people get involved.
  5. Gift received To:Kytarie From: sharlykng Lineage link: Vampy Lister wants to be removed? Yes/No: No
  6. Hooray for brains! Willing Victim: Kytarie - both forum and dragcave I really fancy... I really love alt lineages but I dont expect to ever find a alt x zombie. Um I really like reds, blacks, darker colored dragons. ^.^ oh and I love shinies. Allergic to... I like nice looking lineages, and not inbred unless done on purpose for the lineage look, like a super inbred lineage just to make the lineage huge and still look good is ok. I like spirals, stairs, even-gens ect. The shorter the lineage the better most of the time.
  7. Gift received To: Kytarie From: sharlykng Lineage link: Lovely little biter Lister wants to be removed? Yes/No: No
  8. Gifted Dragon: Gifted to me Giftee-Gifter: Azhure sent me an egg Dragon Breed: Black Im hoping its a laying down hatchie!
  9. Gift received To: Kytarie From: Iya_kin Lineage link: Lineage Lister wants to be removed? Yes/No: No
  10. *huggles my eggs and my hatchie* Thank you very much for everyone that has/will give me these lovely shinies. I love them so much.
  11. Ah ok, I was about to say that didnt make a lot of sense since its still going on.
  12. I didnt see this post, but I have not been gifted or contacted by my gifter at all. Sorry I would have replied sooner if I saw the post.
  13. *drops four adorable eggs off at my giftee's scroll* Yay I have given them everything on there wl except a metal now. *smacks my silvers* I said produce an egg already.
  14. I sent a CB Olive to my giftee, I will be sending them a Tsunami Wyvern in a little while. I also offered a blue stripe to them which they might want as well.
  15. Joining! Username: Kytarie Trophy: (You can TRY to go higher) Silver Competition Dragons So Far: ....lol 0
  16. Forum Name: Kytarie Scroll link: My scroll PM Link: PM Me List/s: cheese, paper, alt black laying down, gold, two finned bluna, regular black, blusang, horse Inbred or Not?: I would prefer they werent inbred.
  17. I would like to be added to the list please.
  18. I would like to join please. ^.^ I have quite a few magi but here is one of them - Magi
  19. *Request Hello ^.^ I was just looking for an opposite lineage of this Cutie .
  20. I would like to start collecting hatchlings to freeze so I will take any inbreds but just so whoever offers know they will be frozen, but they will also have a good home with me. ^.^
  21. For this Christmas I would love a metal or a CB trio (any of the trio). Edit: Sent an ice to KangaBadger. Edit2: Alasse gave me a CB Thunder.
  22. I want to participate! Forum name: Kytarie Scroll name: Kytarie Rank: (your trophy level or below) Silver Wishlist: 1. CB Vampire 2. Nice Lineage Golden Wyvern 3. Messy gold - nice lineage would be prefered but any would be lovely. 4. Messy Silver - nice lineage would be prefered but any would be lovely. 5. Messy black (alt) - nice lineage would be prefered but any would be lovely. 6. Nice lineage spiral breed doesnt really matter
  23. Hello, I just had an idea for a lineage project but its going to be nearly impossible to find all the dragons for it. x.x I have a really cool idea for the Spriter's alts. Really Im looking for any short lineage with a spriter's alt in the lineage. The shorter the lineage the better. I dont have much I can trade at the moment, but I can try to breed anything off my scroll and look in the caves for stuff that you guys want.... Edit: I also am looking for 2nd Gen GW that have holidays as a parent.
  24. I'd like to join! Join Date: 11/20/12 Forum Name:Kytarie Scroll Link: My scroll PM Link: PM Proof I read the Rules: April